Angel Links

Title:Angel Links
Seihou Tenshi Angel Rinks
Space Guardian Angel Links
Stellar Angel Angel Links
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
Original Concept - ITOU Takehiko
R1 License - FUNimation
Meifon is an extraordinary girl, with an extraordinary tale to tell. Join Meifon as she and the crew of the Angel Links run a free pirate-fighting service. in this spin off of Outlaw Star.

13 TV episodes.

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Rent 7 6 7 6 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:335#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

Angel Links is the forgotten spinoff of Outlaw Star focused on the adventures of Meifon Li and the members of the agency known as Angel Links that hunt down space pirates. At a glance, this series may seem rather forgettable for a sci-fi anime as many of its characters are rather archetypal within the sci-fi genre and earlier episodes mostly follow an "episode of the day" format with Meifon and Angel Links going after enemy space pirates. But the series does gradually start to provide some surprising depth to Meifon lacking within Outlaw Star as later episodes reveal how Angel Links came to be and some shocking revelations on Meifon's origins are revealed that create some solid drama and pathos for our lead character in regards to her self-identity. These qualities allow Angel Links to become something engaging to watch for later episodes, though it doesn't break any new ground for a sci-fi anime with its story and character tropes. Still, I would at least recommend seeing the series once in case you're curious over its connections to Outlaw Star.

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Watch Forbin [series:335#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Med
Action : Med
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Med

7 Episodes Watched
I dunno. I LOVED Outlaw Star. I am REALLY disappointed by this collection of rambling episodes that are so disjointed that I'm suprised it holds together. Also I HATE MeiFong Lee. She's just annoying.

Owell watch it if you like Outlaw Star.

Last updated Friday, November 04 2005. Created Friday, November 04 2005.
Buy 8 8 7 8 9 8 aoneish [series:335#1615]
at first it seems your typical hero&crew vs. bad guys[pirates] of the week type of deal. at first it seems that the main character and all her lackeys are too perfect and superhuman and are unbeatable. [which isn't bad but it's certainly superficial.]
at first.
and then the story buckles down and gets to it, developing some depth to the personalities of the lead characters by individual episodes. the plot gets serious and the antagonist is somewhat revealed. meifon's [hero] own story is slowly revealed throughout all of this. and we find that all the perfectness is just setup for her downfall.
and since the whole series serves to build up for that moment, since we know the characters so well by then, it is somewhat heartbreaking when the truth is revealed.
as for the rest, the plot starts right away, so no crappy useless filler episodes. the fighting isn't really anything of interest but it's there and it's bearable. her boobs are annoying huge. artwork is decent although the artist's style is somewhat...weird at times. the launch scene does get tedious as does the angel cannon or whatever it's called. the thing of interest is the technology. her ship, her planes. they're just...awesome. how she gets upgrades and whatnot. awesome. a decent anime.

Last updated Wednesday, January 11 2006. Created Friday, October 22 2004.
Rent 7 7 7 8 7 MarX [series:335#1033]
I had bought Angel Links after I had bought Outlaw Star.. So, Outlaw Star was fresh in my mind.. Though you don't see any of the Outlaw Star's crew Angel Links is fine without them...
Plenty of Fan service from Melfion.. It's a good series and I liked it enough to recommend it.. Plenty of teasers in the series of what Melfion really is.. Kinda
happy/sad series finale.. The art work is not always consistent but that's O.K.
I enjoyed the crew of Angel Links even thought here isn't too much character development seen. Though, some of the major players get there own episodes.. That's about it though..
I did like "All My Soul" (Opening) and "True Moon" (Ending)... Kinda catchy, you know...
If you liked the Outlaw Star universe then check out Angel Links.. I recommend it.. (But then again)
~ ~

Last updated Saturday, January 10 2004. Created Saturday, January 10 2004.
Rent Stretch [series:335#628]
If fanservice offends you, you might as well forget about Angel Links. On the other hand, if you don't mind it and you liked Outlaw Star, then read on. After watching the first four episodes on DVD, these were my initial impressions. I started watching in Dub mode, but something about the voices just rubbed me the wrong way and after a minute or so I switched to subtitles. Episode one included a scene in which Meifon attends a reception--did I spot Fred Luo, the gay businessman from Outlaw Star? Unfortunately, I was distressed to see an example of the all too common "I-never-miss-and-you-guys-always-do" shootout scene--if this was the way this series was going to go, I was in trouble. Close-quarter fight scenes seemed kind of simplistic and unconvincing, as if the series was intended for children or teenagers. But I was assured by other websites that the plot gets more complex and interesting after the first few shoot-'em-up episodes. Also, there was an intriguing "teaser" at the end of the first one. The series could be amusing at times--I liked the scene in which Meifon reviews requests for protection from the pirates. The technology was pretty cool, especially the launch sequence--though this scene was repeated needlessly throughout Volume 1, sort of like a magic girl changing outfits sequence. Talk about fanservice! I had no idea there was such a thing as infra-red fanservice (see episode 3). All things considered, I think I now know why I was able to get Volume 1 so cheaply, while the later volumes were far more expensive! Funny thing is, I was still eager to see more Angel Links. I trusted the reviewers who had said it would get better, and even as it was, this seemed like a great show for those times when I didn't want to have to think too much!

Having finally watched the remainder of the series, I'm glad I didn't give up. The very next episode, number five, represented a marked improvement. You might even say that this is the point at which the makers of Angel Links get serious about explaining the plot. Though the quality kind of wobbles back and forth, the overall story is so good from this point onwards that I suspect that the first four may have been largely fillers to stretch the series (which was supposedly based on a novel) to the requisite 13 episodes. The plot becomes pleasingly unpredictable, (at least I thought so) with a number of surprising twists. I got the feeling that the series was rapidly running out of episodes while the intriguing mystery was slowly revealed! It's been a while since a series has left me so impatient to see how it will all end. The ending wasn't quite perfect, (naturally the secret base where it takes place just had to be demolished by a cataclysmic series of explosions) but it was definitely good--and again, not what I expected. It turns out I DID need to do some thinking to follow the story to it's end. As I search the internet for additional reviews of Angel Links I find critics tending to describe it as riddled with cliches, generic, something that has already been done and done better. Well, maybe I just haven't watched enough anime of the "space opera" sort, because though I certainly did notice a number of annoying cliches, I also found this series to be surprisingly moving. Perhaps I can best summarize this show as less humorous than Outlaw Star, but more poignant. Only the most heartless sort of person could consider Meifon's breasts to be the most important thing about her after she is devastated by a painful realization. One last thing--don't miss the DVD extra "Meifon's Special Information Corner"

My favorite line: "The thought of breathing the same air as that man is making my creamy skin get all blotchy"--Meifon


Last updated Monday, February 04 2008. Created Tuesday, December 02 2003.
Watch CatWoman [series:335#65]
Well I never did see Outlaw Star, so I can't say it is any better. But as plot goes (though I have not seen it all) it is gripping and worth watching! There are characters you quickly get attached to, but don't ever get too attached in this show *sniffle*! I don't care for the main Character all that much so far; her biggest personality attribute seems to be her chest! But as I watch on her past gets more and more intreging as does what it has to do with the present and what it means for her and her crews future! I would say you at least give it a shot and watch it!

Last updated Tuesday, January 08 2002. Created Tuesday, January 08 2002.
Avoid 6 7 4 5 5 Courtney [series:335#80]
You know how a spin-off is rarely as good as the show that spun it, well ANGEL LINKS resides in the majority of that statistic. Thankfully, there is barely any continuity between this titles progenitor, OUTLAW STAR, and the events of this series. The main character, Maifon, is cheesecake in a wonder-bra with an overtly perfect background (Thats right boys, not only is she rich, pretty, and famous, but she owns her own fortune 500 company, a superior martial artist, a ship commander, who also is generous and loving of small cleavage burrowing mammals all before THE AGE OF 16!!!) If I were a less than witty reviewer I would simple leave ANGEL LINKS under the banner of uninspired swill, but instead Ill simply put anything you love about OUTLAW STAR is either devoid or tarnished by this series.
For other titles similar to ANGEL LINKS (but much better), check out:

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Rent 8 8 7 6 9 The Coyote [series:335#64]
It is truly hard to belive that anything good could come of outlaw star but this spin off has a very good story line that is truly worth seeing it is well wrighten and well animeated even if they have a few ship scenes that they use way to much in the series. this one is pretty good maybe not a bye but worth seeing. The Main character Mayfon is intrigeing enough by herself to see the show for. Her struggles with what seems to be an unstopable destiny and the runing of a huge sucurity corporiation and just plain being a 16 year old girl. (which she seems to juggle with ease most of the time) And an unwavering self confidence make her a very interesting character. especially in the end.

Last updated Thursday, April 25 2002. Created Monday, October 15 2001.

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