2023 Titles

Title Rating Synopsis
"Ippon" Again Unevaluated See Mou Ippon!
Adventurers Who Don't Believe in Humanity Will Save the World Unevaluated See Ningen Fushin no Boukensha-tachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Yo Desu
Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World Unevaluated See Ningen Fushin no Boukensha-tachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Yo Desu

Ars no Kyojuu
Unevaluated Legend has it that in ancient times the Gods created giant beasts to devour the world. Whatever the case may be, giant beasts definitely exist and have been getting more common. In this land a purple-haired girl known only as '22' escapes from government captivity and no effort is spared to recapture her. She meets Jiro, a beast hunter, and the two attempt to solve the mystery of her past.

Ayakashi Triangle
Unevaluated Ayakashi are strange beasts invisible to man. Among these countless creatures that exist all around us are said to be some that bare their fangs at humans. To destroy these fiendish Ayakashi there are those who have fought in the shadows since time immemorial. They are known as Exorcist Ninjas. Matsuri Kazamaki is one of them, and his childhood friend Suzu Kanade is an Ayakashi Medium, a rare person who can see and communicate with them. Kazamaki gets a surprise when fighting the powerful Ayakashi King Shirogane.

Benriya Saitou-san, Isekai ni Iku
Unevaluated The handyman Saitou feels a good deal more 'fulfilled' by his work in another world than he did back in Japan, where he got little gratitude from either customers or his boss. He now belongs to an odd adventuring party consisting of himself, the swordswoman Raelza, the 'senile wizard' Morlock and the 'miserly fairy' Lafanpan.

Buddy Daddies
Unevaluated Assassins Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa meet Miri, a girl looking for her father on Christmas Day. Kazuki, Rei, and Miri unexpectedly end up living together.
Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill Unevaluated See Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
Chillin' in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King's Army Unevaluated See Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-Dai) no Slow na Second Life

D4DJ All Mix
Unevaluated The girls of 'Lyrical Lily', a school idol group at conservative Arisuzawa Academy, have been asked by the town government to make a series of monthly performances in order to draw tourists and business to the community. They realize that it would be a good idea to recruit some of their friendly competitors to perform as well.

Eiyuu-Ou, Bu o Kiwameru Tame Tensei-Su: Soshite, Sekai Saikyou no Minarai Kishi
Unevaluated Good King Inglis, founder of the Kingdom of Silvare, is on his deathbed. The Goddess Alistia appears to him and offers to grant him any wish within her power as a reward for all the good deeds he has done. Inglis wonders just how far he could have taken his skills as a warrior if he had not needed to spend so much of his time on the administration of his Kingdom. He asks to be reincarnated in a situation in which he can do just this, and Alistia grants his wish. One slight difference: this time he'll be a girl.
Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Unevaluated See Tsunlise
Farming Life in Another World Unevaluated See Isekai nonbiri Nouka
Giant Beasts of Ars Unevaluated See Ars no Kyojuu

Golden Kamuy 4
Unevaluated Fourth season of Golden Kamuy.
Action(21) Action Comedy(8) Adventure(6) Comedy(15)
Comedy Fantasy(1) Drama(10) Horror(1) Mystery(1)
Romance(7) Romantic Comedy(3)
Fantasy(22) Historical(4) Modern(13) Sci-Fi(6)
Characters and Their Abilities
Gender-Bender(3) Samurai(1)
Story Elements and Location
High School(3) Isekai (Other World)(6) Magic(9) Music(1)
Music Oriented(1) Shoujo Ai(1) Slice of Life(1) Sports(1)
Supernatural(6) Swordplay(3) War(1)
Assassin(s)(2) Cooking(1) Idol theme(3) Reboot(1)
Sequel(3) Video-game inspired(1)
Potentially Objectionable
Fan Service(4) Violent(2)
Release Year
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