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Berusaiyu no Bara Buy See Versailles no Bara

Fruits Basket

Tooru Honda is a 16-year old girl living in a tent in the nearby mountain woods. Her father died when she was very young and her mother had just recently died in a car accident. Not wanting to put her grandfather (on her father's side) out while his house is being renovated, she told him she would stay with friends so no one knows she's living in a tent. In the meantime, she goes to school and works her part-time job on a cleaning crew so that she can pay her high school tuition (in Japan, high school is like college in the US).

Furuba Buy See Fruits Basket
Furuutsu Basuketo Buy See Fruits Basket
Itakiss Buy See Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss
Buy It was love at first sight for Aihara Kotoko as top student Irie Naoki delivers a speech on the first day of high school. After 2 years of secret admiration, "I don't want it" is the rejection she gets when she plucks up enough courage to hand him a love letter. Dejected, Kotoko vows to give him up. By a twist of fate, Kotoko's house collapses; her dad and her put up at a friend's place, who happens to be Naoki's father. And thus, life with Naoki begins and Kotoko's love for Naoki rekindles again. Much laughter ensues when scatterbrain Kotoko makes her countless advances (supported by Naoki's wacky mum) on ice-cold Naoki who hates girls and is a genius at practically everything from studies to sports.
Junjō Romantica Rent See Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica
Rent Misaki is suddenly having some unexpected and odd problems. What started as a need for some college entrance exam tutoring has somehow led him to being romanced by a suave older man who also happens to be his big brother’s best friend. Confused by all of his brand new emotions, Misaki struggles to deal with his suddenly very odd life. And if that wasn’t enough, his suitor, Usami, has plenty of issues of his own. A man-child who decorates his room in giant teddy bears and toys, Usami is a famous novelist who also writes steamy boys’ love novels on the side. When Misaki cracks open one of these books and reads sentences like “Misaki licks every inch of Usami’s hot body”…well, let’s just say that all hell breaks loose.
Lady Oscar Buy See Versailles no Bara

Paradise Kiss
Buy Yukari Hayasaka is a high school student in her final year undergoing the stress of applying for university exams and the pressures put on her by her mother to succeed as a student. One day, Yukari is brought into the world of fashion modeling by George Koizumi and several of his friends at the Yazawa Gakuen design school. The group known as Paradise Kiss need Yukari’s help to model their clothing designs for their school’s upcoming fashion competition. Yukari agrees to help the group out as she starts to realize her potential in the world of fashion modeling and falls for George as the days count down towards the Yazawa competition.
ParaKiss Buy See Paradise Kiss

Princess Princess
Watch Ryo moves away from his family and transfers to a distant all-boys highschool where he finds himself bewildered by their 'traditions'. He finds himself chosen to be one the school’s three Himes (or princesses). The student council has decided to spiceup the otherwise drab and destitute existence of the students by having three of their boys dress up as princesses – inspirations of the femininity that their school life is sorely lacking. While the privileges of being a Hime are great - free tuition, room and board – are they enough to compensate Ryo for having wear a dress everyday and accept the role of being one of the school's mascots?
PuriPuri Watch See Princess Princess
Rose of Versailles Buy See Versailles no Bara

Rozen Maiden
Buy A very young and spoilt Sakurada Jun has became very bored during the absence of his parents, and despite the loving concerns of his older sister, he stops going to school, stops caring about other people and lives only to surf the internet for mail-order bargains - well, a special bargain box arrived, and it contains a very cute "antique doll", but it is an item that he learns that he could not return, and can not ignore, and that would forever change his life.
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