Read or Die - TV - 18: Confession

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:18: Confession
It was Junior who attempted to steal the BotASE. The sisters were shocked to recognize him, and even more shocking was Yomiko's revelation that Nancy is Junior's mother. The next day Yomiko and Nancy have locked themselves into a room and won't come out. Junior is being allowed to stay, and assures Anita that he hasn't reported their whereabouts, since he wants to know the truth also. Meanwhile, Joker thanks the Prime Minister of Japan for his cooperation. Wendy informs him that the "Beta version" of the "perfect language" is ready, and he tells her to select a subject and perform an experiment on it. She also tells him that Junior has stopped reporting in, but his location can be determined from "the signal". She offers to retrieve him herself, but since she's needed to prepare a briefing for major publishing companies, Joker instructs her to send someone else. Back at the hideout, the expected attack by "Junior's people" has failed to materialise, and the group starts acting silly. Finally, Yomiko joins them, saying "I'm ready to talk"...

SPOILER (if you haven't already watched the episode, it would probably be best to skip this section) Yomiko reveals that Junior was born in the nursing home to which Nancy was taken after the "Great Men Incident". His father was one of the great men, and the British Library became interested in his extraordinary physical and mental powers. Joker came up with the idea of using him as the new vessel for the intellect and personality of Mr. Gentlemen, and he was taken from his mother. Junior is appalled, and as he clutches the BotASE his abilities swell, perhaps even excelling those of Mr. Gentlemen (we know because Joker's men are monitoring him from a distance). He creates a holograph, showing the incident in which Yomiko protested to Joker. When Joker revealled that Yomiko had also been decieved about the fate of her "mentor and lover", she went wild, creating a paper storm in the library which caught fire. The holograph is especially disturbing to Anita, who apparently sees her younger self present at the scene of the fire.
Well, I think we can guess why Anita doesn't like books anymore! Still no explanation of just what Mr. Gentlemen is, or why Junior is being risked as a secret agent if he's so extremely valuable.
Just as an FYI, Yomiko's Lover Donald is only explained in the Manga. He's the one who gave her those famous Meganekko Glasses she is so fond of. More info is on the extras of the R1 DVD.

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