Read or Die - TV - 13: Twilight of the Papers II

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:13: Twilight of the Papers II
As they attempt to rescue Nenene, the sisters find they cannot handle Mr. Wong. Maggie stays behind to keep him busy while Michelle and Anita seek another way into the Dokusensha building. They enter a control room in which someone has already dealt with the staff. Though they can't locate Nenene using the computer, they do find Lee's whereabouts. Michelle sends Anita through the air ducts to his curious globe shaped room, while she deals with a SWAT team of security guards. Carpenter has been in contact with "the committee", and transfers the research data (presumably gained from the attempt to brainwash Nenene) to it. The committee orders the building evacuated. Nenene is suddenly considered valueless, and Lee is given the job of finishing her off...
What the hell... extremely confusing! I wish I had more than a vague idea what the bad guys were trying to do to Nenene in the first place. Did Carpenter betray Dokusensha? Why was the city of Hong Kong affected as well? I hope the next episode explains some of what happened in this one, instead of just adding more and more confusing plot points without explanations. The actions scenes were quite cool, however...

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