Read or Die - TV - 6: The Right Stuff

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:6: The Right Stuff
"Parents Day" is coming up at Anita's school, which will involve students reading book reports while family members watch. When it comes to Michelle and Maggie, however, Anita says "I have a feeling they'd cause trouble if they come to school", and she decides to keep Parents Day a secret from them. Her friend, Hisa, asks to meet her sisters and Anita reluctantly takes her to the apartment. "Junior" has been prowling about the school, apparently searching for a particular book in the school library. Anita recognizes him as the boy she ran into at the secret underground bookstore on Jinbo Street. They talk, and Anita relates why she hates books...
Junior is a boy? When he let down his hair, I was sure that this person must be another girl. Lots of character development in this episode, including Michelle's revelation that Anita is actually a "Sister in Law". Somehow the incident in which a man was badly injured and the school library devastated seems to have been forgotten. Still, a fun, amusing episode quite unlike the little excursion to Romania in the last one. I think I actually prefer this kind!

My favorite line:
Michelle (to Hisa): "I always wanted a demure sister like you"
Anita: "Too bad you ended up with me"

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