Sekirei OVA

Title:Sekirei OVA
Sekirei: Kusano's First Errand
Sekirei: Kuu’s Day Out
セキレイ OVA
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Ku-chan, the smallest Sekirei, shows her independence and decides to join in on Tsukiumi’s and Musubi’s daily shopping race. Everybody is worried that she might loose her way and get into trouble, so the daily race is put on hold as they all team together to help out with Ku-chan’s 'shopping adventure'.

This is an OVA of the Sekirei series. And being an OVA, modesty is not an issue - especially in the communal bathing scene (Ecchi!!).

1 OVA episode (~10 min)

See season 2: Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~

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Rent 8 9 9 0 0 7 KBanger1 [series:2084#1694]
Since this was only a one episode OVA, I might as well just give a little review on it. The episode story was ok to say the least. It's about Kuu taking part in the grocery race between Musubi and Tsukiumi. I just see it as a filler that should have just been part of the original series. I see no need to do this unless it's a partial teaser for the next season. Quite frankly, I am waiting for the next season to begin...whenever that will be. In truth, if this was going to be a string of fillers, I seriously wouldn't mind. I like the series enough to tolerate any type of filler.

Last updated Sunday, April 19 2009. Created Sunday, April 19 2009.
Watch Stretch [series:2084#628]
This little tale struck me as fairly cute, modestly funny, but not really outstanding in any way; I wonder how a mere ten minute OVA is marketed. Wherever they come from, the Sekirei generally wear tremendous weights around their necks, like sacks of wet cement, to toughen themselves up (I think). This OVA wasn't particularly ecchi until the final scene, when it went into a little extra detail regarding female anatomy. The overhead camera angle, with it's slightly distorted perspective, was interesting. But the scene was brief and it's hard to imagine why anybody would want to buy such a thing.

Last updated Saturday, March 28 2009. Created Saturday, March 28 2009.
Buy 8 9 8 3 9 9 Xenoknight [series:2084#2967]
The ecchiest band of women around are back with an update on how they've all been doing lately...

C.A. factor = check (^_^)

I loved it!!! It was great to see the gang again and that nothing has changed. Ku-chan wants in on the wife's daily duty of going to the market to buy groceries. In an attempt to let the cute little Ku-chan win, Tsukiumi (my favorite Sekirei) and Musubi go through hell with disastrous results to keep the "easily distracted" Ku-chan on her goal. It was great fun.

The bath scene was a special treat for the fans (^_-) and it only fuels my burning anticipation for the inevitable second season!!! Keep your eyes open for it...

In order to give respect where it's due: special thanks go out to Jan-Chan for always keeping us up to date. Thanks Jan-Chan!!!

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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