B Gata H Kei

Title:B Gata H Kei
B-Type H-Group
B-Type H-Style
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Notables: Music - FUJIMA Hitoshi
R1 License - FUNimation
Yamada (no first name) wishes to start high school by sleeping with 100 different guys. She's beautiful, has a good body, and not too bad in grades. However she has 2 problems: 1 - she is a virgin and 2 - she is afraid of guys (sorta counter productive to her goal). She decides to sleep with a virgin boy who cannot complain about her 'skills' in that area and she decides to focus on Kosuda, who sits next to her in class, but every time she talks to him, she either pulls a Tsundere or does something stupid.
B Gata H Kei is all about a girl who starts to fall in love.
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Based on a Seinen ↗4-koma manga series by Sanri Youko serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

12 TV episodes (~24 min)
Animation by Hal Film Maker.
Series scheduled to begin airing on April 1st, 2010

OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 8 7 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2300#1552]
Sigh, honestly feel indifferent on this one. I can't find it garbage since the anime does show that for all her flaunting, Yamada is just as insecure and self-conscious as any normal teen when it comes to confronting the act of sex for the first time. Yet at the same time, her obsession with all things related to sex borders on obnoxious and prevents me from even wanting to consider this as different as Mysterious Girlfriend X in doing romantic comedy since I could care less for Yamada as a character. Beyond Yamada's character, the other characters for this series aren't too memorable as they play up the typical archetypes of high school/ ecchi/ rom-com titles with Kosuda being rather bland for a male lead and Kyoka's incest attraction to her brother being creepy and played up for failed attempts at cheap laughs to fans of the ecchi crowd. The comedy is mostly focused on Yamada's sexual obsessing and the awkwardness in her developing relationship with Kosuda, but I hardly laughed at all throughout this series. While B Gata H Kei does get some points for not making Yamada completely oversexed as a character, the title still sticks to conventional territory for an ecchi title and doesn't really offer much else to stick out from the mold.

Last updated Monday, July 22 2013. Created Monday, July 22 2013.
Watch 6 7 7 7 7 8 Devil Doll [series:2300#752]
[Score: 70% = "Watch+"]
"Field trips are nice - even us side characters get more text lines."
Would this be a perverted variant of School Rumble, or would it get as low as Kanokon, just without animals? It ended up being funnier than I expected, and not as sleazy as I feared. Instead of adding some fancy background story like Girls Bravo, Gosyusho-sama Ninomiya-kun, or To LOVE-Ru this series stayed true to its premise for about two thirds of the show and as such was a success as erotic comedy. Where KissXSis (TV) focused on fetishes and explicit visualization of the gory details, this anime focused on insecurities of two virgins and funny incidents - but those who don't expect Yamada to get any closer to her goal are still in for a surprise. I watched this series for the 4-koma jokes and the cute sidekicks, and despite not having any serious content it was okay for me (even though both bitchy princesses did tick me off at times).
Despite Yamada being a rather clueless sex maniac, this show has its good points in the comedy department (nice meta humor, frequent breaking of the 4th wall, characters from off-screen commenting the events elsewhere etc.). All supporting Characters are reasonable and cooperative, most notably Yamada's counselor Takeshita (seiyuu: HORIE Yui), the best role in this show (who has almost given up her own hope for Yamada early in this show, and I can fully understand her) and the awfully cute glasses girl from next door, Miyano. Being the average guy, Kosuda can only wonder what the school idol wants from him so it's okay for him not to take the initiative; Yamada makes her blunders but incrementally learns from them so it's not a permanent stagnation as in School Rumble. With episode 2, the childhood-friend rival has appeared and Yamada begins to question her goal; in episode 3 Yamada almost killed the day but finally got the right idea how to make up for that.

From episode 4 on, this series gets weaker. After the childhood friend's Valentine disaster the sidekicks get less airtime while the leads cause more facepalms by being so one-dimensional, indecisive and clueless. They had a deep kiss and breast-fondling already but not a single conversation - and they still wonder why they don't understand each other's thoughts and feelings! What's more, while not being as visually explicit as KissXSis (TV), Yamada's language is slutty at times and some of her actions are perverted; the idea of her falling in love is sidelined at this stage. Downgrade also for Art due to excessive use of SD and "devilish" censoring (the latter isn't funny any more after a while). Kanejou's appearance in episode 6 adds the first really annoying character and takes the focus of this show away from Yamada's original goal - and gone is the originality of the show's premise, replaced by a rivalry between two bitches.

With episode 8, the class field trip to Kyoto, the main story idea is revived, and we finally get something vaguely related to romance. Episode 9 is probably the best one despite Yamada still saying the opposite of what she thinks way too often. Then the Yamada/Kanejou rivalry comes to the fore again; Kanejou and her brother cost this show the "Rent" rating by being the only unappealing characters of this series plus being responsible for the filler episodes. But just when I had given up the hope for anything to happen, the leads got a surprising opportunity in episode 11 and showed a lot of effort in episode 12, thus finally giving the audience what the show promised.

Last updated Wednesday, September 29 2010. Created Monday, September 27 2010.
Buy 8 8 8 8 8 9 Dreamer [series:2300#2279]
I was totally wrong about this series. The synopsis made it sound like a pretty sleazy and dirty series but wow, it's more funny and comedic than anything else and (not)suprisingly good!

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation seemed on par with many other modern anime. Nothing exceptional really, but still good. Character designs were about the same. Although they did make our protagonist (Kosuda) quite boring looking. But then again, he was "suppose" to be that way anyhow.

the soundtrack had various instruments one would expect from a cheap 80's porn flick... except it wasn't that horrible. Lot's of saxophones, light trumpets and pianos. The ED was a pop piece with female vocals. Nothing special there.

Series and Episode Story
As "dirty" as the subject matter "appears" to be, it's nothing like you would imagine. I was totally thrown off guard with this series.

One of my fav scenes was in episode 4, where they're in the "ero park" and sitting on the bench. He wants to grab her breast, she wants him to as well but he's hesitant. Finally she grabs his hand and thrusts it at her chest and he screams like a little girl, as does she. The couple next to them says, "they're really going at it over there".... hehehe! It was just a real crack up scene worth seeing for the laughs.

A "slutty" girl from the onset.... as the synopsis and first few episodes make our protagonist Yamada out to be, turns out not as one would expect, but rather is practically more timid than a stray cat. And that's what makes this series so fun! A girl trying to get "100 sex friends" could barely bag her first one and the antics are outrageously funny.

Overall, this is a great series not to miss. Great characters, crack-up antics and scenes and an overall excellent story telling from beginning to end.

Last updated Saturday, July 24 2010. Created Saturday, July 24 2010.
Watch 8 9 7 7 Xenoknight [series:2300#2967]
watching now... 11 eps watched...

Ep 11: Among the most fun I've had all year! Who would've thought sex was so hard to have that it would take more then 11 episodes to achieve? Better luck next time Kousuda. There has to be a second season in the works...

Ep 10: Pure comedic chaos (especially with the sex gods). I laughed pretty hard with this one as well. Let's just say that Yamada isn't about to let her prey (Kousuda) go without a fight. Great ep.

Ep 9: THE BEST EP YET! It was outrageously funny, had great romance elements, and was genuinely entertaining. I loved the camera zoom lens comparison - he definitely has a bigger camera then Kousuda (LOL). Yamada couldn't be happier since her romance is now official. This ep was a surprising (much needed) quality boost for the series. Great ep...

Ep 8: Kosuda attacks Yamada with the power of love, after a 20 minute bore-fest of an episode...

Ep 7: Hilarious fun with a true attempt at romance between our main leads. I love how they keep comparing anyone who studied overseas to be amazing in all aspects. It was a great ep.

Ep 6: Just pretend this ep never aired. A 24 minute waste of time...

Ep 5: This ep has the characters fussing over chocolate and girls without panties. It even makes fun of itself for being of standard grade.

Ep 4: The Christmas eve edition. Kosuda and Yamada both make great strides in achieving the ultimate goal with the usual comedic antics. They got pretty close, but the circumstances weren’t in their favor. Better luck next time kids...

Impressions so far: Yamada is hopelessly funny. She is absolutely set on having a plethora of sexual encounters (the initial premise that will soon be forgotten) and has chosen her first partner/victim by way of loser-like qualities. Kosuda, her choice, is a normal guy with a normal life and she is fixated on making him take her virginity (since both of them are virgins). The term, slut, is an understatement for the likes of Yamada (especially since she admitted to being one herself). Her futile advances left me with plenty to laugh about and even though I know how stupid she is, it's the kind of "funny" that I can't help but laugh - and I mean hysterically - like with the stimulating M on the womans' restroom in ep 2. She even has a "sex god" to watch over her and guide her to her goal. This little spirit doubles as a comedic tool, common sense translator for Yamada's crazy rants, and narrator of sorts in progressing the scenes. It's just a wacky combination for a romantic comedy, but it works.

Some other things I noticed so far:

- fast paced developments (they may run out of material too soon)
- devil dollar sign censorship (who is kidding who)

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, June 14 2010. Created Sunday, April 18 2010.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2300#967]
We all know that 'sex sells'. Well, how about an adolescent girl who is fixated on sex and sets her perverted sights on a nice young fellow student. While most girls at this age want someone to romance them, Yamada wants a hot sweaty encounter with a cute guy and constantly dreams of losing her virginity.

But I do have to admit that Yamada's story (and her various perverse imaginings) are pretty funny.

Last updated Monday, April 19 2010. Created Friday, April 16 2010.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2300#628]
(Three episodes watched):

B Gata H Kei is a show which didn't get off to a good start, but has been looking up since. My thinking going into episode one was that a show about a girl who has somehow gotten the sad notion that she needs to recruit 100 "F--- Buddies" will probably be either surprizingly clever and original, or just sleazy and cheap. It took me about seven minutes to conclude that this one fell into the latter category. It looked like the show wasn't going to bother to explain how Yamada had chosen her bizarre goal, other than it being a matter of her feeling that she is relatively unattractive and must compensate by being sexually aggressive. That sort of personality rubbed me the wrong way: if they had established her as being good at heart, just incredibly (and humorously) naive, she might have been a more likeable character and something might have been accomplished here. But that wasn't done, the jokes seemed simplistic, and the plot showed no signs of having much depth to it. It was easy to guess how Yamada and Kosuda would meet again after the incident in the book store. We all know that she isn't going to make it even one percent of the way to her goal in the course of this series. I didn't really see signs of worthwhile quality in this episode; it was just dumb--not very funny and the characters seemed two-dimensional (How does Kosuda feel about her? An easy opportunity to 'score', or something more?). If a show can't even establish interesting personalities for its primary characters, nothing good is likely to come of it. The idea of watching a second episode felt more like work than leisure at this point.

Actually, I couldn't help laughing a good deal during episode two. Maybe the show felt it had to start off with a suggestive and questionable presentation of the premise in order to hook the fanboys, but afterwards it seems to have settled into a more normal track and it really does have some good jokes. Something must have been done right, because I don't hate either Yamada or Kosuda. I think I'll be watching this show to the end.

Episode three was better yet, being both funny and even sort of touching with the schoolyard dance scene. Also, Yamada giving herself a sort of self-fondling was quality fanservice. Those are two words that don't often go together, since fanservice is generally a substitute for quality.

P.S: After stumbling across this page a year or two later, I thought I remembered watching this show in its entirety, but my review ends after three episodes and I can't remember much about the plot as a whole. The fact that I remember so little tells a lot about the level of sophistication and originality of this series. Satisfactory, but nothing special seems to be the impression I still hold.

My favorite line: "Their rods are extending for me!" --Yamada

Last updated Friday, December 30 2011. Created Saturday, April 03 2010.
Buy Forbin [series:2300#1573]
Analysis 10 Fansubs:

6/20 - Final Review Ok this is a KEEPER, it's funny, sweet, SLIGHTLY ecchi (and I do mean slightly), and it's a great show all around.
Warning, this show talks about sex ALL THE TIME, it's just not until the last episode where you even get a HINT of sex.
Yamada is so single minded on sex she misses all the romance, fun, laughs, and just plain enjoyment of being with another person. I don't even know why Takeshita puts up with her.

As long as you can stand the material, it's one GREAT SHOW! Too bad it wasn't a harem.

6/9 Ok this is my keeper, I haven't updated lately (because I've been busy) but this is the most consistently funny show this season. There is TONS of talk about sex. It's just that no one is getting any (Well 2 girls are but they don't animate it). Yamada is hillarious with her one track mind and 'Yamada Eye'. It can read minds but she doesn't know that. Hahahahaha. I did predict HALF of what Kyouka's brother was going to do (try to date Yamada, but I didn't forsee the other half, he's a virgin too).

Well for shows I wouldn't put it above Baka2Test but it's definitely up there in the top 10 comedies.

4/16 Ok, this might turn into a Keeper!

It's my replacement for Baka 2 Test. This girl Yamada is so single minded on having a sexual encounter that she cannot even function normally. I laugh and laugh in all 3 episodes at how her hormones are completely raging but she can't do anything about it. She doesn't want to do with a more experienced boy, and she doesn't want to do it herself. She is a perfect candidate for Class F in B2T


Last updated Monday, June 21 2010. Created Friday, April 02 2010.

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