セキレイ (Japanese)
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Notables: HAYAMI Saori
R1 License - FUNimation
TACHIBANA Shinnosuke
Minato Sahashi is a total loser. He has failed to make it into college twice, he is unpopular with women, and he is unemployed. Despite these problems, he actually has the potential to be an Ashikabi, one of a mysterious set of "masters" leading in a battle royale of 108 cute girls, buxom women, and bishōnen called "Sekirei".

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[TV series, 2008, 12 episodes (says ANN), 23 min; story based on a Japanese manga series by Sakurako Gokurakuin. To aire 2008-07-02.]

See also the very short - Sekirei OVA
And 2nd season - Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~.

This has been described as having 'absurdly hot artwork full of exploding boobage and catfighting action... (one of) our ecchiest projects todate'.

2:20min Sekirei Promo Clip - YouTube Video
The title "セキレイ" is the kana sound pattern for "sekirei" which means "any bird of family Motacillidae (wiki)"; pipits; wagtail; longclaw".
FUNImation is streaming some episodes of this series to their YouTube Site -> Click here to visit.
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Buy 8 8 9 10 KBanger1 [series:1831#1694]
Sekirei imho is probably my favorite series of the year. I'm a big fan of harem type of anime and this one by far caught my eye. It didn't really catch my attention after the first episode but I was curious enough to stick with it. Luckily, it peaked my interest pretty fast. It's all about this guy named Minato. Apparently, he just failed his college entrance exam and everything seemed to fall apart. All of a sudden, a budding young woman falls out of the sky out of nowhere and his life begins to take an abrupt change. The plot is simple enough to understand but what comes after that is what makes Sekirei something of guy's fantasy. You are called an "Ashikabi" and your followers (called Sekirei) are made up of hot, well-endowed, and powerful women. These sekirei have extraordinary power and are here to serve you. Of course, you don't have to be a man to be an Ashikabi. There are male sekireis as well.

Sekirei, in the beginning, can seem like a short plotted story. If you can at least get passed the gratuitous fan service, it is a well developing story. There are some parts that have no explanation to it, but that's relevant when the next season comes out. You may seem a little confused but it's not to the point where there are plot holes. Overall, harem fans will love this series. If it ever comes stateside, I will be sure to pick up this series.

Last updated Sunday, October 26 2008. Created Sunday, October 26 2008.
Rent chibi [series:1831#2380]
In spite of the improbably fulsome females (or, because of them, if you're into that kind), I enjoyed the characters and the way they played off against each other, and I'll be back for another season if they air one.

Last updated Sunday, October 26 2008. Created Sunday, October 26 2008.
Buy 8 10 10 4 7 7 Xenoknight [series:1831#2967]
Final review soon...

WOW! This is one ecchi anime but that is a good thing seeing how it has a solid storyline and all. It can only improve from this point on.

He is really starting to attract quite a few of them now.

Ep 6 was the best episode yet. Watching him "crack" the toughest broad in the show and winning her heart in the process. I watched it twice! That about puts an end to the fun idea of "collecting women" and now we can really get into what is behind this Sekirei plan.

Season two is in the works (the guy in the show said so, LOL) and will be eagerly anticipated. My favorite girl was the water one and I don't think it's possible to forget her and the way she joined the group. I love this title with a passion and will probably watch it again soon enough...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, January 30 2009. Created Monday, September 08 2008.
Rent 8 7 8 6 7 Jan-Chan [series:1831#967]
Having read the manga series first and then having watched all of the episodes, I really can't complain about being surprised. In many situations, the original manga series is better and more complete than the anime series. But in this case, there was not too much depth in the Sekirei manga story, so the anime series reflects this.

Like Zero Lousie, I find myself admitting that while I really enjoy the story, it just wasn't too original, daring or creative to completely ensnare me in it's story. As such, I could only offer a happy & fun RENT rating.

How many storyline elements seem familiar? This is a harem story about a looser guy who has never had a girlfriend before, then suddenly a buxom naive magic-girl drops out of the sky and falls on him. She is being chased by two violent magic-girls who look like they have escaped from an S&M bondage club. She grabs Minato's hand and together they flee.

Musubi is a Sekirei magic-girl, who is looking for her Ashikabi (a master or human-partner). Later she gets hot... err... is feeling feverish and steals a kiss from Minato's lips, which ‘wings her’, forming a bond between her and her Ashikabi.

The main character, Minato is the classical college-ronin nice guy who finds himself caught up in a strange fight between 108 magical Sekirei’s, who are out to be the last one standing so that they can ‘ascend with their Askikabi’ and live happily ever after. As a Askikabi, he finds himself having to contend with not just one magical Sekirei girlfriend, but with four!! (And more!!). Each with a very different personality and a different option of what the bond between a Sekirei and her Ashikabi should be.

If you don’t expect more that a light hearted story about magic-girl catfights, with lots of fanservice, then this can be a fun watch. Just don’t ask for anything too deep or significant in this series.

Last updated Friday, October 09 2009. Created Sunday, July 06 2008.
Buy Forbin [series:1831#1573]
Analysis : 11 Fansubs Watched

  • Drama : None/Low
  • Action : High
  • Comedy : Med / High
  • SciFi : High
  • Ecchi : Med / High
    • Sekirei has the Girls Bravo Fog but it is done RIGHT!

Fate Stay Night with boobs!!! Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As everyone who is a regular here knows, I'm a sucker for Harem.
  • Spineless Hero? Check
  • 3 or More girls who want to sleep with Hero? Check
  • The 3 girls must consist of main girl (Mutsubi) Tsundere (Tsuomi), Overly Overt (Matsu) - Check
  • The 3 girls must fight with each other over the hero - Check.
The Girls Bravo fog is Back! And done Right! Any panty shots or naked boob shots are artfully covered by Steam or Pipes, or Food, or Whatever seems to fit the scene. The censoring is deliberate, not hacked, and Easily removed for the DVD version.

Well it isn't deep, but It is throughly enjoyable. Not a wasted episode so far. It's just fight / kiss / fight / kiss / fight....and to boot they added the Loli character Kuu-Chan.

Episode 6 is currently my favorite. We have the newest addition as his 'wife' his sister living with a 'bishounen' and finding out that the manager knows about the Sekirei project.

And with Episode 11 something IMPORTANT happens to a main character.

This thing deviates from the Manga but I think it is an improvement. ONE MORE TO GO!

I'll leave it at BUY for now.

Last updated Friday, September 12 2008. Created Friday, July 04 2008.
Rent Stretch [series:1831#628]
(Rent- or Watch+)

(All episodes watched):

Sekirei had a familiar premise of a sort which does not inspire great expectations of quality, yet it turned out to be rather enjoyable. I wouldn't say I was surprised so much as relieved that for once a harem didn't entirely stoop to relying on the cheapest means of audience titilation (literally--some of the characters remind you of Eiken). Instead, a fairly serious effort was made to develop some depth and mystery to the story. It wasn't entirely successful, but came as a welcome change.

The show got off to a slow start as the first episode left me distinctly unimpressed; it felt like the usual been-there-done-that mix of stereotypical harem/mahou shojo elements, stirred slightly. Watching the previews had made it clear to me that Sekirei would be taking over from Kanokon the exalted position of Big Boobs Show (BBS) of the upcoming season. Sure enough, it seemed fairly ecchi, though in an naive/accidental manner rather than an overtly perverted one. I detected very little humor at all, and felt little interest in either of the main charaters at the episode's end. And how did Sahasi "outrun" two fighting women while carrying the unconscious Musubi over his shoulder? It seems indicative of poorly thought-out and unexciting action scenes. There seems to be a trend to my first impressions of new harem shows, in that I'm disappointed but watch the entire series anyhow and somehow find them satisfactory. I hoped that would turn out to be the case with Sekirei, because during episode one I couldn't help wondering if it would really be worth my time at all.

Yes, I guess the first episode had to get the (most blatantly) stereotypical crap out of the way, but subsequent ones were more fun; Sekirei is definitely a level or two above Kanokon in terms of quality. There was something of an ongoing plot, a semblance of genuine humor, and a touch of mystery. Maybe a little too much mystery; lines like "Those belonging to fire have been hated by the Gods sinces ages past" are confusing (so Gods are involved, not just the MBI corporation?). Why hadn't Minato asked Musabi to explain just what exactly she is--is she human? an android? supernatural? Fortunately Minato isn't a total loser--he tries--and Musubi isn't a total idiot either. The other characters have some life to them as well, So, I enjoyed the show. Episode seven finally provides some partial explanation of this fighting game, though a number of questions which you would think would be asked rightaway remain in limbo. Things like "what happens to the losers"? "Who began this competition"? "Do you want to take part"? This would be much more frustrating if the characters hadn't turned out to be amusing and likeable, with the result that a good longterm plot isn't absolutely necessary. I have little idea what course this competition and the whittling down of contenders will take, and I don't expect anything nearly as gripping as Mai-HiME, but I think of Sekirei as a fun show which I'm glad to watch (despite certain rumors that have been going about). Now, if only the characters weren't so obnoxiously ultra-buxom...

I was surprised that Sekirei ended with a mere 12 episodes, because somehow it just didn't feel like the story was nearing completion. There were so many characters, so many subplots, so many unanswered questions, that you would think that at least 26 episodes would be called for. My guess was this was based on an incomplete manga and what was meant to be the end of a minor arc was serving as the climax of the entire series. Indeed, the final episode did everything to suggest that the series would continue except show a preview of the first episode of the second season.

At the end I was still mystified about exactly what the Sekirei plan was, and it's purpose. Still, I can't say I didn't enjoy it. The series held my attention throughout, even if I was somewhat confused. I would probably need to rewatch it to make all the pieces of the puzzle come together, and that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Bravo for a couple characters scoffing at Musubi's boobs. In the end, yet again I was satisfied with a harem series that had left a disappointing first impression; not just satisfied, in fact, but looking forward to the second season. Perhaps the reason why Sekirei worked out so well is that for shows of this sort more effort than usual was made to develop a complex and intriguing network of subplots, secrets and conflicts, which was gratifying even if the end result was a bit difficult to fully grasp. One thing that was clear, however, was that it left me feeling good.

Last updated Saturday, September 20 2008. Created Sunday, June 29 2008.

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