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Title Rating Synopsis
Eternal Rainbow Watch See Gift Eternal Rainbow
Eureka 7 Buy See Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven
Buy A 14 year-old boy named Renton lives with his mechanic grandfather and struggles with the boredom of a quiet town in which nothing ever happens. At least until a giant LFO mech named Nirvash, in need of repair, crashes into their house. The pilot, a young girl name Eureka is part of Gekko-State renegade group, who have been branded as being criminals by the military. They are a group of surfers who specialize in using mecha's to ride the strange ‘trappa’ waves that on special boards that allow them to surf and soar the heavens. Eureka invites Renton to join their group, telling him that he has a special bond with her LFO, a mecha unit named the Nirvash.
Eureka Seven: Psalms of Planets Buy See Eureka Seven

Gift Eternal Rainbow
Watch The seaside village of Narasakicho is special in a number of strange ways. Crowned by an eternal rainbow, the village is rumored to grant all of its residents a once-in-a-life-time magic ability called a 'gift'. When two hearts are in sync, the gift of an aspiring love will manifest itself in a wondrous and magical way. A student named Amaumi Haruhiko finds himself entangled in the village’s special magic in his 2nd year of high school. His new school year starts with his cute adoptive sister returning home, a morning misadventure with a broomriding witch and numerous encounters with other cute fellow students.
Gift-er Watch See Gift Eternal Rainbow

Rent Kawahira Keita is a descendant of an ancient Inugami (wiki) tamer family tasked with dealing with unruly spirits and daemons. While his Inugami (or spiritual pact creature) is a very strong female dog spirit named Yoko, she is also very possessive and troublesome, especially when it comes to Keita’s desire to live his youth to it’s fullest. Yoko feels that she is all that Keita needs in terms of companionship and takes strong issue whenever her master tries to go out to pick up girls. But together they do make a strong team when dealing with whatever perverted or perverse spirits are troubling their neighborhood.
Inukami! Rent See Inukami
Itakiss Buy See Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss
Buy It was love at first sight for Aihara Kotoko as top student Irie Naoki delivers a speech on the first day of high school. After 2 years of secret admiration, "I don't want it" is the rejection she gets when she plucks up enough courage to hand him a love letter. Dejected, Kotoko vows to give him up. By a twist of fate, Kotoko's house collapses; her dad and her put up at a friend's place, who happens to be Naoki's father. And thus, life with Naoki begins and Kotoko's love for Naoki rekindles again. Much laughter ensues when scatterbrain Kotoko makes her countless advances (supported by Naoki's wacky mum) on ice-cold Naoki who hates girls and is a genius at practically everything from studies to sports.

Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!
Rent Everyone calls it "Beatrice". That strange power that responds to the will of certain people and is capable of doing many wondrous and dangerous things. And Yoshimura Mamoru has been accepted to a high school that specializes in teaching the use of the strange ‘magic power’ to its students. On his way to school, he sees a pretty 2nd year student standing under the cherry trees. After a few words with her, she suddenly blushes and asks him to go out with her! In his first class, he is surprised to notice that everybody is staring at him - because of the rumor that Takasu Ayako, the ‘angel of death’ actually confessed to him! And then suddenly, he is summoned to the student council chambers and is offered a position with Takasu-sempai on her student committee! It is going to be a very busy school year for Mamoru.
Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven Buy See Eureka Seven

Shining Tears x Wind
Buy A group of students from St. Luminous College are investigating the mysterious disappearances that are happening all around Tatsumi Town. One student, who was researching a book entitled 'End Earth', which describes an alternate world, also mysteriously disappears. As Mao, a being from the other world, enters their world in order to look for her friend, Zero, she teams up with Souma and Kureha in order to battle a monster who also came to their world. Just when things seem to go their way, an accident teleports Souma and Kureha into another world. To make things more complicated, Zero appears to the two stating that he will now entrust the world to Souma. As they travel this new world, they encounter familiar friends and enemies, and they begin to realize that getting back to their own world is harder than they previously thought.
To Mamoru-kun, the Blessings of the Goddess! Rent See Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!

Tokimeki Memorial - Only Love
Watch This anime opens with Riku running around a high school with Cat Ears on (NekoMimi). All the boys appear to be chasing him. Some are wearing special ears and some aren't. Flashback to the past. Riku has just transfered into a new high school and gets partnered up with the local beauty Saiyuri Amamiya. Later in the library he helps out a young girl Mina with finding a book. Much later he passes another girl, Tsukasa, who is quite impressed by his physical stamina. Finally, he ends up outside feeding a baby chicken that seems to be EXTREMELY pissed off.
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