Rupan Sansei: Hemmingway Paper no Nazo

Title:Rupan Sansei: Hemmingway Paper no Nazo
Lupin III: The Hemmingway Papers
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Notables: Animation - Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Original Concept - Monkey Punch
R1 License - Discotek
R1 License - Subtitled Only
Word is out that the "Hemingway Papers", the newly discovered last novel by the great author, tells the hiding place of a buried treasure on a desolate Mediterranean island. Lupin sneaks onto the island where, instead of treasure-hunting, he finds himself embroiled in a violent struggle for power. To Lupin's surprise, his old buddies Jigen and Goemon are also in the fight for their own reasons. Marcus the Merchant of Death also lands on the island accompanied by Fujiko, Lupin's greatest weakness, and followed by the police inspector Zenigata, who is forever on Lupin's tail.
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TV special released on July 20, 1990.
Animated by TMS
Licensed by Discotek
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Rent 7 6 6 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2935#1552]
This is one of the more decent Lupin III TV specials where Lupin and his gang try seeking out the whereabouts of a lost treasure whose whereabouts are contained in a lost Ernest Hemingway manuscript that two influential sides on an island nation have been long fighting over. While Lupin finds himself trying to find a way to get the manuscript, Jigen and Goemon are on opposing sides with both warring factions for their own differing reasons with Jigen having a personal vendetta to settle with a vigilante soldier being paid for his services on one of the sides and Goemon, as usual, trying to cut up something that can supposedly not be cut by his Zantetsuken. The movie offers up enough background on what led to events with the opposing sides and what ties "Lupin gal of the movie" Maria has to the whole mess, making Hemingway Papers an engaging and tense special throughout its run. Only sore spots are that Fujiko and Zenigata don't get much to do in this film and the subpar visuals not looking too good on the eyes nowadays. Otherwise if you're a Lupin III fan, Hemingway Papers makes for a decent time killer, though it doesn't really break any new ground for the series franchise.

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