Chou Kadou Girl: Amazing Stranger

Title:Chou Kadou Girl: Amazing Stranger
Amazing Stranger 1/6
Over Drive Girl 1/6
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Notables: HATANO Wataru
From Nona's perspective, she is 'Female Form Planetary Space Probe 9', an android space explorer who finds herself on a planet inhabited by giants, one of whom has advised her to pretend to be an inanimate doll in order to not freak them out. From the perspective of Bouida Haruto, a work-from-home computer programmer who claims to have no interest at all in women, Nona is an amazing 1/6 scale figure of an anime character, all the more amazing because she can think and talk for herself.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3673#628]
(Four episodes watched):

Whereas the new anime which I had watched just before this one fell totally flat, it was clear from the start that this show had some spirit and was genuinely amusing. It took a while to figure out the situation here, since Nona and Bouida see it in completely different ways. It would seem that Bouida's interpretation is closer to the truth (if I understood the 12-minute episode correctly), namely that Nona is an amazing toy with artificial intelligence; and it would seem that we will meet a number of additional dolls similar to her as the show progresses. Nothing about the way he treats her made me feel creepy, though there were a few jokes about fanservice and whatnot (Nona seems to be well armed just in case he tries anything). A telling hint was dropped when, after disavowing any interest in real girls Bouida denies feeling lonely, which, of course, means he does. Hopefully this will be a healthy story about friendship between the two of them. It's too soon to say whether it will be particularly brilliant, but this show had a sweet tone to it that made me sympathetic to the characters and hope that things would work out well for them.

But succeeding episodes seem kind of dull. Does Nona still think she's exploring a planet of giants? There was little or no mention of that plot device in episode three. What about the need to somehow gently inform her that she's not really a space explorer after all (or, at least keep her in the dark without hurting her)? Instead, the episode wandered off track into the idea that she is Bouida's wife--what does that have to do with the premise? It seems like a cheap attempt to excite teenage males with the prospect that hot but submissive women might conceivably exist somewhere. But the moment that happens is generally the moment originality goes out the window within an anime. We learn that Nona isn't the only self-aware doll (actually, the OP sequence gave this away long ago), but it seems like this will be a matter of quantity rather than quality. This show isn't terrible, but my hopes that it would be genuinely touching and original were somewhat deflated after watching episode three.

The problem seems to be a common one: two interesting characters in a strange situation are introduced, and we hope we'll learn more about them and their predicament, and that their personalities will expand. But what happens instead is that additional characters are introduced who divert time and effort from the primary ones. We get quantity rather than quality. I became bored by a show which is neither ecchi nor heartwarming.

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