Empty Can
アキカン! (Japanese)
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Notables: FUKUYAMA Jun
Akikan! (”Empty Can”) is the unlikely story of high school boy Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon juice soda magically transforms into a human girl. Naturally, more "Akikan" girls begin appearing, each of them needing to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.

Based on a manga series authored by Ranjō Riku.

Animation by Brains Base.
New series to aire on January 4th, '09.
12 TV eps (~24 min)

Read the manga online at - MangaFox.
Also see OVA episode: Akikan! OVA
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Unevaluated Forbin [series:1983#1573]
Analysis : 11 Fansubs Watched

  • Drama : Low
  • Action : Low
  • SciFi : High
  • Comedy : High
  • Ecchi : Low (Kakeru has got a major ecchi mouth)
Well so far I am enjoying it. A hint of a plot and a bunch of girls that only come out when you are 'kissing' them.

Probably one of the most perverted series since Inukami. An oversexed guy who can't even 'see' the girl who wants to bang him.


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Watch Stretch [series:1983#628]
(Watch+ or Rent-)

(All episodes watched):

Hmm... on the one hand, an unusual and amusing premise, and fairly funny at times; on the other, once Melon's nature is explained, there seemed to be a lack of originality or expansion on the concept. I seem to be expected to laugh at several obnoxious characters, which is generally a very bad sign. Melon seemingly having the self-worth of a piece of garbage (literally) is disturbing. The very fact that not a whole lot of things to say about this show spring to mind is liable to be indicative of it's averageness.

Episode two made it clear that this show has a kind of crude, suggestive humor to it--not all that funny, just raunchy. The shock value of what the characters are prepared to say is more entertaining than the jokes themselves. Oh God--not another "Girls Fight" show! The premise of the "competition" is so nonsensical that it makes me want to beat my head against a wall. And why the hell didn't Kakeru ask those government people what exactly Akikans are, and how they got started, and if anything can be done to help them, and about a million other questions? The show tries to be poignant with a flashback to an traumatic incident that took place two years ago, but the fact that most of the characters have been painted as jerks and perverts largely cancels that out. I wish somebody had done a little more thinking in the planning of this show.

So, it is a "Girls Fight" show, but not a serious one, so it should be OK. I'd feared it was going to transform into something like Sekirei and be all about catfighting while the silly premise would be allowed to go to waste. I must admit that I do look forward to new episodes of this show. It is modestly funny and the strange premise makes me curious about what will happen next. It looks like the three principal Akikans have all appeared.

The conclusion of episode six felt like the end of a series as a whole, what with a fairly moving climax (I definitely wasn't expecting that) and an unusual ED sequence. I guess a new plot arc will take off from here; either that or the remainder will be just filler episodes. I'm enjoying the show, but still mystified about what the ratio of comedy to drama is supposed to be.

After the first arc, Akikan seems to have become a pretty average comedy series. As I am lulled into accepting that, I realize that I had almost forgotten that these are girls who can transform into metal cans and back. I fear that no explanation will ever be offered for that, and maybe no attempt to expand on the girl's personalities and emotions. For instance, do they consider themselves to be more like metal cans or human beings? Still, I look forward to new episodes, if only for the modest humor.

I was uncomfortable with the way the story got serious in the next-to-last episode, since the "elect" (contest) premise is so nonsensical to begin with, and this change sort of demanded an explanation. But I remembered that the first half of the series had ended in an impressive manner. Sure enough, episode 11 concluded with an unexpectedly powerful scene of disaster and despair; how would Kakeru salvage things? The ending of the series as a whole was actually pretty absurd, but I didn't mind--it must have had a touch of coolness to it. Otohya not being a total jerk was refreshing.

There are shows which I can't see taking the time and expense to rent, but which are still quite fun nevertheless. Just because we divide anime into four categories doesn't mean that half of all shows will be better than a 'Watch'. I would say that the Watch category, into which I've placed Akikan, includes more titles than all the others combined, and 'Watch+' is no mean accomplishment in itself.

My favorite line: "It's show time! --Kakeru

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Buy 7 7 7 3 8 8 Xenoknight [series:1983#2967]
final review tomorrow...

Ep 12: I knew this title was great from day one. Keru is such a "G" for life. Of all the titles of the previous season (excluding Toradora and Clannad), this title was the best of them all!!! ...(clapping hands) ENCORE!!!

Ep 11: As the story draws to an end; the writer's throw a semi-predictable twist at us. The strongest Akikan in the world is on the loose and she is defeating all the "owner-restricted" Akikans. Since she is owner-less, she can steal the Akikans from their masters with a kiss like she is an owner herself. Her Akikan flavor is mixed fruit juice, so she really is the strongest of them all. I must admit that it was tough watching Melon being taken away from right under Keru's nose like that. The last ep will end it all. Reasonable ending direction...

Ep 10: What does your Akikan do when they're alone? The whole ep was about watching what they do when they are home alone. Melon, the grape girl, and Yell all showed us what they do to pass the time and it was boring yet still entertaining. Stall ep but still fun to watch...

Ep 9: This ep brings us back to earth with strickly romantic elements. No matter which area the series goes into, it excels effortlessly in my eyes. Though it was the same issues that plague the main two Akikan masters (Melon feeling lonely and running away and Yell getting scolded and also running away), they solve the issues and get ever-closer to their Akikans. Dramatic ep...

Ep 8: What else can I say? Romance, Jealousy, Comedy, Ecchi Fan-Service up the ying-yang, and more Comedy! This ep was comedy "perfected"! Najimi and Keru spend some alone time together and this stirs some "hidden emotions" in both Melon and Yell for their masters. I loved this ep with a passion and watched it twice!! Ecchi = Comedy proven again...

Ep 7: Perversion, Perversion, and more Perversion!!! This ep was a nightmare to everything that censorship stands for. Keru was on a role this time with sexual innuendoes and everyone fell victim to his perverse thoughts... (it was great - LOL). Yell joins the school roster and calls Keru, "Kakeru-sama" and everyone instantly gets the wrong idea about his relationship to Najimi, Melon, and now Yell (it was funnier that it was a cultural-type joke for us Americans with the -sama honorific than the fact that it was a misunderstanding for the students - I love the Japanese culture and that is why it is always better to watch a comedy subbed). What Keru did to Kizaki was just wrong (and I mean just plain wrong - ^_^). I was amazed by how far they let Keru's dirty mouth go and he took full advantage to have me rolling on the floor!!! The baseball game was another playground for more dirty and sultry endeavors. Though Yell and Melon ended up fighting again, I was in too much pain from laughter to care. The laughs were EXTREME in this ep and this is just another reason why Ecchi = Comedy in my eyes. Did I mention that this ep was perverse? I'm having way too much fun with this title and with that note - Buy rating! Oh yeah, we got new music (same intro and end credits though) and it still sucks. Incredibly funny ep that raises the bar again...

Ep 6: Well, well, well... I must say that this title has escalated to one of those animes that gives off one impression, but completely surprises the viewer with each passing episode. I have a completely new respect for this title and how the story events have transpired so far. You never know what to expect with this title, so each passing ep is a surprise in of itself. Granted, it was the halfway point of the series (didn't this show just start? we're halfway done already!? that was quick...) and the main plot has ended (or will be renewed), but this title is worthy enough to call it a "must watch anime..." With things as they stand now, you can bet that things are only going to increase in action, give off more romantic drama, and make us laugh until our guts burst out (LOL). This is a wonderful title indeed. Substantial ep...

Ep 5: Would you look at that... This title just keeps surprising me over and over again with the sudden direction changes. Kakeru (Keru from now on) is told by Kizaki that there are some other Akikan owners in the school and he becomes determined to find them and have a "little talk" with them (one is closer than he thinks but he doesn't know that). He clears his schedule (that means you know who...) and focuses entirely on hunting down Akikan owners (with all the "making out" scenes included). Najimi finds out Melon's secret and is frightened that she has no chance with Keru anymore (knowing how close an owner and Akikan have to be and what it takes to put them in human form). Yell is confused and doesn’t know what to do with her crying master. Kizaki tells Najimi where to find Keru and Melon as they are out patrolling the city for Akikans. The leap pair found the grape girl but she couldn’t fight today (LOL). When Najimi finds Keru, he is with Melon and they look like they are on a date (the date she was supposed to be on). Keru and Melon were searching but their ideas kept turning into romantic adventures with Ferris wheel rides and going to watch a baseball game (sounds like a date to me). Najimi is stunned and crushed again resulting in her ordering Yell to punish Keru for making her cry! That night, Melon is away buying festival stuff while Yell spots Keru and attacks him with her sword arm! She cuts his ribs wide open and his blood spills profusely! Melon is happily on her way back while Keru is in the fight of his life!!! Incredible ep that will open the door for some crazy story developments...

Ep 4: Yup... Sekirei premise confirmed. Steel cans vs. Aluminum cans! The Akikans are now fully equipped with radars for finding each other sooner and have the thumbs up (more or less) from their masters to duke it out whenever the situation permits. Yell's loyalty is unmatched and she is ready to serve Najimi with the utmost conviction. Najimi doesn't care for Yell at first as she has other things to think about (a drunken wish come true), but seeing the grape Akikan and her master together changed all that. She finds Yell at home and they agree on staying together. The next ep is where things get crazy! Great ep... Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUUUUMBLE... LOL

Ep 3: Okay, now it turned into some weaker version of Sekirei. The Akikans are set to battle each other like the gay guy said they would and Melon wants to go through with it (even against the main lead's wishes). The fighting itself was funny as the little grape girl was wasting her time against Melon until she got serious and forced Melon's fury but the main lead stopped them from hurting each other and it ended with everyone going there seperate ways. He ends up in Najimi's house and the this is where the ecchi comes into the picture. She nearly gets him in the shower (breasts scrubbing his back) while agreeing to give her body to him (!) and that yuri freak comes over and was all over Najimi (and I mean ALL over). All it takes is a carbonated beverage to get Najimi "drunk" and more laughs follow. Najimi then goes to buy a drink and accidentally summons a new Akikan named Yell (who happens to steal her first kiss). This is starting to get crazy!!!!!!!! Insane ep...

Ep 2 Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Look at that. There is actually a story worthy of some respect in this title. I thought it was going to be much less then that but excel in other areas but I was wrong (a miracle, I assure you). Though we can't avoid the gay guy, this ep featured solid comedy with a sizable amount of enticing and romantic situations (standard scene of one guy locked in a cooler with two girls with predictable results). Now things are getting interesting. Great ep that settled many assumptions...

Well, we have a retarded main lead who is the usual sixteen year old that can't get a girl and he drinks from a melon soda and meets a beautiful babe. I liked it until I saw how the main lead didn't want to put his clothes back on (male nudity is not cool) and to top it off, we have a gay guy to deal with (lost even more points with me). It was funny watching him avoid drinking her with his lips (he tried a cup and then a straw). He names her Melon after he nearly kills her and we get the start of a great series (if they can avoid the gay guy that is). The theme is fresh and the potential is there. Let the good times roll...

Best quote: "How dare you to drink juices other than mine" - Melon.

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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