Hitozuma Kasumi-san

Title:Hitozuma Kasumi-san
Hills Have Size
Hitoduma Kasumi-san
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Kyoji has always been like a brother to his cousin, but all that changes when Kyoji witnesses his cousin's wife pleasuring herself one night. Then the next day, Kyoji walks in on Kasumi in the shower. Unable to get the image of Kasumi's massive breasts & her masturbation out of his mind, Kyoji makes it his mission to satisfy the unfulfilled woman. However, Kasumi's sister, Harumi, and Kasumi’s own daughter, Mio, have their own plans for Kyoji . . . .

2-30 minute OVAs.
Animation by Milky.
R1 release from Kitty Media on 9/12/2006 as "Hills Have Size"
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Buy 9 10 9 8 10 loplop [series:1401#1797]
Hitozuma Kasumi-san (aka Hills Have Size – Don’t you just love the English titles for Eroges) sets a new mark for oppai/eroge animation, I would argue that its animation is as good as Discipline, Cleavage, or Bible Black. The story centers on Kyoji a college student who comes to live in his cousin’s home because the cousin asked him to because of some crimes that had occurred in the surrounding area and as any good Japanese business does, he travels all of the time. At the start of the 2 OVAs, Kyoji happens to see his cousin’s wife, Kasumi pleasuring herself while watching a explicit video. This starts all kinds of thoughts going through Kyoji’s mind every time he sees the very well endowed Kasumi. These thoughts take form one night when he sees Kasumi performing the same act again.

But wait, Kasumi’s sister Harumi has something for Kyoji, and she not taking this laying down (of course, maybe she would this is h-anime after all, heh). And for that matter so does Mio, Kasumi’s daughter. But as the title suggests, Kyoji only has eyes (and everything else for that matter) on Kasumi. The second episode moves the relationship along until something that is long expected comes to light. And everything changes from that.

Hitozuma Kasumi-san is the type of H-anime titles that I have always enjoyed. Consensual sex between people who care about each other and devoid of the nastier parts of Hentai that seems to be more common place these days. Not to mention, the 2 part OVA series does have a plot that moves forward. It even left open room for squeals without leaving the viewer hanging on the end of what has been done to date with unresolved issues or plot lines. I would really welcome a sequel to this series. In fact a sequel to the game Hitozuma Kasumi-san is already on the market in Japan. If you have no qualms about infidelity, I would highly recommend the title to those wanting to get a taste of hentai and to couples wanting something from the genre to watch together.

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