Akikan! OVA

Title:Akikan! OVA
アキカン! OVA (Japanese)
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The cast of Akikan! gather together for a day at a hot spring resort. The girls just want some quality time alone to themselves, but Kakeru can't let such a 'good opportunity' to hang out Melon and the ladies go to waste. Comedy and chaos combine as everyone contends with a day of erotic adventures and simple pleasures. (Source: ANN)

1 OVA episode (~23 min)
OVA aired on Oct 23, 2009

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Watch 7 7 7 3 4 4 Xenoknight [series:2087#2967]
A brief respite at a hot spring resort turns into an adventure of indecent delights...

Kakeru, Melon, and the rest of the Akikan! cast all return for this OVA. You all know my position on C.A.s.

As anyone could have guessed with any hot spring episode, this OVA is filled with extended scenes of exposed skin, plenty of nose-bleeds, and gallons of sexual insinuations. All of the same stuff you've come to expect and then some. I love how Melon calls Keru, 'Bakakeru'. The translator notes were funny as hell with how they went to great lengths to protect the viewer (as if). Everyone's interactions with each other made watching this episode worth the trouble. I laughed quite a bit, but that doesn't excuse it from its overall mediocre quality.

The specs were as fair as the original series - well-rounded normal stuff. The music was still crappy and they even kept the same terrible end-credits. They weren't trying to impress anyone with this OVA.

All in all, it was alright. You already know my drill: watch it - complete the Akikan! universe - forget all about it 5 minutes later. It was good fun and a solid way to kill half an hour, but nothing more.

I still hope for a second season of Akikan!

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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