Otonari ni Ginga

Title:Otonari ni Ginga
A Galaxy Next Door
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Notables: Animation - Asahi Production
Ichiro Kuga is a struggling mangaka who desperately needs help. in addition to his manga he must manage an apartment building and care for his younger brother and sister. His new assistant, Shiori Goshiki, seems too good to be true--she's highly talented and works quickly despite insisting that this is her first job in the trade. But that is hardly the most strange thing about her: it turns out that she is also an alien princess.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4667#628]
(Three episodes watched):

My first impression here was that we would have a (human) princess on some sort of 'go out and see the world' mission who winds up with an ordinary guy. That might be fun, I figured. The revelation that Shiori is not just a princess but an alien ('The Princess of the Star People') seemed to come out of nowhere and was hard to take seriously. The earlier scene of her leaving her family (by boat, not spaceship) seemed to be taking place here on Earth. A momentary vision of floating among the stars doesn't seem to blow Ichiro's mind at all. It may be why he accepts Shiori's claim to be a Princess at face value rather than considering any other explanation, but it isn't clear. I sort of feel that this show might have been more fun if she had been just a human princess from a minor country. She and Ichiro are committed to virtual marriage after he touches some sort of small appendage that protrudes from her back ('That amounts to the two of us vowing to bind our destinies together!'). Or maybe not; again, it wasn't clear. I guess I will watch another episode just in case this gets better, but so far the plot seems unremarkable and unambitious.

If it were not for the otaku angle I might have dropped this show already, but I watched episode two. Shiori offers to ask how to annul their accidental commitment to one another, but without quite saying it Ichiro responds that let's not completely break things off, just in case we happen to fall in love. It's still difficult for me to take Shiori's status as an alien seriously, but Ichiro fully believes her. They go shopping. There is some sort of emotional bond between Shiori and Ichiro which causes him to be affected if she becomes unhappy or travels too far away from him; it reminded me of the situation in Mysterious Girlfriend X. In episode three Shiori openly concludes that she has fallen in love with him. It was not clear to me just what message this show was trying to get across to the viewer. I realized that I had almost forgotten that she's an alien princess, since about the only effect of that in this episode was the emotional link between the two. Maybe it would have been better if her alien status had not been revealed right out of the gate but rather had been hinted at for awhile before being made clear.

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