Mahou Shoujo Titles

Mahou Shoujo: (Characters) (↗mahou ↗shoujo = "magic girl") These are titles which feature young girls who are given magical powers by a powerful entity or come from a realm where magic is the norm.

Title Rating Synopsis

Ai Tenshi Wedding Peach
Watch Momoko, a junior high school student, finds out that she is a love angel and must protect the love of the world from demons. Along with her 3 best friends, Yuri and Hanagiku, she must vanquish demons that possess innocent people...while also trying to balance school work, school newspaper club, and a pending romance with fellow classmate Yousuke.

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge
Unevaluated This is a very strange show. It consists of 2 parts. One where 2 girls who are secret super heroines run around and try to save people from bad folks while destroying millions in property. The 2nd is about a family of kawaii girls who's parents were lackeys in an 'evil' organization. And they are determined to join up. They find an old pot that contains a magic fairy that grants the 7 an 'evil' power of becoming magical girls who will turn any minor evil act into a major one. The only problem? Their powers turn a minor evil act into a major GOOD act. Whoops.

Akazukin Chacha
Buy Chacha, a novice wizard, starts magic school along with her friends Riiya and Shiine (who vie for her affections most of the time). Chacha isn't exactly a pro at casting perfect magic spells, so where Chacha goes, trouble is sure to follow. Her master, Seravy, gives her the power to transform into a magical princess who can do away with demons sent by the Evil Magic Lord who has a grudge again Seravy.
Angel Tales Watch See Tenshi no Shippo
Angel's Tail Watch See Tenshi no Shippo

Aquarian Age
Rent The amateur rock band T. L. Signal (featuring slob guitar player Shingo, know-it-all keyboarder Junichi, and quiet harmonica player/singer/songwriter Kyouta facing his upcoming school exams), is suddenly given a chance to make studio recordings and given radio air time, raising their popularity index for the girls significantly. Difficult times for Kyouta's girlfriend and college student Yoriko, and things get worse when she learns there's her own fate she has to follow... for the Age of Aquarius is dawning, and each of those five groups who used to live in the shadows until now will soon claim domination over mankind. Which doesn't stop several of the main characters to pursue their showbiz careers...
Aquarian Age - Sign for Evolution Rent See Aquarian Age

Aquarian Age Saga II ~Don't forget me...~
Avoid Earth still recovers from the damage by the attack of the evil Erasers (aliens) who have only been defeated by the combined forces of the four hidden magical tribes amongst mankind who've been battling for control over earth - Arayashiki (eastern mages), Wiz-dom (western mages), Dark Lore (demi-human monsters), and E.G.O. (evolutionary gender organization = super-humans). In the aftermath, Earth is placed under the unified rule of the Polestar Empire (invaders from a different universe), beginning to use forbidden magic. These dark powers cause dimensional rifts around the world and once again plunge Earth into chaos and warfare. So four selected fighters, one of each tribe each, have to protect humankind once more.
Aquarian Age the Movie Avoid See Aquarian Age Saga II ~Don't forget me...~
Ask Dr Rin! Unevaluated See Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite! (TV)

Battle Girl High School
Unevaluated Miki and her friends Haruka and Subaru are three Hoshimori ('Star Guardians') who defend earth from the soul stealing Irous. Most of the time they seem to be ordinary high schoolers (at an all-girl school) but they can transform into Hoshimori when their high tech command detects Irous nearby.
Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project Unevaluated See Battle Girl High School
Beating Angel Dokuro-chan Watch See Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Bewitched Agnes Rent See Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
Bin-kan Watch See Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
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