Read or Die - TV - 3: See You at Jinbou Street

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:3: See You at Jinbou Street
Nenene leaves to meet Mr. Lee in the Jintian district, but after she's gone the girls realize that as her bodyguards, they should've accompanied her. They set off in pursuit, but Michelle and Maggie cannot resist the temptation of Jinbou Street, which contains nothing but bookstores. Anita spots Nenene and follows her to an exotic underground bookstore. Later, the two visit Yumiko's abandoned apartment, which Nenene keeps stocked with new books in the hope that she'll return someday. Afterwards, they find the bookstore owners setting up special displays because a strange woman just bought the entire contents of a single store. Has Yomiko returned?
Visits to several locations that appeared in the OVAs were intriguing. The quality of the subtitles of my bootleg copy are going downhill--I wouldn't say they are being written in "Chinglish" yet, but they do take some interpreting. One thing the translators cannot seem to do right is the episode titles--#1 was called "The Paper is Following Down from the Sky" (following?). #2 was "No One Assembled Yet"--whatever that means.

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