Itazura na Kiss

Title:Itazura na Kiss
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R1 License - Subtitled Only
It was love at first sight for Aihara Kotoko as top student Irie Naoki delivers a speech on the first day of high school. After 2 years of secret admiration, "I don't want it" is the rejection she gets when she plucks up enough courage to hand him a love letter. Dejected, Kotoko vows to give him up. By a twist of fate, Kotoko's house collapses; her dad and her put up at a friend's place, who happens to be Naoki's father. And thus, life with Naoki begins and Kotoko's love for Naoki rekindles again. Much laughter ensues when scatterbrain Kotoko makes her countless advances (supported by Naoki's wacky mum) on ice-cold Naoki who hates girls and is a genius at practically everything from studies to sports.

Based on a shoujo manga by Tada Kaoru serialised in Margaret.

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25 TV episodes
Series first aired on April 5th '08.

There is also a Japanese live-action TV-drama series which is viewable (subtitled/streaming) at Mysoju.
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Watch 7 6 6 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1800#1552]
Itakiss is typical fare for a shoujo title with its "opposites attract" style storyline in exploring the major points of the development in Kotoko and Irie's relationship from growing attracted to one another to the two having their first child while happily married. Many of the characters milk character archetypes typical of 90s shoujo titles such as the carefree and irresponsible parents, the foreigner and the jerk love interest played by Irie. It even rehashes the moving in together style storyline that got milked by Marmalade Boy to get our main pairing living together at the start of the series. As a couple, both Irie and Kotoko are rather bland as characters and I found their chemistry to be questionable with Irie seemingly being mostly indifferent to Kotoko's attempts at affection, as I've seen 90s shoujo pairings with far better chemistry than these two. While the manga source material for Itakiss was completed in the 90s, it looked like there were a number of live-action adaptations to the series in the 2000s which led this animated adaptation to be spawned. Despite whatever popularity Itakiss seemingly has in Japan though, the series is typical 90s shoujo rom-com fare and doesn't really have much that sticks out to it that would appeal to me.

Last updated Saturday, February 07 2015. Created Saturday, February 07 2015.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 T.Starz [series:1800#3064]
this is a buy 100%

one of the best anime i seen

it gose from high school all the way to when there grown up

this is how all love anime should be

if u love Romance anime this is one for you

Last updated Sunday, February 08 2009. Created Sunday, February 08 2009.
Buy 7 8 7 9 10 10 Xenoknight [series:1800#2967]
HONORABLE MENTION ANIME WINNER - One of The Greatest Love Stories Ever Written

A remarkable story of what true love is like and how opposites really do attract...

I love this title with a passion! Each episode had me in a trance and only when the ep was over, would I realize the passage of time and my surroundings. That's what this story was like for me. I enjoyed every single episode, though some were more painful than others and I had my fair share of disappointments regarding the direction of the story and certain characters' fates/futures.

Time is a tremendous factor in this story. In order to show just how far the lead characters have progressed in their lives and how far certain relationships have flourished, the writers choose to skip ahead in terms of years! Several episodes would give the "blank months later" and "blank years later" message on screen so the viewer could make the appropriate mental leap in terms of what to expect. The way it was done was excellent as it was always after a massive event or when the story could use a quick fast forward to see how certain events would affect the future. Normally, I would be angry saying the story sucks so much that they had to skip ahead to search for good parts to feed the viewer, but this story is just the opposite. It needed this fast-forward option to demonstrate just what influence time has had on their lives and I didn't mind making the mental jumps at all. I found it relatively fun actually.

After the events in episode 6, I knew right then and there that this story was a keeper for sure. The male lead, though always fighting it out with the female lead, finally gives her a shining ray of hope that she could win his heart and she wasn't wasting her time with him. I knew then that the story line would increase exponentially and surely enough, the episodes started to get more and more exhilarating!

The laughs were strong in this title as well. Although the primary focus was romance, certain comedy seekers might just wander upon this title and have a blast. The greatest source of laughter came from the overall theme of the female lead being a baka (idiot) and my favorite character, who would continuously exploit this trait, was the male lead's little brother Yuuki. That kid is a "G" and never failed to put a huge smile on my face.

This story is certainly not for the faint of heart! When the use of drama was implemented, it was presented with the "intent to kill" so to speak. It came across to me as substantial and severe. Let me put it this way; To those who are sensitive to these types of love stories - the thought of tears are the least of your worries. It was that intense for the painful parts as well as the pleasant ones! This is the area that made this title shine the most.

The visuals all remind me of an upgraded Tokimeki Memorial OVA and that isn't saying much I'm afraid. It's not that big a deal anyway so who cares. It still looks fairly decent.

The music grew on me real quick! I hated it at first but learned to like it as I thought it was pretty good and found myself liking it more and more every time I heard it. There is new end credits by ep 14 and it's extremely well done, great to listen to, and fits the ending situations perfectly. The intro clips took some notes from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya it seems and brought back some hilarious memories from that title.

I thought to myself, "What an adventure this series has been!" I couldn't believe that the story practically began all over again with everything in it's rightful place and a certain event has finally come to fruition by the end of episode 14. This is certainly the most plausible love story I've seen in a "minute" (slang for: a while).

This story ranks right up there with Toradora! (one of the best love stories ever written)! That is the only comparison I can come up with in terms of "sheer romantic elements".

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Sunday, August 15 2010. Created Thursday, October 09 2008.
Buy 7 8 7 7 9 8 Dreamer [series:1800#2279]
First off, I got into this series already knowing how it would end and pretty much knew the jist of what was going to happen along the way. I had already watched (and enjoyed), the Live Action version. But, aside from that, I won't be comparing the two much like I wouldn't compare an anime to it's manga counterpart. Afterall, one should look and rate an anime based on its own merit(s)... not it's various other produced formats; i.e. manga, live action, etc. I actually liked this anime. The story of a "never-say-die-attitude" girl (Kotoko) and how she deals with her unrequited love for a guy (Naoki) kept me interested through the whole series.

Art, Animation & Character Design
Starting off, the art/graphics wasn't interesting. Actually, below par really. However, after a few episodes you get use to it. Although, I think near the end, it did start improving... or it was my imagination. The animation itself wasn't bad though. It looked to be your average frame-rate. Character design wasn't anything out of the ordinary. As well, most of the character roles were just mildy interesting. Naoki's mother was probably the most interesting character of the lot. I really didn't care for alot of the character designs, aside from some of the later characters such as Yuuko, Chris (Kinnosuke's gf), and several other lesser roles. As well, almost none of the characters were well developed... in fact, I can't recall any character besides your two mains that were developed.

The music wasn't anything that caught my interest.... whatelse is knew right? No, I can't say completely. The ending theme song did start growing on me.

Series & Episode Stories
As for the story, I really enjoyed it and was mildy surprised at how it turned out. I mean, I expected them falling in love and getting together, however, I didn't expect the series to go into marriage, and a life after marriage... and parenthood. I mean, typically, when one thinks of a romance series, usually the stories are about trying to get to the point of getting together and it pretty much ends the series there. But this one, they get to the marriage point a little past the middle of the series, and carries on with their lives. So curious at how the story would unfold thereafter kept me interested.... and it was pretty much worth it.

At episode 17, it seems it took a complete turn... wow! Actually, it introduced a whole new set of characters... as if the series were starting new... in fact, it even jumps 4 years ahead at one point. The new set of characters were much more lively and humorous to say the least. And being that they're all in college, we have a few scenes of them getting plastered (at least Kotoko). I thought this was a uniquely different approach to concluding a series. It was interesting and had me a lot more amused and enjoying it. As well, in this second half of the series, if you will, it was much more funny.

Overall, it was a good show. Not the best, but one of the better ones for sure. I loved how the story progressed from childhood... or at least from teens to college years, to adulthood and finally parenthood. Aside from the subpar animation and graphics, the story was nearly top-notch and well worth the buy.

Last updated Thursday, October 09 2008. Created Thursday, October 09 2008.
Buy 8 8 8 6 9 9 Anonymous #3026 [series:1800#3026]
Watched all 25 episodes

is it boring? no

definitely a buy if you like a cute romantic comedy.. about family, friendship, love and life. it is realistic.

This Anime/Manga also has a live-action taiwanese series "It started with a kiss" Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin.

Well, if you ask me BOTH are good. But I think that the live action has more of an "anime' feel than the anime itself. cause it has many funny moments.

the anime is more faster when it comes to the story compared to the live-action. but i have to say every episode of this anime is good. it makes you want to watch next after next.

i love this anime!! :) made me cry just a bit but not as much as fruits basket lol.

Last updated Tuesday, November 11 2008. Created Wednesday, October 01 2008.
Rent Stretch [series:1800#628]
(All episodes watched):

Itazura na Kiss was the next chapter in my Peach Girl/Bokura ga Ita/Lovely Complex/Kimikiss Pure Rouge gravy train of teen romance in Japan. Judging from the first episode, it seemed like a fairly interesting show, with a welcome touch of humor; Kimikiss (the last one) had a higher ratio of drama, which isn't necessarily bad, but I was pleased with a little change. InK didn't seem terribly funny; more like a "smile show". It didn't seem terribly clever either, but I was satisfied. Basically, my first impression was that I didn't have a whole lot to say since I neither noticed anything that I really loved nor really hated about this show. It seemed satisfactory, that's was all I could say at the moment.

I read that this is based on an early 90's manga, and come to think of it, the character designs do have a look to them that reminds me of that period. As of episode two, I was pleased that the plot was moving steadily along in a manner which is both enjoyable and makes sense. Actually, making sense is one of my primary prerequisites for a show being enjoyable, unless it is so godawful funny or has such sheer coolness that I don't care. Since Itazura na Kiss doesn't fall into either of those categories, it's encouraging to see that it's taking the correct route to enjoyability by being fairly realistic and plausible--and a little silly, too.

Despite what I wrote earlier, I came to feel that this show is pretty funny! I would say there is more humor in this romantic comedy than most of the harem shows I watch, probably because the latter rely too much on ecchi fanservice to entertain the viewer and humor has a low priority. This show, in contrast, was clearly designed to be funny, which works well with the romantic element because you can't help liking the plucky Kotoko after all the embarasment she endures.

It's not often that a series shifts into high gear like InK did during episode 14. We go from the same state of affairs as has been going on for most of the series to a radical change in the space of 23 minutes--I'd be spoiling things if I told you exactly what happened. As I watched, I became convinced that this must be the final episode of a slightly longer than one season series, but no, there was a preview for the next one. Most anime romantic comedies seem to feel that just letting you know that the main characters have agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend is about as far as they dare go. But that's clearly not the case here, which makes InK unusual and interesting.

Likewise, episode 20 both introduces and resolves a minor problem in the first half of the episode, which left me wondering if a new plot arc would take off after the station break. Sure enough, the show resumes with a label of "Four years later"--how often do anime series take such liberties with the timeline (not that there's anything wrong with doing so)? Itazura na Kiss has settled into it's place in the spectrum of anime I watch as a modestly entertaining show. There are shows which I jump on as soon as a new episode becomes available, though I try not to watch more than one of them per day in order to stretch the enjoyment out. And then there are the shows which fill the remainder of my anime watching bloc, ones which take a couple days but do get watched eventually--that would be the category this one falls into.

Last updated Sunday, October 12 2008. Created Wednesday, April 09 2008.

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