Rupan Sansei: Shin Shiri-zu

Title:Rupan Sansei: Shin Shiri-zu
Lupin III -- New Series
Lupin III Series 2
Return of Lupin III
Shin Lupin III
Shin Rupan Sansei
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Notables: Original Concept - Monkey Punch
A few years after the end of the original Lupin III TV series, the series is brought back to life for an astonishing 155 episodes! Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and Zenigata are all back for more fun and adventure.

Release Date: 10/03/1977
End Date: 10/06/1980

Note: This is the series that Cartoon Network has been running on Adult Swim (2003). Miyazaki-sensei did a couple of episodes toward the end of the series prior to filming Castle of Cagliostro.
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Rent 6 5 6 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:482#1552]
Also known as the Red Jacket Series, this second Lupin III TV anime appeared to combine elements of the manga with elements that were incorporated into the second half of the first series. Lupin's gang will steal from those who can take the loss and are either a criminal or some corrupt influential figure in society and will only resort to killing as a last resort or against criminals worst than they are. Fujiko making use of her body to get what she wants and Lupin's perversion are back, though these elements are somewhat toned down. Zenigata appeared to get the biggest shafting in this series as his character borders on incompetent and clueless in many episodes here, compared to when he was a more competent detective in other titles of the franchise who only fails to capture Lupin because of the thief being one step ahead of him when making an escape.

Like the first series, many episodes in this second Lupin III series are non-linear and self-contained in their developments with each episode focused either on one of Lupin's heists, devoting focus to an element of one of his gang members/ Zenigata or dealing with a criminal threat within that episode. The writing in these episodes tend to vary ranging from subpar to very good as episodes that were grounded on a criminal element or Lupin's thievery were the highlight for me while any episode focused on some sci-fi or supernatural element got too out there for me with the show's comedy (most infamous case being an episode where Lupin and pals encounter a couple of giant ogres who make them into living shogi pieces). While the series is good at creating fresh episode plots to keep things from getting repetitive, the lack of any ongoing plot developments compared to modern incarnations of the Lupin III franchise may turn away some fans, especially with its lengthy 155 episode length.

As to be expected of a series this old, the animation style is quite outdated with drab colors, simple details with scenery and character designs, and noticeable animation shortcuts and errors. However, a few later episodes directed by Hayao Miyazaki offer the anime's best visual presentation as their quality is more smoother with lining and there is noticeably more fluid animation compared to most other episodes within this series. Music had a mix of upbeat, energetic and tense tracks to compliment funny and serious moments within the show, including the signature Theme from Lupin III track used in two different versions for the anime's OP sequence.

Overall, this second Lupin TV anime has the typical humor of the show that will make it a joy for fans of the classic anime character, though be warned the show's 150+ episode length and non-linearity may keep you from watching the series for its entire run.

Last updated Saturday, March 16 2019. Created Sunday, January 06 2013.
Buy 8 8 7 9 8 Kari [series:482#798]
I usually don't like to watch stuff older than me, but for a show like Lupin, I don't mind doing so.

Even though Lupin's old, I gave the art and animation a rating of 8, simply because it befits the era of which Lupin was released.

In the dub, Michelle Ruff does a great job voicing. She makes the character sound exactly as she's supposed to, which is attractive and manipulative.

Don't let the fact that it's old prevent you from giving it a chance.

Last updated Friday, August 13 2004. Created Saturday, July 26 2003.
Watch 7 6 9 8 8 Anonymous #731 [series:482#731]
Note: My scores may or may not be biased....
I've been watching Shin Lupin III on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, dubbed by Pioneer Entertainment. The dub is pretty good, but I've seen better. At first I didn't even like this show. I saw the first episode and I was turned off by the stupidity and especially by the age. But I never got around to re-setting my VCR, so I just let it record so I could have something to watch when I'm bored. Turns out this show is fantastic. I eventually started checking into the newer Lupin titles and now Lupin III rivals Cowboy Bebop on my Top #2 List.
The idea behind Lupin III is that he is the grandson of Arsene Lupin, a gentleman theif created by a French writer. Monkey Punch, the creator of Lupin III, took this idea and mixed it with the MADTV drawing style. It's easier to see this in the original series and in the manga; this MADTV style of art has completely vanished by now.
Unlike other animes (at the time), Lupin III took place on Earth, on this Earth, and not some imaginary place, and was steered towards adults. Every episode, Lupin and his gang travels to a new place to steal priceless things, like King Tut's mask for example. Lupin travel's with Jigen, an expert gunman with a revolver, Goemon, a master samurai with a sword that can cut through steel, and Fujiko, a beautiful woman who sometimes betrays Lupin. Lupin always flirts with her anyway, though. And they're always being chased around by Interpol Inspector Zenigata, who has devoted his life to trying to catch Lupin, which he either never catches Lupin or loses him once he's caught.
Shin Lupin III is based more on comedy than the first series. It does have it's share of action and seriousness, but the comedic elements always keep me watching. It's always fun to watch Lupin think of an elaborate plan to steal something and slip out of Zenigata's cuffs.
Before his ever-popular "Spirited Away," and his other titles like "Princess Mononoke" and "Castle in the Sky," he directed quite a few Lupin III episodes, and he directed what is said to be the greatest Lupin III title, "Castle of Cagliostro." I DISAGREE!! Although I enjoyed Cagliostro, IT DOES NOT COMPARE TO OTHER LUPIN TITLES BECAUSE: Lupin is portrayed as some "save-the-princess do-gooder" in a basic "save-the-princess" movie. This is not what Lupin III is. Although he has a heart, the magic of Lupin comes from his cleverness in theivery. The reason I do not often compare Cagliostro to other Lupin titles is because it's just a save-the-princess movie; no stealing (except the first 5 min), just Miyazaki-like adventuring. This is why some episodes of Shin Lupin III are dull and boring to me; they were most likely directed by Miyazaki. I have nothing against the guy, but I say KEEP LUPIN AS LUPIN.
Anyway, if you like an anime like Cowboy Bebop, you can at least give this a chance (I wouldn't recommend watching the first episode, though). I've found that it has the same style that a lot of animes nowadays are developing. Lupin III is one of the most popular animes in Japan, even after 30 years, and Shin Lupin III is why a lot of Americans (and others) are getting into the craze. I recommend you watch it on TV, though. Even though I'm a crazed fan, I wouldn't buy a DVD except to hear the Japanese track. If you're still complaining about it's age, stop bitching and pick up a copy of "First Contact," last year's (2002) TV Special. TV Specials have been made every year since 1989, y'know.

Last updated Wednesday, May 28 2003. Created Wednesday, May 28 2003.
Rent 6 6 7 6 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:482#436]

Lupin brings the gang together five years after the end of the first Lupin III series. Together again, they are again pursued by the ever-present Inspector Zenigata as they hunt various treasures and adventures all over the world.

Basically, each episode is some sort of adventure with Fujiko either working with them or against them (or a combination of both). The fun is in seeing them at work. OK, it can get predictable, but it is still fun, especially if you see this in the original Japanese (Pioneer screwed the English dub script for the first 24 episodes).

As of this review, I've seen 26 episodes from this Lupin III series. Two were done by Miyazaki-sama and so both were really good (epidodes 145 & 155). Since both of these episodes are toward the end of this series, Lupin is more like the Lupin of Castle of Cagliostro.

Bottom line: A fun series and worth checking out, especially in the Japanese. We'll see what Pioneer does after episode 24 on the English dub. For a really good Lupin title besides Castle of Cagliostro, try Lupin III Episode 0: First Contact (currently fansubbed). 7/2003

Last updated Sunday, August 03 2003. Created Sunday, January 12 2003.

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