Da Capo Second Season

Title:Da Capo Second Season
Da Capo Second Graduation
Da Capo Second Story
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Notables: Animation - FEEL
Continuing the story some two years after the incident with Nemu, Asakura Jun'ichi is living alone in the old house and is still very troubled by the past. But he is well looked after by all of the girls at school. The cute Shirakawa Kotori has been very supportive during this time and the two have a close warm friendship, so much so that the others tease him by calling Kotori his ‘wife’. But Kotori is troubled by at just how ‘safe’ he is, and she wonders why they can not seem to get closer, enough to become a couple. And then on one dark and rainy night, a strange girl named Aishia staggers up to Jun'ichi’s house asking for assistance. She is looking for the Jun'ichi’s very magical grandmother, only to learn that she has moved away. But with a quick smile, she approaches Jun'ichi, asking if he could become her mentor in her magic studies.

26 eps (~24 min)
Produced by CIRCUS and Feel
New season to air on July 2, 2005

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Rent 8 7 7 8 7 9 Devil Doll [series:1078#752]
[Score: 75% = Rent-]

An anime can be a winner for me by giving me just one character who keeps me on the edge of my seat or allows me to observe his/her interesting and consistent development. Da Capo 1 - Second Season gives me both, in the form of Kotori and Aishia. Even Sakura (who massively damaged the ending of the first season for me) has improved a lot in this sequel.

In the beginning this series (now without both stepsister and cousin) is a true harem competition scenario for the first time with real (albeit clichéd) humans as characters and without all the fantasy overhead. Kotori starts in pole position - that makes sense after the events of the first season. We never get an answer why Miharu has returned - and we never learn why Aishia speaks fluent Japanese (coming right from North Europe and never having visited any school before!), or why she attends the same class as Jun'ichi despite her childish behavior.

The ecchiness has increased (not only the banana and bathing scenes early in this show) - this is more a Romantic/Ecchi Comedy than a Drama now, and for a long time the Fantasy doesn't play any role now. The story develops through the returning resp. new characters - first this unnerving, quixotic sorcerer's apprentice and then Nemu (who once again complicates the whole situation by her unmotivated behavior). Now the romance is gone for quite a while while Aishia grows into a lead role. This series appears unfocused during its first half, and thus even weaker than the end of the first season when the characters at least showed some progress.

No sooner than halfway through the series the romance returns as main theme when Kotori and Aishia face their feelings and the siblings' relation appears much more grown-up now. Sakura's return closes the circle to the first season: Now we get closer to Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto with similarly philosophic discussions about the purpose and the possible implications of magic. Aishias permanent attempt to fulfill the wishes of all people could have be disproved much earlier (what about the wishes of two girls both of which want Jun'ichi all for themselves - cloning Jun'ichi wouldn't do the trick either). So the whole drama part of the last five episodes is based on the inability of all (even the more competent) characters to show this error in reasoning to this annoying brat with super powers before she can cause real damage.

All in all, some good ideas but with shortcomings in their execution; 10 points better than the first season nevertheless (mostly due to more likable characters), and as such worth my time watching it once. Not sure whether I'll try Da Capo II though.

Last updated Monday, November 30 2009. Created Sunday, July 05 2009.
Watch 8 8 8 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:1078#2279]
Okay, so I watched the first season and sorta enjoyed it... and only because of the ending. I tend to watch sequels just because I feel I need to. So here's my review.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art seemed improved a bit. The overall art was smoother and more refined. The animation was greatly improved. Definitely a lot smoother than previous. The character designs had the greatest improvement. This time around, they were more refined and looked a lot cleaner and not so stereotypical in appearance.

The OP was okay. This time, it was a more mature female voice with a more dramatic feel to the piece. The music elsewhere was nothing that was noticeable.

Series and Episode Story
There really wasn't anything worth mentioning here. All the episodes were pretty pointless, but fun to watch nevertheless. There was really no plot development or anything new revealed in the world of Da Capo. The plot itself was seriously lacking.... except the ending. Like the previous series, it didn't do anything until the end.... but even then, here it wasn't as "surprising" or as good as it was in the first season.

Overall, the end is what kept it barely a 'watch'. Unless you have plenty of spare time to devote to a 26 episode series or you're a fan of the first season, then I'd say to move on to greener pastures.

Last updated Friday, April 17 2009. Created Friday, April 17 2009.
Buy 7 7 8 6 10 9 Xenoknight [series:1078#2967]

This is anime bliss compared to the start of the original series. Every episode so far was a barrel of laughs as to the once in a while giggle of the original. Episode 5 had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Its like a whole new anime, for the better. Aisia is beyond retarded, God bless her (lol).

I have to say this as it is a whole season late: I love moe-senpai. Her slow talking, ever-blissfully ignorant mentality, and whatever other reasons there could be...(^ ^) I just love her.

For this series it's best to assume that the main lead has fallen into a little bit into deppression after Nemu decides to "dissapear" (you'll find out why soon enough) for 2 years. Just like the main lead in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, he has friends to bring him back to his senses, in particular the beautiful Kotori who has the deepest feelings of all the girls besides Nemu for the main lead.

It was a shocker when Nemu returned!! Man, just like the original. That was a shocker!

As expected though, after all the fuss to have the main lead to herself, they are quick to get into multiple fights with each other after a sudden two year separation (which was a little too convient with how close she almost lost her life and her man) and she is very much "at ease" to throw thier whole relationship away. What were they thinking when they did episode 7. She would've died for him last time around and this time she's like a stranger. Lord knows if Sakura saw this she would not let it pass!

My, my, my - if it isn't the girl in the window out and about playing the angel from heaven. She is like the big sister this time around as Aisia tells her all her issues in the beginning and she has all the answers.

This series is really well written, with how things are finally on the right track for the lead couple and also the forshadowing of the secret feelings that are burning inside of 2 girls. One - unable to be true to herself for the fear of the consequences of friendship ties and two - is not sure of this emotion at all and is unfamiliar with what to do with them as she struggles to understand. Well written indeed!

We now have 12 girls! Never in any harem have i seen 12 girls who are unconditionally in love with the main lead. I'm not talking about like or has a crush either. I mean 12 females are in "LOVE" with one male. Did someone say Alpha male just now? Oh, I must be hearing things... LOL

Pay attention to the drawing Aisia makes midway through episode 17. That sums up exactly what all the girls feel like. Her investigation of Nemu is funny as hell!! Nemu has been at this game for far too long, sorry Aisia. I have a new respect for Nemu. To fully understand the one you love, that makes falling in love all the more enjoyable. I completely 100% agree with episode 17. Bravo....Bravo....Encore...Encore... Guys around the world might get pissed at this episode but I am different, sorry fellas. This one is for the ladies, though most women nowadays don't think in this manner anymore...

With Sakura's return we now have the story taking its serious but required direction. Aisia's youthful and inexpirenced attitude towards magic, while we have the mature (while she is still a kid) and knowledgable mentality of Sakura. She is visibly depressed and exhausted at the very idea of magic after what happened two years ago and who can blame her. At this point, i can honestly say that i enjoyed this season 100 times more than the original though the ending string of episodes in season one is still the holy grail of Da Capo. See my review of Da Capo to see what i mean.

I laughed every single episode while the story always kept me in check when it was time to get serious again. Never from one extreme to the other, it was always a gradual transition between comedy and drama and that is why this season is a huge success in my book.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant storyline. I can't understand the bad (and frankly speaking non-existent) reviews about this anime as the story right now can match a handful of the best animes out there. Thats why i can go overboard with this super long review i guess.

Near the end we see that the confused and betrayed feelings of Aisia's past with her grandmother (now twisted out of control), she is determined to set right the tragedy of two years ago as she believes everyone is just lying to themselves about their true wishes and feelings. I believe both Sakura and Aisia are correct in thier viewpoints towards magic, however, i think both their methods are flawed. Whichever the case maybe, Aisia makes a choice that changes everyone's lives (for the worst).

That is why I love this story so much. With Aisia's deepest wish to the Tree granted the story takes another brilliant turn. The mistakes two years ago repeat themselves as things go from bad to worst in the blink of an eye. The only things that remained constant during the insanity was the lead couple's love for each other and Sakura who is the only person who can make Aisia understand the consequences of her actions.

The ending was beautiful yet again with another happy ending, which is rare in animes these days in my opinion. Either a story is left incomplete or with enough holes that the viewer can draw thier own endings usually with bad choices all around anyway or you get some chopped up/rushed ending leaving that "What the heck is this crap" feeling in your heart. This story is destined for great things as the writers know what thier doing for once in a decade. If that wasn't enough, we have Da Capo II. They must be doing something right for 2 seasons now and still going strong!

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, April 27 2009. Created Thursday, August 21 2008.
Watch Forbin [series:1078#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Med/high
Action : Low/Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Med

Well as Jan-Chan put it, Da Crappo Same S**t. They spend 6 episodes building up Kotori and POOF! It just turns into a drama. Well at least they bring back Sakura for some fun. The last episode in particular is very good, but can it save the whole darn 26 episode series? Nah.

If you like the game , this is a rent, otherwise it is a failure of a sequel and is honestly just a waste of time. Except for the last 2 minutes of the whole last episode did we REALLY see any progress? Nah.

Last updated Wednesday, January 04 2006. Created Wednesday, January 04 2006.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1078#967]
The third fansub episode is out on this very dramatic romantic story, which appears to a hold a special appeal for the teen-girl-gang crowd. (But I enjoy this type of quiet romantic dramatic series too.)

I do have to share that one fansub group decided to title their first (and only) first episode fansub release as "Da Crappo - Same Sh*t". Perhaps a bit harsh, but whatever ;>)

But hey, at least they dropped the (absolutely time wasting) sideshows and music video fillers, that were present in the first season.

Last updated Saturday, August 06 2005. Created Wednesday, August 03 2005.

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