Read or Die - TV - 20: Bonjour Tristesse

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:20: Bonjour Tristesse
Yomiko and Anita find themselves facing off against Mirror Man, who has gone completely invisible. Despite the antipathy between them, they cooperate and use their skills to overcome his. Afterwards, Anita is furious at Junior for seemingly betraying them, while Yomiko wonders why Anita wasn't abducted along with her sisters. Meanwhile, the helicopter carrying the unconscious captives heads for Joker's HQ. Joker comments that it's almost frightening how well the plan is going; America and Dokusensha are no longer threats, and soon "the world will kneel down completely to the UK again". Mr. Gentlemen will be resurrected soon, but Joker can't help wondering "will you respond to our expectations in the new world?". Joker is informed that "Ninety-nine percent of the publishing companies, printing shops, bookstores, second-hand bookstores, as well as TV and radio stations in Tokyo are under our control". He tells Wendy "We'd like to perform a simulation experiment of the perfect language". She suggests the Jinbou district as a target. Meanwhile, Yomiko and Anita use a tracking device taken from one of Joker's KO'd men to locate the helicopter. Anita sees no way of rescuing their friends, but Yomiko has an idea...
I knew Anita was remarkably nimble, but I didn't know she was another Jackie Chan when it comes to the martial arts! I'm operating under the assumption that this "perfect language" is a literary equivalent of the deadly music from the ROD OVAs--I'm guessing that anyone who reads it will have no choice but to submit to "unification of the world through the UK". On the one hand there's a nefarious plan to control the world (or might the world actually be better off if it succeeds?), while on the other it's hard to take seriously some of the stunts which Yomiko and the sisters do. Oh well... At the last minute I remembered to listen to the commentary in the DVD "Extras" category, and found them most interesting--lots of stuff I didn't already know.

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