Usagichan De Cue

Title:Usagichan De Cue
It's my rabbit and it's Cue!!
うさぎちゃんで CUE!! (Japanese)
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When Haru heard that the girl-gang-banger, Inaba, was involved in yet another fight, he thought immediately about Mimika, his favorite pet bunny, and sprinted up to the high school roof just in time to see Inaba get tackled and thrown through the rabbit cage, through the fence and disappear over the edge into the beyond. But as Inaba was falling, she managed to reach out, grab the little white rabbit and pull her close. Now how did Mimika end up in Inaba’s ‘bouncy’ body with blond hair, rabbit ears and a fluffy tail, and just what happened to Inaba? And what will Miku do now that her special childhood friend Haru is living with Mimika, a true buxom bunny girl, who is not afraid to show how much she likes Haru and will not leave him alone!

Based on a (same name) manga series by Sano Takashi

3 episode OVA,
Released from 09/11/2001 till 04/26/2002
Produced by MISTYMOON & PinkPineapple

1:33min Series Intro/promo - YouTube Video
Episode Details 
1, 2
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Buy 6 6 6 4 7 8 Xenoknight [series:1069#2967]
Not your typical ecchi fest that doubles as a dramatic action-packed thriller...

This one threw me for a loop, picked me back up, and threw me for another one! I never thought that this title would leave such an impressive impact on me. The "don't judge a book by its cover" theory is proven once again. Nearly everything about this title was a surprise to me. If you’re expecting just another dirty ecchi fest, you'd do well to think again! This title featured insane action, a dramatic storyline worthy of praise, and your daily dose of ecchi fan service with all the nudity and sexual innuendos included. You get all three and don't have to sacrifice one for the others. I was really pleased with this title.

Our main lead, Haru, loves animals with a passion and the back story of him aspiring to become a veterinarian gives the story some backbone. With a sudden accident of ridiculous proportions, the voluptuous street fighter, Inaba, merges with a gentle bunny named Mimika, which happens to be Haru's favorite bunny. With the two souls merged, we see Mimika finally able to express her love for her master while she is in this human form. Haru's "childhood friend" (there is that taboo word again when it comes to romance stories), Miku, is visibly disturbed with all the "affection" he is getting from this new buxom babe. Meanwhile, a secret group of thugs intent on wiping Inaba off the face of the earth, continue their objective despite her current situation. The boss of them, with his situational headband indicator, was too funny for words. They cause nothing but trouble for her; though she somehow is able to revert back to the brutal street fighter she was as Inaba and is able to keep them in check. That serves as the basic intro to this story, but it doesn't end there! Later, we get a feline assassin in the same predicament as Ibana, an unstoppable "terminator-like" machine with one goal in mind - the death of Inaba, an evil project to turn an entire town into merged beings, and her own battle that wages within her own heart.

Aside from all that action (as corny yet still impressive as it was), the romance/drama portions were just as prevalent in this title. The battle between Miku and Mimika for Haru was a refreshing way to keep the story moving without making it feel "forced" in anyway.

Another shinning factor for this title is the back story for Inaba. It was the biggest surprise in the entire anime. I had no idea such a powerful story could be hidden in an ecchi fest and it hit me like a lightening bolt on a sunny day! It gave the whole title purpose and made me respect Inaba and her reason for fighting as well as implying the true reason for Mimika's (or a certain character's) love for Haru. The last ep was highly dramatic and amazingly interesting with the emotional choice Inaba had to make. It all ended with a generic scene and leaves the rest up to the viewer to decide what is to come for Haru and the girls.

If you're wondering why I never mentioned just how ecchi this title is, let's just say that it's better to watch for yourself as the resulting laughs were worth the trouble of seeing this title. You do get some soft core scenes, if that helps to sum it all up for you.

All in all, this title commands respect for the ecchi fest genre as it proves that not all of them are pointless displays of "feminine prowess" and panties. I can't even think of a title to compare this to as it stands on an entirely different level then those of its genre. I honestly enjoyed this title and I hope to run into more in the near future. Truly well done.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, July 31 2009. Created Thursday, April 30 2009.
Rent chibi [series:1069#2380]
Aliens and cyborgs and human/animal hybrids, oh my! Feels a lot like Iketeru Futari: Similar animation and character design, same up-from-the-floor camera shots, and zany ecchi humor.

Favorite line: "I put up a tent but in the wrong place." (That one had me chuckling for the next five minutes.)

Last updated Sunday, March 18 2007. Created Saturday, March 17 2007.
Rent Forbin [series:1069#1573]
Drama : Low
Comedy : High
Action : Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : HIGH

2 Episodes Watched
Ikki Tousen meets KoiKoi 7. It's got it all. Cat Girls, Bunny Girls, Ecchi, Panty Shots, Government Conspiracy, Stupid Evil Villians, Terminator Robots, what else can you ask?

Where's Episode 3 DAMNIT! Hehe

Animation isn't too bad for something 3 years old, but it could be better.

So far there isn't much of a story so I can't say this is buy. In fact as the story started up and the damn 2nd episode finished, I will rate this a low rent. Hopefully the 3rd OVA will make it better.

Last updated Thursday, September 08 2005. Created Tuesday, August 30 2005.
Buy Jan-Chan [series:1069#967]
I honestly think that that Pinkpineapple might be one of the few animation teams that could have pulled off this type of series that is so outrageously strange, extremely perverse and outlandishly funny.

The amount and level of fan service in this series is just over the top (right up there with Koikoi 7, if not worse), but so is the humor too! And it does have a good story line. The nice guy Haru, (who has always been into animals and aspires to be a pet-vet,) has a real soft spot for a cute white bunny rabbit named Mimika, who lives in a hutch on the school roof. Something strange happens, and now the rabbit and Inaba are (kinda of) in the same body. And the rabbit Mimika likes Haru too, but now she is five foot tall, built like a brick-house and can do all of the fun things with Haru that people can do, not that she has any sense of socially appropriate behavior or inhibitions. But just what happened to Inaba? (Does she like Haru too?) And why are a strange gang of boys from another high school now trying to chase Mimika down and start fights with her all the time?

There is also a short doggy-boy, a slinky cat-girl and a giant brain-dead badguy-ruffian, who keeps coming back for more (or less).

This series is just so perversely funny and extreme that I just had to laugh and did not stop for all of the two fansub episodes that I could find… now where the third episode?? I want to see more!!

There are some snapshots of the episodes in the <episode details> links if you are interested in seeing a bit more - Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Last updated Wednesday, October 15 2008. Created Tuesday, August 16 2005.
Buy 7 7 8 7 7 7 manganime [series:1069#1633]
This is great if you're into ecchi and particularly rabbit and cat girls. I've only seen the first two and hopefully see the 3rd one in the near future.

There are plenty of panty shot, and bouncy breasts. If you're not into this stuff I suggest you look elsewhere.

Last updated Thursday, May 26 2005. Created Thursday, May 26 2005.

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