Da Capo II 2nd Season

Title:Da Capo II 2nd Season
~ダ・カーポII セカンドシーズン~
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Yoshiyuki Sakurai was born when Sakura Yoshino, weary of being alone for so long, wished upon a prototype artificial wish-granting magical sakura tree for a family. Years later, though, the tree starts malfunctioning, granting all wishes, regardless of how impure. Sakura and Otome Asakura at first try to handle all the problems caused by it, but the situation gradually worsens and they have to choose whether or not to save Hatsunejima (the island in Japan where the story takes place) by deactivating the tree which would erase Yoshiyuki's existence in the process.

13 TV eps (~24 min)
Series aired April 6, 2008
Animation by Circus & Feel

[edit] The ↗Da Capo franchise:

First generation: Second generation (53 years later): Third generation (???):
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 10 10 10 10 13 13 Anime of dream [series:1920#3384]
This is the first multi season anime i have watched and this is really a worth watching anime .This is a repeated love story , unlike other love story .This anime i supposed i call it a true love story .Some idiot watcher just only want to get their own girl of dream in this anime , oh well , it'll be better that they just play Da Capo Dating Simulation games PSP vers .

Da Capo

Romance : High Drama : Aver to High Comedy : Aver to High Opinion : Above High

the first season of Da Capo , the meaning of this anime's title will be clear after you watch the next season. Here you will experience the love of two siblings Asakura Jun'ichi and Asakura Nemu and moreover they are not real siblings .But not just between this girl only because you will see the other Heroine as well ( i will only show three major character beside Nemu )

Amakase Miharu This orange haired girl is a real big fan of banana .But one day she got herself on an accident and severely injured ,She will be replaced by an Android similar to her .One day , Jun'ichi discovered the truth about Miharu and ended up taking care of her .Here , you will see the relation of human with robot.

Shirakawa Kotori This girl has really stroke down every watchers' heart .She has cute face and beautiful red hair ,as well as her good grade and gentle passionate characteristic .She is considered as S class treasure of her school .Her singing is really soothing ( seiyuu :: Yui Horie ) and she was able to read everybody minds .What she lacks in , is that she is shy and don't have boys friend .One day , Jun'ichi went out and acccidentally heard a soothing melody .So he followed the source of melody and he founded that Kotori was singing under the cherry tree , as i have mentioned above , Kotori felt his existence and started to feel his mind .Kotori later felt that Jun'ichi is a nice boy among all the boys she had met .Soon she grow affection on him. Here , you will see the relation of peasant and princess .

Yoshino Sakura This girl is pretty petite .Don't have special traits except for her mature action .A childhood friend of Jun'ichi .She was a magician and able to control Sakura tree.She is very affectionate with Jun'ichi .This is a love story of human and goddess.

Da capo second season This is the second season of Da Capo where everything has passed two years .Here , you will see Nemu play supporting parts only and added new heroines such as love between Reality and Fantasy , commoner and Noble )and( Commoner and Priestess .Here , Aisia will play larger role .She is apparently a girl who likes magic and has a belief that magic brings happiness .Due to her stubbornness of insisting revival of Tree of thousand wish , causing people's feeling being hurt severely .

Da Capo Innocent Finale This is OVA part of Da Capo , where Jun'ichi ended up being together with Kotori happily ever after .Here , the story line changed as Asakura Nemu died and everything changed within one year .

Da Capo II This is the third season of anime , where everything has passed over 50 years .Here the leading male character is Sakurai Yoshiyuki . Also , there are modern version of Shirakawa Kotori named Shirakawa Nanaka .And Suginami , he just never changed from the beginning of first season .

Da Capo This anime is the part where Yoshiyuki play his love part with Asakura's sisters and Yoshiyuki will certainly fades away .

Asakura Otome This girl is a granddaughter of Asakura Jun'ichi and sister of Asakura Nemu .She is a super perfect girl .She has good grades , beautiful , gentle and passionate , has leadership aura and kind .but what make her lacks is that she was over concern of Yoshiyuki who she always called him Otouto-kun means little brother .She is the heroine that has the closest relation with Yoshiyuki .

Asakura Yume This girl is little sister of Otome .She is not as perfect as her sister but she's pretty popular since she was very cute .She's the modern version of Asakura Nemu .She has rough personality outside but shy and gentle inside.

Here Otome and Yume learn a truth that Yoshiyuki is just a creation of Tree of thousand wish.

Wow ! hoping for it's fifth season . . . I really like this Anime :D

Advice "real gentleman chose only one girl over 10000 girls"

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Buy 7 7 8 8 7 7 Xenoknight [series:1920#2967]

Minatsu is gone and I didn't like how they only mentioned her like once throughout the entire 13 eps. They couldn't do a single ep for the cast to visit her or explain what happened to her since then? What a way to trash the bread-winner and saving factor of the prior season. That leaves this season floating in the water as to whats going to carry us throughout the story. "WHAT THE @#" is probably what your saying right now, but don't lose hope just yet. Also, they were serious on how Jun'ichi and Nemu are not main characters anymore. I tolerated it last season, hoping they would eplain where and what happened to Nemu this season, but they don't ever mention her at all. What a rip-off! How can they deny what made Da Capo what it is in the first place. That is why I gave that huge speech at the start of my review of Da Capo II.

And so, with venting over with, here are my thoughts:

Wierd how Anzu treated the main lead like garbage last time and yet is so warm to him this time. It also seems like Jun'ichi and Nemu all over again with the main lead and Yume.

O..K.. I guess Otome (the big Nemu) is a better match for him as they are at complete peace when around each other. Though she is the childhood friend with promises this time and if you've been keeping up with my reviews, you should know what i'm going to say about this, although she is not the average/shy girl. That role is thankfully wasted on that weakling Koko.

We have the puppet show in ep 4 and they intended from the start that it would be shown taking up half the ep. However, this is a HUGE indicator to where this story is headed. Pay extreme attention as this is going to payoff big time later on. As for the characters, during the puppet show, Otome gets very emotional as her lines are actually her true feelings as you will see later on.

We learn Anzu's secret of memory in ep. 6 though it was rushed rather quickly for my tastes. All that detective work is not cool either when it drags out 80% of the episode.

On a better note, we see Sakura just as the info gathered points out. Did Sakura's old age + being alone for SO long finally catch up to her (though Jun'ichi is right next door)? Is she subconciously controlling the tree again causing tragedies wherever she goes? If you haven't figured it out - I'm trying to pump-up the story as its pretty bland at this point. After 3 seasons of De Capo already, it seems the fire is finally burning out. However, this is only the halfway point so stay cheerful.

Sakura really took drastic measures this time. The never-ending wish factory of a tree has been the blessing and curse of the island for far too long. If she doesn't stand to make a change, we lose our main lead! Thats not going to work at all. Good luck Sakura.

What the heck? The tree is unstoppable this time. Did Sakura and Jun'ichi really just do that? What was that old idiot planning on doing anyway? Was he going to throw his magic candy at the tree? This is bad, really bad. The answer is so clear yet the consequences will leave a tremendous scar on the island as people like Jun'ichi and the main lead are once in a lifetime. Otome is so screwed. What a tremendous burden.

What a change of pace. This time the main lead is going through all the pain and suffering and he has to face it alone as he is slowly being forgotten. The only people left are his sisters who remember him. This is a new kind of pain as he did nothing wrong but he has to pay for it in full. This is new to Da Capo as everyone is used to being saved by the main lead. This time he needs saving and no one can help him!!

After seeing that nice but somewhat generic ending, I let out a sigh that could of been heard throughout the planet (yeah it was me, it wasn't your imagination). This season was just fine at best.

So to recap all of Da Capo:

Da Capo was the intro and the ending string of eps (17-26) were ASTOUNDING.

Da Capo Second Season was BRILLIANT the entire way through the 26 eps. Every single ep was funny, had great storyline, or poked at the heart to jerk those tears. The best of Da Capo!!!

Da Capo II was shocking how they changed the cast and started a new story, but I eventually got over it and by the end, I had one of my biggest breakdowns ever. I will never forget Minatsu's story.

Then there is this one. Did just enough to keep the Da Capo legacy going.

I mentioned before that this road never ends and I guess they were serious. Look out for Da Capo If!!! Until next time...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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