Rupan Sansei: Shin Shiri-zu - 1: The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III

Title:Rupan Sansei: Shin Shiri-zu
Episode:1: The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III
Japanese Title: Lupin III Sassoo Toojoo

It has been five years since Lupin and his crew were last together (the end of series one). Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko all receive invitations from Lupin to join him on the brand new cruise ship Sirloin. It isn't until Lupin parachutes in that they realize they've been duped. When Zenigata shows up with a fake arrest warrant, he agrees to work with Lupin to find out who's behind this obvious trap. It doesn't take long to discover that Mister X, the leader of the group Scorpion is behind all of this. He supposedly died once, how is he alive now?
This is a sequel to the first series episode 1. Some flashbacks from that first episode are used to recap what happened in the past. It is really hard to tell a good Lupin tale in a 30-minute episode (IMO), so the stories aren't very strong. As in the Lupin III series, there is much violence and people die in this episode. Jigen attempts to kill a viper and does so...only too late to save the victim. So no punches are pulled here.

I'm glad Cartoon Network has decided to play these episodes.

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