Classic Titles

Classic: (Style) Older anime titles, from the 80's back. As a rule of thumb, a title should at least be 10-years old.

Title Rating Synopsis
1982 Otaku no Video Rent See Otaku No Video
1985 Otaku no Video Rent See Otaku No Video

Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Rent The infamous tale of "loser" college student Morisato Keiichi who one day, instead of getting take-out delivered, wound up with the goddess Belldandy instead! Now that his wish that she stay with him forever has been granted, will he survive Belldandy's two sisters Urd and Skuld?
Ah! Megamisama! OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA

Rent In yet another post-apocalyptic future, a young biker becomes the subject of a bizarre project known only as "Akira," apparently designed to bestow unstoppable pychic powers on youths, intended to be exploited as living weapons. Directed and created by OTOMO Katsuhiro.
Baburugamu Kuraishisu Rent See Bubblegum Crisis

Baby Love OVA
Watch When they first met, Seara loved her older Shuhei. But how does a twelve-year-old boy talk to an eight-year-old girl, a girl who has just told him that she wants to be his wife? He tells her that if she were older and beautiful, then would consider accepting her confession. And now four years later, when Seara’s parents are having to move far away, she has somehow managed to arrange to stay with Shuhei’s family. Does Shuehi remember her, or his promise to her? Despite her efforts, they are still four years apart in age, but Seara has not given up on him and of winning his love.

Black Jack (1996)
Buy Based on the manga of Osamu "God of Comics" Tezuka, this movie follows the exploits of Black Jack, the infamous renegade surgeon who sells his remarkable medical skills to the highest bidder. He gets called upon to do research connected to a disease contracted by Super Humans, a new breed of humanity who have potential both physically and intellectually beyond the normal capabilities of ordinary humans.

Bubblegum Crisis

Chronicles the battles of the Knight Sabers, a female band of mercenaries who take jobs that inevitably lead to their fighting "boomers", androids designed with military purposes in mind. Can these girls manage their careers and thier lives as Knight Sabers? Will Geneon stop making bad business decisions?

Bubblegum Crisis Mega-Tokyo 2032 Rent See Bubblegum Crisis
Castle of Cagliostro Buy See Rupan Sansei: Cagliostro no Shiro

Cho Jiku Yosai Macross
Buy The year is 1999 and a giant, unmanned, alien spaceship crashes on South Atalia Island. Humanity attempts to come together under a U.N. banner in order to learn the secrets of this alien ship and to rebuild it. After ten years of wars and construction, the ship is completed and called SDF-1 Macross. The celebration to launch this massive space ship includes showing off the latest fighter/mecha units in Earth's forces, created thanks to the technology of the crashed ship.

Cutie Honey (TV)
Buy Honey Kisaragi finds her beloved Papa murdered by the nefarious Panther Claw criminal organization. Dr. Kisaragi, a famous designer of robot technology, has left Honey a startling legacy--she is an android herself, "the one work of art I completed"! She posseses unprecedented capabilities, thanks to an "elemental manipulation device" which must not fall into the hands of Panther Claw at any cost. "I have taken a vow" Honey declares, "I will destroy each and every one of the Panther Claws!"
DB Rent See Dragon Ball
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Romantic Comedy(10) Tragedy(2)
Cyberpunk(6) Fantasy(3) Historical(2) Modern(12)
All Ages(2) Josei(1) Seinen(7) Shoujo(1)
Acquired Taste(3) Artistic(1) Dark(7) Kawaii(1)
Silly-funny(2) Surreal(1) Weird(1)
Characters and Their Abilities
Animals(1) Artificial Girls(2) Bishounen(1) Deities(1)
Gender-Bender(1) Genie(1) Ninja(2)
Story Elements and Location
Coming of Age(2) Depression(1) Epic(3) Family Affairs(3)
Fighting(5) Friendship(1) Harem(2) High School(4)
Magic(1) Martial Arts(2) Mecha(10) Middle School(2)
Music(1) Otaku Theme(1) Police(3) Psychics(2)
School Comedy(1) Slice of Life(3) Soul Mates(1) Spiritual(1)
Sports(1) Supernatural(3) Swordplay(1) Time Travel(1)
Computers(1) Gun-action(2) Reboot(1) Sequel(9)
Potentially Objectionable
Fan Service(6) Violent(5)
Movie(16) OVA(12) TV(18) TV Special(1)
Release Year
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