Aggretsuko ONA

Title:Aggretsuko ONA
Aggressive Retsuko
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Retsuko is a 25-year old red panda who works in her dream company's accounting department. But it turns out that she is forced to keep doing more and more impossible tasks by her superiors and co-workers. She doesn't talk back to them, but she still has to let off steam, so she ends up going to karaoke by herself and singing death metal.
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10-episode ONA series that premiered on April 20, 2018.
Animated by Fanworks, Inc.
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Buy 6 5 5 7 9 9 Ggultra2764 [series:3713#1552]
I am typically lukewarm in my reception to anime comedies given the many titles that play it safe with what they choose to show for humor. But in the case of Aggretsuko, its humor actually did well to keep me giddy throughout much of its run thanks to how relatable it is. Retsuko's struggle to put up with exaggerated caricatures of annoying types of co-workers like gossips, the lazy boss, and the butt-kissers is something quite relatable for anyone within the millennial generation struggling to make things out with being in the workplace and dealing with people you may not necessarily see eye-to-eye with. There is enough variety in the types of co-workers that Retsuko puts up with and the length of the series at 10 15-minute episodes is enough for the series to get in its humor without overstaying its welcome. Humor isn't the only highlight of the series either as it also devotes focus to Retsuko trying to navigate parts of her life such as what she wants for herself, being in a relationship, and gradually bond with some of her co-workers; an element that the series does have a degree of seriousness in exploring outside of making Retsuko miserable dealing with her co-workers. Perhaps the only major issue I have with the series as a whole is its rather amateurish animation style as it looks like something that could be animated in Adobe Flash Player. But beyond this complaint, Aggretsuko is easily one of my personal favorite anime comedies I've had the pleasure of seeing recently and I look forward to seeing more of what its second season has to offer in the near future.

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