1980 Titles

Title Rating Synopsis
Ashita no Joe Movie Watch See Champion Joe
Be Forever Yamato Watch See Yamato yo Towa ni

Champion Joe
Watch Joe Yabuki is a wandering delinquent who has no family to go back to. So he wanders the slums of Tokyo and gets into some fights to help out young kids in trouble. An alcoholic boxing trainer saw how Joe fought in the streets and offers him a chance to become a boxer. However Joe didn't take the offer right away and got into a fight at a police station that caused him to be held at a detention hall where he decides to ask up on the trainer's offer and trains himself at the detention hall until he's released to box in actual competitions.

Densetsu Kyojin Ideon
Watch Humanity's pursuit of knowledge leads them to the planet Solo, where they find mysterious remains of a long dead alien civilization, including the 3 part super robot 'Ideon', and a powerful warship. Using these, the Earthlings sent to investigate the ruins defend themselves in their constant conflicts against powerful aliens called the Buff Clan, who are in pursuit of 'Id', the mysterious energy that powers the Ideon.
Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned Avoid See Yami no Teiō - Kyūketsuki Dracula
Galaxy Express 999 (TV) Unevaluated See Ginga Tetsudo 999

Ginga Tetsudo 999

In a distant future, a human boy named Tetsuro wants to have his body replaced with a robotic one. But this is only possible on the robotic Immortal Planet which can only be reached on the intergalactic railway. While on board the Galaxy Express 999, he meets Maetel, a beatiful and mysterious blond haired girl, who stays with him on the long travel through space. Every episode starts with the two heroes arriving in a new planet space station destination.


Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no Cosmozone
Watch Phoenix 2772 starts with twelve minutes without dialogue, much like a silent film, recalling the birth and education of Godo. In this brave new world, children are born in test tubes and are raised by computers and robots. Godo learns the skills that will make him into a great pilot, assisted by the robotic wonder Olga. Everything that Godo needs is provided for him until he eventually goes for training with his automaton companion. He soon realizes that the world is not what he expected...
Kido Senshi Gundam Buy See Kidou Senshi Gundam

Kidou Senshi Gundam

It is the Universal Century 0079, the Earth Federation is fighting a rebel space colony force who call themselves Zeons. Earth Federation is losing horribly due to the Zeon's mobile suit technology. The Earth Federation constructs an array of top secret ships and mobile suits (Gundam). Gundam is housed in "White Base" a new Federation battleship. The White Base and Gundam are attacked when they are packing up to head to earth. The ship's crew is killed and it is taken over by refugees and inexperienced soldiers. They face great difficulty with the Zeon forces and within their own ranks.

Lupin III -- New Series Rent See Rupan Sansei: Shin Shiri-zu
Lupin III Series 2 Rent See Rupan Sansei: Shin Shiri-zu
Mobile Suit Gundam Buy See Kidou Senshi Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Buy See Kidou Senshi Gundam
Phoenix 2772 Watch See Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no Cosmozone
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