Read or Die - TV - 8: Seduced by the Night

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:8: Seduced by the Night
The school library has been ransacked yet again. Rumor has it that a ghost was responsible, and Hisa has been asked by the book club president to try to catch it! Anita volunteers to help, followed by additional friends, Natsume (the author's little sister), and eventually virtually the entire class. Anita runs into Junior and invites him to take part in the ghost hunt as well. Meanwhile, Nenene meets Mr. Lee on Jinbo Street, and Mr. Carpenter witnesses an experiment intended to raise a man's IQ. At school after sundown, Natsume has appointed herself ghost hunt leader, though it rapidly becomes little more than a party. Michelle turns up and meets Junior. Junior is most interested in a comment by Anita about where a valuable book would be hidden within the library...
I had assumed that it was Junior who was responsible for the library being repeatedly ransacked. It looks like I wasn't the only one who mistook him for a girl!

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