Read or Die - TV - 12: Twilight of the Papers

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:12: Twilight of the Papers
Nenene and the sisters have been betrayed by Mr. Lee, and are being held at gunpoint in their Hong Kong apartment. Lee describes himself as a "hired recruiter" of talented writers for Dokusensha, and tells Nenene that "we'd like you to write the greatest story in the world". She is drugged and whisked away. Lee credits the sisters with reviving Nenene's talents as a writer, and says their "mission" is complete. He offers them a suitcase full of money, and advises them not to consider rescuing Nenene, "or the entire world will become your enemy". Then he leaves. Anita demands immediate action, but Michelle and Maggie are tempted by the cash, enough to retire and be supplied with books for life. Carpenter flies to Dokusensha headquarters, and Junior secretly slips into the building. Carpenter mentions that once the final book is secured, "all the knowledge since the birth of mankind will be together in one place". He says the "master key" is the only way to open the books. The "basic pattern" will be installed in Nenene using "optical and auditory perceptions". However, she is unexpectedly resistant. Just then, some visitors arrive at the building's main entrance...
Ugh... what's being done to Nenene is disturbing. Lots of additional details are being added to the "books", but as of yet no clearly understandable explanation of their importance has emerged.

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