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Artificial Girls: (Characters) Anime stories that involve one or more androids shaped like attractive girls.

Title Rating Synopsis

Rent Akikan! (”Empty Can”) is the unlikely story of high school boy Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon juice soda magically transforms into a human girl. Naturally, more "Akikan" girls begin appearing, each of them needing to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.

Akikan! OVA
Watch The cast of Akikan! gather together for a day at a hot spring resort. The girls just want some quality time alone to themselves, but Kakeru can't let such a 'good opportunity' to hang out Melon and the ladies go to waste. Comedy and chaos combine as everyone contends with a day of erotic adventures and simple pleasures. (Source: ANN)
All Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku DASH! Unevaluated See Bannou Bunka Neko-Musume DASH!
Amazing Stranger 1/6 Unevaluated See Chou Kadou Girl: Amazing Stranger

Android Ana MAICO 2010
Rent In the year 2010, the battle for audience on the radio airwaves has continued unabated for the past century. One radio station has decided to throw technology into the battle, specifically in the form of Maico, a cute android radio announcer. Now if only all of her parts arrive on time, and if all of her untested software works correctly, then everything might go smoothly. And there is a small issue of her broadcast crew, six humans who feel this assignment is a last chance to show their worth … before they get fired. Well, it is a few minutes to air time, and we will have to wait and see!.
Android Announcer Maico 2010 Rent See Android Ana MAICO 2010

Angel Links
Rent Meifon is an extraordinary girl, with an extraordinary tale to tell. Join Meifon as she and the crew of the Angel Links run a free pirate-fighting service. in this spin off of Outlaw Star.

Armitage III

Enter a world when a new stream of crime has been introduced, the destruction of specialized human appearing robots known as "Third Types", which are neither cyborg nor android. Meet Ross Sylibus, a cop who is trying to escape his past where his partner was killed by a cyborg. To do this, he transfers to Mars only to find himself face to face with Armitage, a tough female cop who is hell bent on stopping the robot murders. As they continue their investigation and the murders continue, Armitage reveals herself to also be a third type robot. Now that Armitage is an official suspect, Ross must come to grips with the fact that his police partner was not a human, only masquerading as one. Can he find Armitage before it is too late? What is the secret of the third types? Why is someone trying to wipe them out?

Armitage III: Dual-Matrix Rent See Armitage: Dual Matrix

Armitage: Dual Matrix

Naomi Armitage, her husband Ross, and their daughter Yoko are spending a nice, quite life in a nice part of Mars with new names. Unfortunately, troops have raided a Third Type facility slaughtering not only the Armitage robots, but killing the human staff as well. Now Naomi must cast off her duties as wife and mother and resume her role as unofficial detective. With political debate heating up over the issue of robots being given the same rights as humans, things have never been more dangerous for Naomi nor her family.

Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Toshitemo
Watch Shin and Kotori are both third years in high school. Shin lost his mother when he was little, and since then he has a tendency to close himself off. Kotori is his childhood friend who always looks out for him. One day, another "self" from another Japan appears in front of them.
Azusa will help Rent See Azusa, Otetsudaishimasu!
Azusa, Helps! Rent See Azusa, Otetsudaishimasu!

Azusa, Otetsudaishimasu!
Rent In a future time, the lowest ranked baseball team in the league, Karumgamo High School, decides to pool their money to buy a baseball robot, (which is allowed under the rules.) With what little money they had, they could not afford a special baseball robot, and Haruhei had to accept buying a very old model domestic assistant robot named Azusa. It turns out that Azusa has never heard of the game of baseball, but she is always willing to help. Her ability to learn and her success as the pitcher of the team changes the Karugamo Baseball team for the better.

Bannou Bunka Neko-Musume DASH!

(Taken in part from AnimeNFO) It's in the not too distant future. One day Nuku-Nuku dropped in and began to live with the Natsume family. Having lost her memory, Nuku-Nuku assumed the identity of a beautiful girl named Atsuko Higuchi. She was so beautiful and gentle, and besides, she was such a great cook that Ryunosuke, 14, was all smiles. However, after her arrival in town, a series of mysterious incidents started to happen in Maneki City - Experimental machines running haywire, roaring fighter aircraft flying low, mass destruction in the city. In every case, a mysterious girl was spotted at the scene of the incident. Who is this mysterious girl?

Action(33) Action Comedy(15) Adventure(14) Comedy(49)
Comedy Fantasy(2) Drama(34) Horror(3) Mystery(4)
Parody(7) Romance(19) Romantic Comedy(18) Tragedy(2)
Cyberpunk(5) Fantasy(22) Historical(3) Modern(27)
Sci-Fi(57) Steampunk(1)
All Ages(3) Children(2) Seinen(15) Shounen(18)
Acquired Taste(7) Artistic(2) Classic(2) Creepy(2)
Dark(3) Fragmentary(2) Kawaii(9) Moe(1)
Silly-funny(7) Surreal(1) Weird(4)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(2) Animals(2) Bishoujo(1) Bishounen(1)
Kemonomimi(1) Mahou Shoujo(3) Vampires(2)
Story Elements and Location
Coming of Age(3) Competition(1) Depression(2) Elementary School(1)
Epic(2) Fighting(8) Friendship(4) Harem(14)
High School(15) Magic(11) Martial Arts(2) Mecha(10)
Middle School(3) Music(2) Occult(3) Otaku Theme(2)
Police(2) Psychics(2) School Comedy(5) Slice of Life(6)
Sports(1) Supernatural(7) Swordplay(2) Tenchi Clone(1)
Time Travel(2) War(1) Yuri(1)
Computers(2) Dating Sim Spinoff(8) Gun-action(4) Live Action(2)
Maid Theme(7) Reboot(2) Sequel(16) Spinoff(5)
Spinoff-Sequel(3) Video-game inspired(4) Virtual Reality(1)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(18) Erotic Comedy(4) Fan Service(38) Hentai(3)
Lolicon(3) Pantsu(11) Pervert(7) Softcore(1)
Violent(6) Vulgar(2)
Movie(5) Omake(1) ONA(1) OVA(34)
Short(8) TV(52) TV Special(3)
Release Year
2020(1) 2019(2) 2018(2) 2017(2) 2015(2) 2014(1) 2013(1) 2011(2)
2010(5) 2009(9) 2008(6) 2007(8) 2006(5) 2005(9) 2004(7) 2003(3)
2002(7) 2001(3) 2000(5) 1999(4) 1998(4) 1997(3) 1996(3) 1995(3)
1994(3) 1993(1) 1992(1) 1989(2) 1986(1) 1985(1) 1973(1)
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