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Kawahira Keita is a descendant of an ancient Inugami (wiki) tamer family tasked with dealing with unruly spirits and daemons. While his Inugami (or spiritual pact creature) is a very strong female dog spirit named Yoko, she is also very possessive and troublesome, especially when it comes to Keita’s desire to live his youth to it’s fullest. Yoko feels that she is all that Keita needs in terms of companionship and takes strong issue whenever her master tries to go out to pick up girls. But together they do make a strong team when dealing with whatever perverted or perverse spirits are troubling their neighborhood.

This is a slap stick comedy about an Inukami Tamer, Keita and an Inukami, Yoko. Keita is a man of worldly passions, and he likes money and girls very much. On the other hand, Yoko likes to destroy things and is very jealous.

26 TV Episodes.
Animation by Starchild.

Winner of the 2006 Anime-Reactor award for Best Fanservice (Jury's Pick).

Based on the Inukami Manga series.
See also the sequel Inukami the Movie.

1:27min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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1, 1893
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Rent Forbin [series:1355#1573]
Analysis : All fansubs watched

  • Drama : Low
  • Acton : Med
  • SciFi : High
  • Comedy : High
  • Ecchi : High
Poor Keita, all those females and not a human among them.

Not bad, not deep but very funny.

Last updated Monday, February 23 2009. Created Monday, February 23 2009.
Watch 8 7 7 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:1355#2279]
Reading the synopsis, I thought this one would be pretty good.

Art, Animation and Character Design
The art and animation was just below average. The colors seemd bland and the frame rate was a bit low. The charcter designs... or rather some of them, were sorta cute.... especially Yoko.

The OP was good! I actually liked it.... a bit. It was energetic and upbeat piece on the rock-ish style. The music throughout the episodes were silly though.

Series and Episode Story
It started off pretty good. The first fight scene is what caught my interest.... but then.... it kinda spiraled out into "eeeeh". This anime has plenty of ecchi moments. And nudity... there's plenty of that too.... well, speaking of keita that is. As for a plot, there's really nothing to speak of. Waaaay too many filler episodes. And even the "slight" plot that I can get out of it, it wasn't taken too seriously... which made this anime mostly slapstick, ecchi and a bit humorous. Keita and Yuko was a good pair and comedic not to mention.

Overall, it wasn't bad. It was good for a few laughs but that's about it.

Last updated Sunday, February 22 2009. Created Sunday, February 22 2009.
Buy T.Starz [series:1355#3064]
i watchec all 26 eps and all i can say is this is a buy

Last updated Thursday, February 05 2009. Created Thursday, February 05 2009.
Watch 8 8 8 7 7 6 Xenoknight [series:1355#2967]
review not finished...

A story of dog spirits and perverts...

Aside from all the silly humor, ep 10 was the first episode that showed some serious storyline! Ep 4 and 5 were interesting as well but the real back story is in ep 10 and it's no joke. Only thing is that after 10 eps, I can only say that 3 of them (4, 5, and 10) presented a reason to keep watching. The other 7 were all funny (tried to be anyway) episodes that were easily forgotten except for ep 8 which had a little Dragon Ball Z action (cool points for that battle). The start of the series (ep 1 and 2) were really tough to watch due to the constant male nudity (censored so don't worry). It was a really bad idea to put that kind of crap so early and back-to-back like that. I thought about walking away from this title if the gay crap continued any longer (lucky enough that ep 3 was okay and 4 started the series for me).

I don't know how this won the "Best Fanservice" award. For a 2006 title, I didn't see any fanservice. It was pretty clean if you ask me besides all the male nudity. (turns over a rock) Hello... Mr. Fan-service. Where are you? (looking behind trees) I can't find you. Where did you go? LOL. Nope, no fan-service to be proud of. Ep 11 had the best fan-service in the entire series and that was it. 1/26 episodes is not fan-service. If anything, this should've been awarded the "Best Fanservice for Women" award because I know I personally hated seeing all that stupid gay crap.

There was 15/26 episodes that meant anything at all to the series.

I just hoped to see more battles/story and less gay slap-stick comedy.

Check out my award list to see some of best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Thursday, October 09 2008. Created Friday, October 03 2008.
Rent Stretch [series:1355#628]
(All episodes watched--twice):

A skilled martial artist is distraught at being defeated by a team of beautiful girls who are actually Inugami. He relates his humiliation to his master, who becomes fascinated by these worthy opponents and resolves to challenge them himself. Except for one thing--the guy wasn't actually a martial artist, he was a panty thief. That's what to expect from Inukami!

Knowing nothing, I originally downloaded episode one to get an idea what this show was about. The impression I got from the first scene was that this would be a serious, dramatic magical fighting show; this wasn't what I was looking for, and I switched to another disc. After reading Jan-chan's review, I gave it another try and realized that my initial impressions couldn't have been farther off. This is a risque, silly, and genuinely funny series--just what I was looking for! After seeing main character Keita get leg-humped (well, sorta) by burly men possesed by the spirits of dogs, I could only exclaim "this show is crazy!" (in a good way). There's definitely something unconventional about the style of animation Inugami employs, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Ah, Inukami--a near perfect balance of perversion and comedy; just the way that subject ought to be handled. The episodes got less flagrantly perverted with time (though Youko applied for a job in a "Moe Cosplay" joint, which was good). Inukami is definitely a cut above the usual anime comedy; there's a certain chemistry between Keita and Youko, which is fun. The episodes arrived so far apart that I had a hard time keeping track of the ongoing plot, but that's no big deal because they are fun even if I watch them in a completely episodic manner. Indeed, I started watching the series over from the start even before I'd seen the last couple of episodes. The series as a whole seems pretty episodic at first, but characters recur and there's a method to this madness as the plot builds towards a dramatic conclusion. As soon as new episodes became available, I watched them rightaway--that's about the most sincere compliment I can offer! The boxing match (of a sort) between Keita and a shinigami was great. I can't claim that this is a perfect show, nor can I think of any flagrant flaws with it, which doesn't make writing a review any easier. I guess it just has a unique style of risque humor to it, which combined with an amusing and endearing cast makes this a fun show to watch.

P.S: I read about an incident in Japan in which an otaku was extremely pissed when an episode of this show was delayed due to a sporting event which ran overtime, and consequently he couldn't tape it. This person sent what appeared to be a human bone to the TV station as a token of his anger. Now this is the sort of person who gives "otaku" a bad connotation!

My favorite line: "I only need one hole!" --Karina-san

Last updated Monday, March 31 2008. Created Thursday, June 01 2006.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:1355#967]
If you like slapstick comedies with a supernatural overtone, then this one is good bet.

This is one of the silliest and entertaining comedies of 2006. Definitely well worth tracking down and watching...

Last updated Tuesday, June 02 2009. Created Monday, May 29 2006.

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