Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~

Title:Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~
セキレイ~Pure Engagement~ (Japanese)
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The story of Minato Sahashi continues. A good hearted unemployed ronin finds himself with four special girlfriends and gets caught up in a strange battle of supergirls (and boys) who call themselves "Sekirei".
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Sequel or continuation to the series Sekirei.

12 TV eps (~24 min)
Animation by Seven Arcs.
Series set to air on June 13, 2010.

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999a, 999b
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Buy 8 8 9 0 8 KBanger1 [series:2176#1694]
If you have not seen the first Sekirei, then do yourself a favor and watch it. Otherwise, here's my take on Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~. The story picks up right after the last episode of the first series. Minato and his Sekireis are now into the next stage of the Sekirei Plan. That and the introduction of some new additions to Minato's already 'huge' lineup. This series now opens with new information about the Sekirei Plan and how it came into fruition.

The continuation of the series is a relatively easy gateway into the actual origin of the sekireis. A lot more info has been introduced and if you already have seen the first series, the story goes deeper and takes a more serious tone. It still holds a lot of the humor that made it funny but the plot itself is now more interesting and a little more darker. It also brings in some characters that you have seen before but now have a more integral part in this series. The existing characters are still entertaining but have also developed more into their roles as Minato's sekirei.

Art/Animation of the series never really changed much which is a good thing. Character design is still close to flawless. Since the story is more intense, so was the animation so it stepped it's game up a notch. If you're a fan of Sekirei, then this should be a no-brainer. Hopefully, the next series will be just as good, if not better.

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Watch 8 9 9 5 Xenoknight [series:2176#2967]
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Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Wednesday, June 30 2010. Created Wednesday, June 30 2010.
Watch Stretch [series:2176#628]
(All episodes watched):

The thing that bothered me about the first season of Sekirei was that not much effort was made to explain the basic premise--like, what exactly are Sekirei to begin with? Where do they come from? This second season seems to have the same problem. It's as if the makers are confident that viewers will find this show so exciting and cool that they won't care whether the story makes a whole lot of sense. But I would say that this confidence is misplaced. What I noticed was lots of 'mystery' being spun about, but since few clues are being provided to me I feel vaguely frustrated and apathetic. Why did a fight take place between several Sekirei and the conventional military? Just to demonstrate how powerful the Sekirei are? Another thing I noticed was plenty of infantile gags about Minato's Sekirei tripping and falling on top of him in erotic positions, which makes nonsense of this being a 'cool' show. And about the only jokes we get are ones from the first season being replayed for the umpteenth time--like the landlady getting pissed in her unique way, or blond Sekirei girl jumping to conclusions and losing her temper. If this is the way Pure Engagement as a whole is going to go, I have serious doubts about whether I should watch it at all. SPE might well be nothing more than a halfhearted attempt to match the quality of the first season. Only time will tell.

I had a hard time getting excited during episode two. Actually, I didn't get excited at all, even though Minato is abducted. I just knew that there was no way any serious harm would come to him, and the catfighting scenes weren't all that imaginitive. I wish my memory would be refreshed about why the 'Discipline Squad' are bad girls. We've kind of drifted away from the forced matches (there haven't been any in these first two episodes), and I don't see what sort of discipline they are trying to enforce. Do something reprehensible to remind me why I should side with Minato's girls. On the other hand, the phone call bit was amusing, and some of the girls have some personality to them.

I kind of enjoyed episode three--the jokes at least. The fight scenes weren't all that great and the plot as a whole remains a mystery. As is often the case, it doesn't generate enough interest within me to motivate me to keep track of everything. So, I'm a casual viewer, watching the show one episode at a time and not bothering much to remember what happened in the last one or make connections between the two. For instance, I know that Minato's sister (I can't remember her name) has something to do with the Sekirei business; I think she's an Ashikabi (or whatever) herself and has a Sekirei of her own, but I couldn't tell you whether she or he know anything about each other's secrets. I do get the feeling that for all the boob jiggling, at least a modest effort is being made to make this story touching; that was evident when the androgynous Sekirei got into trouble around halfway through. Perhaps there are too many characters to keep track of, and the amount of interest which this show manages to summon from me is thinly stretched among them. I wish the writing had been tightened up a bit, because this show does seem to have potential.

Around halfway through Minato finally learns how the Sekirei originated, which is a question he should have asked during episode one of season one, but whatever. This explains a lot, but not everything; for instance, were the Sekirei nothing more than gladiators at their original home? With only twelve episodes to work with, it doesn't look like a fullscale liberation is in the cards for the Sekirei. Again, this is frustrating, because I really do like at least some of the characters and would like a happy ending for them.

It gets interesting again towards the end, as events build to the climax. There is still the usual boobyness, of course, but a startling and tragic event takes place in episode ten. Unfortunately, it is implied that it might be possible to sort of turn back the clock and undo it, which seems a cop-out, but still this is intriguing. We see exactly what is at stake (something we care about), and it is made clear that something has got to be done--that may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of shows don't do it very well.

I guess the likeable cast are what saves this show from folding up altogether in the final episode, because it didn't make a whole lot of sense. Why is MBI and Minaka screwing around with Sekirei? And demolishing it's own headquarters building? What was the Disciplinary Squad trying to accomplish? Why were several heroines once members of it? What was this 'Norito' business? Or the 'Third Stage'? And the top villain breaks off the climactic fight without a winner? To my surprise yet another season seems to be in the works, which will hopefully answer a few of these questions, though I won't hold my breath. This is a highly complicated show with numerous plot strands and characters, but again, doesn't generate enough interest for me to bother to keep track of them all. If it isn't even going to explain the basic premise, I will remain apathetic. But at least the central cast has a little charm to them and are good for a laugh every now and then.

My favorite line: "I have no idea what's going on, but you're amazing, Matsu-san!" --Musume

Last updated Tuesday, November 09 2010. Created Sunday, June 27 2010.
Buy Forbin [series:2176#1573]
Final Review

I liked this version of Sekirei, the animation was well done and they finally watched someone die!

After reading this manga I was impressed at this version's original storyline and animation.

It's Good

Last updated Monday, November 08 2010. Created Monday, June 21 2010.

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