Erotic Comedy Titles

Erotic Comedy: (Objectionable Content) Anime titles in which much of the comedy has a sexual component - often times playing on the differences between boys and girls. While this 'racy content' will be hinted at, masked, hidden or implied, it's message is still clear. If it were actually shown, then the series would be considered hentai. The series B Gata H Kei is a good example of an Erotic Comedy. The word 'erotic' is derived from the Greek word ↗eros which refers to sexual desire or longing.

Title Rating Synopsis

30-sai no Hoken Taiiku
Unevaluated Hayao Imagawa is a salaryman who has just turned thirty and has yet to even go on a date with a girl. He finds himself visited by Daigorou, the 'God of Sex' who has come to help him get rid of his virginity.
30歳の保健体育 (Japanese) Unevaluated See 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku
A Thirty-Year Old's Health and Physical Education Unevaluated See 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku
Abnormal Physiology Seminar (TV) Unevaluated See Hen Zemi (TV)
Akiba Girls Rent See Akiba Kei Kanojo

Akiba Kei Kanojo
Rent Shindo Nikita, who entered the college this year, had a secret. He really loved the Akiba culture, including hentai games. He liked it so much as to think of Akihabara as the Capital of Japan. Therefore, he had been destined to join the “The Second General Knowledge Explore Club”. Then, another fateful encounter appeared in front of him. To be surprised, he met Aoi Ren whom he’d admired. However, he couldn’t get along with a real person. But he noticed, “I got it... I should make her to take to Akiba culture”.

Akikan! OVA
Watch The cast of Akikan! gather together for a day at a hot spring resort. The girls just want some quality time alone to themselves, but Kakeru can't let such a 'good opportunity' to hang out Melon and the ladies go to waste. Comedy and chaos combine as everyone contends with a day of erotic adventures and simple pleasures. (Source: ANN)

B Gata H Kei
Rent Yamada (no first name) wishes to start high school by sleeping with 100 different guys. She's beautiful, has a good body, and not too bad in grades. However she has 2 problems: 1 - she is a virgin and 2 - she is afraid of guys (sorta counter productive to her goal). She decides to sleep with a virgin boy who cannot complain about her 'skills' in that area and she decides to focus on Kosuda, who sits next to her in class, but every time she talks to him, she either pulls a Tsundere or does something stupid.
B-Type H-Group Rent See B Gata H Kei
B-Type H-Style Rent See B Gata H Kei
Beating Angel Dokuro-chan Watch See Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Bin-kan Watch See Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan Watch See Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Watch Dokuro-chan is an angel who comes from the future, She begins living in Sakura-kun’s house. She looks quite young but has a glamorous body, and she is innocent and cute. And she's here to protect Sakura from being killed by other angels from the future (because in the future he'll be the intentor of the ultimate lolicon immortality technology which is something that God cannot allow toexist). However, every time something happens, she beats Sakura to death with “Excaliborg”, a special bat with thorns. But, don’t’ worry. When she casts a spell, “Pipil Pil Pil Pipilpi~”, he comes back to life... this is how, a bloody heart-warming story of Dokuro-chan and Sakura-kun starts.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2nd Series
Watch The original Dokuro-chan series told the story of Sakura Kusakabe, a second-year junior high school student who sometime in the future was going to offend God by inadvertently inventing immortality. In addition, women would be affected so that they stop aging after the age of twelve, and Sakura is accused of creating a "Pedophile`s World". Dokuro Mitsukai, a member of an order of angel assassins called Rurutie, was sent from the future to kill him. However, she also has the power to raise the dead. Believing that Sakura can be redeemed, Dokuro always brings Sakura back to life each time after she kills him - with her gigantic spiked tetsubo (club) she`s named Excalibolg - on a moment`s impulse. Sabato, another assassin of the Rurutie order who uses her feminine wiles to do her jobs, was also dispatched to complete Dokuro`s original mission.
Action(4) Action Comedy(5) Comedy(24) Drama(7)
Horror(1) Parody(4) Romance(18) Romantic Comedy(6)
Fantasy(9) Modern(29) Sci-Fi(5)
Seinen(12) Shounen(6)
Acquired Taste(3) Creepy(1) Kawaii(1) Moe(1)
Silly-funny(9) Weird(3)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(2) Animals(2) Artificial Girls(4) Gender-Bender(1)
Kemonomimi(3) Mahou Shoujo(2)
Story Elements and Location
College(2) Coming of Age(3) Competition(1) Depression(1)
Harem(8) High School(19) Magic(5) Martial Arts(2)
Middle School(1) Otaku Theme(1) School Comedy(1) Slice of Life(4)
Supernatural(4) Time Travel(3)
Anime-Manga Bundle(2) Dating Sim Spinoff(2) Maid Theme(1) Reboot(2)
Sequel(3) Video-game inspired(2) Yuri(1)
Bondage(2) Ecchi(33) Fan Service(29) Hentai(19)
Incest(2) Lolicon(7) Pantsu(13) Pervert(16)
Shotacon(1) Softcore(11) Violent(4) Vulgar(16)
OVA(24) Short(4) TV(19)
Release Year
2016(1) 2015(2) 2014(1) 2013(1) 2012(1) 2011(4) 2010(7) 2009(7)
2008(2) 2007(2) 2006(4) 2005(4) 2004(3) 2003(5) 2002(3) 2001(1)
2000(2) 1999(1) 1997(1) 1996(1) 1995(2) 1994(1) 1987(1)
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