Slight Fever Syndrome 2

Title:Slight Fever Syndrome 2
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The sequel to Slight Fever Syndrome sees the return of teachers and main students from the original, plus the addition of an intern at the end. The story picks up from where the first one left off with Mizuki still finding herself "counseling" female students and her friend Tsuchiya-sensei about sex related matters, often wondering how the world became so sexed! Despite all of this lesbian sex she's having, Mizuki-sensei wants a boyfriend badly. She's attracted to the 17-year old Kirishima-kun but is asked out by Endo-sensei, Tsuchiya-sensei's former boyfriend. Who will she end up with in the end? Will Tsuchiya-sensei share Mizuki-sensei with men? Oh the erotic hiliarity of it all!
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Buy 8 8 8 6 8 Peter Hentai [series:588#758]
This sequel kept the good parts from Slight Fever Syndrome and fixed the bad parts, created an enjoyable, humorous, and sexually arousing 40-minute ride! We have a brief recap to start, with Mizuki reflecting on events and how she's had several sexual encounters with female students. However, her mind has been on the 3rd-year student Kirishima, whom she appears to be falling in love with. But can a teacher and student have a relationship? But he appears to be with Naka's friend Yoshinari.

Endo & Tsuchiya-sensei convince Mizuki to go out drinking with them, which leads to them all three ending up naked in a bed together with no memory of how they got there, Mizuki having been dreaming of having her first time with Kirishima. The next day, despite not knowing if anything happened between them, Endo asks Mizuki out and she accepts. Heading to the library to return a book, she spots the handsome Kirishima and watches him for a bit before falling asleep in a chair. When she wakes up, she has his jacket drapped over her, then hears and sees him having sex with a female student. Ooops! Well, afterward, old Kirishima needs his jacket and is waiting for Mizuki at the nurses station. Naka is there, gives him asprin for his headache, and tells him to rest on one of the beds for a bit while he waits. He falls asleep, but when he awakens, Mizuki and Tsuchiya are busy having more lesbian sex! Mizuki sees him watching, but can't stop. Tsuchiya is happy, and seems very much in love with Mizuki!

Afterward, Mizuki calls Kirishima out and takes him home. She explains that what she does is a kind of counseling -- to make people feel better. They are interupted by a visit from the drunk Naka and Yoshinari. Yoshinari is in love with Kirishima, but he doesn't return her love. He hears this from his hiding place and is shocked, not knowing Yoshinair liked him as more than a friend. After the girls pass out and Mizuki puts covers on them both, she takes Kirishima to her room to discuss the matter. He confesses he's in love with an older woman who's a little dense and a reputed lesbian -- in other words Mizuki. When he asks her if she's a lesbian, Mizuki suggests the find out and offers herself and her virginity to him. She may enjoy women, but she loves men!

Yoshinari comes in for counseling after being dumped by Kirishima. She wants Mizuki to help her forget him by having a lesbian romp with her. Well, as long as it helps the girl, right? Then there's the problem with her date with Endo, especially when Kirishima asks her out on the same day, then crashes the eating place where they both are. Mizuki makes up her mind to be with Kirishima, and the two go to a love hotel.

So Endo-sensei doesn't get lucky in the first installment, and so far is unlucky in this one. Don't worry, the writers dedicated the last 10-minutes of this title to him and a new girl who takes the shy teacher and rocks his world. Oh happy endings! A good way to end this fun, humorour, erotic trek.

Note: Both Slight Fever Syndrome and Slight Fever Syndrome 2 are on the same DVD. Watch the uncensored Japanese version if possible.

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