Princess Lover!

Title:Princess Lover!
プリンセスラバー! (Japanese)
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Notables: Original Concept - Ricotta
Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful. (Source: ANN)

A new anime series derived from an Japanese adult visual novel from Ricotta.

12 TV episodes (~24 min)
A new anime series set to air on July 6, 2009.

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Watch 9 9 8 7 8 7 Dreamer [series:2161#2279]
The artwork first caught my attention, then after reading the synopsis, it seemed to be pretty good. It was a bit but then........

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation seemed really freakin' good! At first, I didn't realize how good, but then I noticed during the first parts of the 1st episode, it would be just amazingly detailed and rich and vibrant with colors, and noticed it thereafter. Character designs were equally as good. Very detailed and uniquely different.

The OP wasn't too bad. It was still your typical high-pitched pop piece with female vocals. However, this one seemed a bit more bareable than most. The ED was an alternitve piece that was simply ok. The rest of the soundtrack had piano pieces here.

Series and Episode Story
Hmmm.... I've got a mixed reaction to this series. It started off really good... but then, it seemed right after the first episode... it went down hill quickly. Some of the episode stories were just really.... stupid. I mean, our protagonist have to learn "proper etiquettes" to be allowed into a certain super high class club. C'mon for real? What happend to blazing down a road on a crotch-rocket chasing down a gang of hoodlums with guns all the while trying to rescue a damsel in distress in a run-away carriage with a cursing old man at the helm...(1st episode)!!? Okay, so ya, it was unbelievable but sure beats teas and crumpets with pinkies in the air. It got off on the right foot but somehow got tripped up on the left. So I figured, okay, i'll give a few more episodes for it to redeem itself. Finally, at about episode 8, it started picking back up. Episode 11... how can you relax and have a party when everyone is rushing to save the princess? Oh, let's all take a break and have a grand party before we save the princess! Something went wrong here!

Couple gripes. This series tries to be funny at the wrong times, which ends up screwing up the scene at hand. It actually was quite annoying that I lost a bit of respect for this series as a whole. Second gripe, I happened to watch the "non" DVD release and I was super annoyed to hell. All the censoring over minor panty shots, even subtle panty shots were just plain irritating! Now, I'm no perv just looking for that sneak peak, but c'mon man, must you really black out a little butt cheeks? It just ruined the show.

Overall, it had potential but really failed and bombed and crashed for me. However still, the overall story was marginally entertaining and at least the artwork was pretty good. The end turned out "okay" even though the "killer" was obvious many episodes back.

Last updated Wednesday, December 02 2009. Created Wednesday, December 02 2009.
Unevaluated chibi [series:2161#2380]
Not many romance shows this season; This may be the best, but that's not saying much. The girls are drawn with strange proportions: big heads and big -- um -- chests, compared to the rest of their anatomy. Watch the ED to see what it's really all about, but so far Teppei is being a gentleman. There's just enough of a story here to keep me watching the next episode.

Last updated Tuesday, August 04 2009. Created Tuesday, August 04 2009.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:2161#1573]
What happens when you clash, Kamen No Maid Guy, Zero No Tsukiama, and Sakura Wars.

What you get is something that I seem to like A LOT!

2nd Episode watched and I really like it. Charlotte is your typical happy go lucky and doesn't seem concerned that she is hanging around a boy who is already taken. Sylvia though is REALLY ticked.

3rd episode was ok. Seika is a real bitch.

4th Episode is here, and Sekia Footsie wins the episode!

Why does Seika look like Nagi from Hayate?

7 Episodes in and we are doing Charlotte's Route. That means one of the other 3 girls is going to win.

Last updated Wednesday, August 19 2009. Created Thursday, July 09 2009.
Watch Stretch [series:2161#628]
(All episodes watched):

The sharply drawn characters and spirited OP sequence of Princess Lover were both encouraging; on the other hand, the Indiana Jones-like chase scene afterwards was hard to take seriously. I was soon reminded of Hanasakeru Seishonen, what with the theme of romance among the rich and famous. That, and the similar sense of absurdity as all sorts of fantastic coincidences take place to just barely tie things together. We have the all too common premise of an ordinary boy discovering that he is in fact the heir to a mighty business conglomerate and unlimited wealth. When he is also introduced to the fiancee that he never knew he had, I couldn't help feeling that this show was going too fast without providing enough explanation or plausibility. Crazy stuff happens which is neither likely nor being played for laughs, which makes me wonder what approach this show is trying to take (there were a couple decent jokes, though). I frankly don't know what to make of this show yet--but I quit Hanasakeru after two episodes for doing pretty much the same thing.

I was reluctant to watch episode two, but once I did I found it to be surprizingly fun. Once the revelation of the absurd premise of the show is gotten out of the way in episode one, the story seems to flow more smoothly and nothing nearly as outlandish happens. Instead, a healthy dose of humor and a fun story held my interest. Again, the remarkably good character designs caught my eye.

I think an important difference between this show and HanaSei would have to be that Teppei is a definite outsider who has suddenly found himself in the world of the rich and famous. Thus we can root for him as the underdog, as he brings a fresh outlook and shows the wealthy that they don't know everything. Nobody bothered to resolve a several generation old feud between two powerful families, but Teppei, with his commonsense approach, does so rightaway. The fact that some thought was put into writing the story probably makes this underdog/outsider approach possible. The jokes were good and I would look forward to new episodes of Princess Lover.

Episode six was great fun. This was an example of taking a tired cliche (young men trying to be peeping toms at a hot spring) and investing the extra effort to make it genuinely amusing and semi-original. Clearly recognizing that the basic premise is overdone, then making fun of that fact was the trick; overall, "stretching the envelope" is the term, I think. The SD scenes were hilarious.

Charlotte being abducted by terrorists seemed at first like a forced, extremely unlikely event like the ones of the first episode--which would mean the show was taking itself much too seriously. But fortunately the efforts to rescue her were handled in a manner which included an effective mix of seriousness and comedy--like Teppei's motorcycle chase on his ridiculous customized bike. At least one of the terrorists has a personality rather than being just another two-dimensional "bad guy", which is encouraging--though apparently little is done with him. What I really didn't get was why it would be "embarassing" to the Arima group to have been targetted by terrorists--wouldn't people hate the terrorists afterwards and feel sympathy for Arima?

...and then Charlotte is abducted yet again. This time the rescue attempt fell flat--it was absurdly implausible, yet there were few jokes and it was apparently supposed to be taken seriously. At the end of one episode it appears that Teppei has been shot, but this show has been paying so little attention to things like physics that my immediate response was 'OK, what half-assed excuse will be used this time to explain his surviving without a scratch?'. Why did the villain blow up the locomotive when he had Teppei at his mercy? Apparently swords wielded by heroes are infinitely faster than bullets fired by bad guys--right. And then came the absurd link between the villain and Teppei's past--that was so corny that I couldn't help but laugh. I cannot believe what this show expects me to believe is possible. The critical mistake was trying to make the conclusion be taken seriously when it is so totally absurd that it seems made for parody. In the end, Princess Lover was a show which was fun and silly when it was kidding with us, but fell to pieces when it tried to be dramatic and exciting.

Catch Sylvia's montage at the Kendo Girl Scrapbook page!

My favorite line: "Nobody knows my name yet, and I'm going to be the next sacrificial pig already?!" --nameless fat guy

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Buy 9 10 8 10 Xenoknight [series:2161#2967]

watching now and I'm still being blown away... 11 eps watched...

Ep 11: I love this freakin' show! Nearly every ep has had me at the edge of my seat and this ep is no different. Everyone makes preparations to save their captured friend and Teppei is betting it all on the outcome. Seika demonstrates her feelings for the man she loves and it proves to be a touching scene with Teppei being a "G" for leaving her on such a cool note. Sylvie and Teppei have a romantic moment under the stars as she explains a little about herself and her mother the only way she knows how - with a sword! Everyone plays their role masterfully throughout the episode. They all proceed with the plan and things get real chaotic from there. Alfred, in particular, is always fun to behold. Haltman explains his reasons for all of this and shows Teppei his will to achieve his goal. What a fabulous title this has become!!! Only one ep left now. Astounding ep...

Ep 10:


Once again, I've been left awe-struck as to the incredible presentation of this anime. This title steps up it's game with some mature content that made my jaw drop. Charlotte is bound to an unbreakable fate as she becomes the key to this "ever-improving" story. Teppei, devastated with the recent turn of events, finds the other girls trying to console and persuade him. I couldn't fathom the bomb-shell Sekia dished out in this ep, which can also be said for Yuu as she is seen "coming out of her shell"! As much as I hoped for this type of atmosphere all along between the characters, it was rather disappointing to hear Teppei reveal his heart's final choice (it possibly being a forced decision can be left for debate). A certain someone's betrayal is brought to light and things get rather mature towards the end. I thought it was kind of strange that they would go that far all of a sudden like that, but the general idea comes across quite well. As we enter the final string we see Teppei, upholding the promise to his parents, now faces his greatest challenge yet! An award winner is born. Amazing ep...

Ep 9: This title can be described with two words - quality redefined! This was another episode featuring all that can be expected from this incredible anime series: action, romance, fan service, comedy, story, and enough overall polish to leave the viewer "awe-inspired". Teppei and his friends move to avert the bomb crisis and everyone plays a powerful role with certain tragedies in the prior ep beginning to take a toll on the characters. The comedy was subtle (and still far superior to Needless) with just enough to leave the viewer in high-spirits. The strongest feature this title has to offer I would say is the seamless transition between playfulness and seriousness as they are usually intertwined, but never from one extreme to the next and that's the difference! One other thing to mention is the way the story is advancing. It may suggest that it might not finish the story with one season (scary thought, isn't it). This series can only keep improving. Superb ep...

Ep 8:

Absolutely Astonishing!

I'm speechless! My quest for words to describe this episode will only prove to be futile so I'm not going to try. I will say that this title gets the Buy and then some! Ascension is only a matter of time for this series at the current rate. Marvelous ep...

Ep 7:

Simply Astounding!

This title oozes with an unquenchable amount of quality. With such a powerful foundation in romance, story elements, comedy, and drama, how can anyone turn this title down? The only missing link - action - is promised to be on the way. Charlotte had a secret she wasn't ready to reveal yet and things get real stressful for her in this episode. As per the hot spring agreement, the other girls stand down and let Charlotte handle things her way with the current situation. Unbeknownst to them, everything turns into a real crisis situation (Chobits humor) with the fate of several countries at stake! A hidden enemy is out to destroy all that is peaceful and they seek destruction of nuclear proportions! Any hope Charlotte had to spend some alone time with Teppei is put on hold now that her life has been placed in danger. I can't wait to see what Teppei will do to fix this one? The premise of this title holds true and the only possible limitation to its excellence is the length of 13 episodes. We're at the halfway point and this title is still picking up steam with no signs of wasting a single episode. Astounding ep...

Ep 6: What in the world was that! The intro was set aside for an amazing action scene that was way out of this title's league. I instantly thought of Angel Beats! as the makers of that title are so damn good, they can make an action title without breaking a sweat just because they can. After that little surprise, we get some Inland Sea Bride with a completely different level of comedy then what this title started out with. Teppei takes the girls to a hot spring (!) for his sleep-over/party and things get crazy from there. The guys all try to sneak a peak at the girls and end up slowly sacrificing themselves for the cause and it was funny as hell! Their facial expressions came right from "The Inland Sea Bride" so I was dying after seeing the guys fail so miserably. Seeing the girls in such an ecchi manner didn't feel right for some reason and unfortunately, the old fog trick was used to cover up the vital areas. Sylvie in particular was really getting into it for a second there. In the end though, it was worth the sudden change of attitude from ep 5 since the girls all got together talked about Teppei's "charm" and that his final choice for a lover (!) between the 4 of them is entirely up to him. We can't really get rid of episodes like this anyway, so the only thing to do is go along with them I suppose. Funny-a** ep...

Ep 5:

Fantastic ep...

Powerful, romantic, cryptic, and insightful are the keywords I will use to describe this ep's experience. Sylvie and Charlotte pour their "souls" on the table as we get powerful character development. My respect for them is now through the roof! Being rich doesn't make a person immune to real life situations it seems. Charlotte takes a giant leap forward in the race for Teppei's heart while planting the "seeds of confusion" in the process, but we see Sylvie in a depressed state in a sense that the viewer would wish that she could find someone to save her from her tragic past that she is still paying for! All I can say is this is the blessing of the harem genre and that is why it's my all time favorite. Splendid ep...

Ep 4: I thought things were starting to level out from the unusual "high" this title started out with, but I was quickly reassured that this anime has no intention of getting boring. The chemistry between the characters would never allow such a thing to happen regardless, so I wasn't worried. This ep was all about Seika Houjouin and her hatred towards the Arima name. We get some solid back story about the whom, why, and how all this hatred started and why this rivalry (Arima vs. Houjouin) has gone on for so long. Seika has reasons behind her actions and resentment for Teppei and I began to see the picture more clearly. Teppei handles the situation like a "straight up G", and scores big points with her even though he really just wanted to understand the situation and genuinely wanted to help. The fashion show was really cool (nearly CG for a second there) and things all worked out for the best. Besides the hole in Teppei's foot, all turned out fine and all the girls were pleased with the direction Teppei has taken the Arima name. Great ep...

Ep 3: Another fantastic episode! The duel with Sylvia was cool (Teppei is a "G" with a sword) and he manages to score big points with her as well Charlotte and Yuu. The only person who refused his cool attitude was Seika. She goes to great lengths to force herself to hate him. Let's not forget that this all started because she addressed him without knowing who he was and now she is in tremendous regret and denial about apologizing or trying to get a fresh start with him. The girls try to get him into the social club, but Seika would rather freeze hell over before letting him in and she throws some incredibly harsh words around that completely crossed the line (what a b**). She makes him train to be a proper gentleman and the girls all assist him in their own areas of expertise. After all is said and done, Seika then asks Teppei to host a party and him joining the club will be made official upon a passing performance. Little does Seika fully grasp that all this uproar over Teppei is making her see him in a different light (^_^). Yuu's back story is not to be taken lightly by any means. Everyone has a powerful role in this anime. I love it all! Fantastic ep...

Ep 2: Teppei begins to start his life among the wealthy and learns of his house and school. His surname, Arima, has more power behind it than he realized and it served to cause him much tension and discomfort. He officially meets Yuu (the maid) and she will be his only person to turn to if trouble arises as well as his instructor on how to conduct himself in this new world. We meet Seika and learn that she is a big-wig in this school. Charlotte and Sylvia make their appearances again and I laughed all the way to bank after that scene (harem lovers rejoice - LOL). Teppei shows his power of perception with Sylvia's swordsmanship and ends up in another fight with her. The animation and design are so "fresh and clean" that I could eat off of it (so to speak). Did I mention that I love this title? If not, then let me say it again, "I love this anime!"

First Impression: I want everyone who reads this to understand where I'm coming from when I say that I was instantly blown away. The intro scenes for this first ep (first 3 minutes) were really something else. In one way, it's been done before. On the other hand, it was original in it's own way and was a refreshing take on how important the intro has to be with it's ability to shock the viewer and hook them into watching the rest of the episode (not to mention promising to watch the entire series if that episode is good). I was so amazed with the sheer quality of the events and became so compelled with the action and story line, that I had to watch the episode three times back to back! Teppei is a man with a mission and likes to do things his way. With his life through into chaos and him becoming a very powerful man in name and in wealth, he swears to take his revenge on those who took his normal life away from him. The only problem is the rich and famous are targeted by killers and bandits alike. Being fairly skilled with a blade, he swears to "deal with it somehow" and thus begins his adventure to conquer his enemies and find a place for himself in this new world of the rich and powerful. A fantastic premise isn't it? As if that wasn't interesting enough, he ends up saving a real princess, meeting a beautiful maid, and ends up accidentally sword fighting with his future fiancée!!! These excellent romance/harem elements will give this title the extra boost it needs to be on my radar detector of award winners! The music is on my side as well it seems. I was singing and dancing like a three-year-old and I didn't give a damn! If you think this title is up your alley, then I urge you to check it out. I know my final score will be a Buy for this one, but for now, I'll give it more time to impress me and reinforce why this title is going to shine like no other title within the romance/swordplay/harem genre. Hopefully, you were able to feel my enjoyment and excitement for this title while reading this and can see how I was instantly blown away. I'm going to love this title with a passion!

My only wish is that everyone will consider this title as the quality really shines and it comes at you in full force within the first 10 minutes. After this beautiful episode, I was hooked and this title became my instant favorite for this new season. Do what you have to do in order to see this because it's going to be brilliant!

"Princess Primp!" and "S.S.D" are amazing.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2161#967]
OMG!! This is a boy's romance series (also known as a dating-sim), but it is a mirror opposite of the girl's romance series - Hanasakeru Seishounen. In fact, it is an exact opposite, even down to the unrealistic situations and the number of potential partners (three outsiders and one cute on-staff partner).

Here are some snaps from the first episode.

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