Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye

Title:Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye
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Notables: Animation - TMS Entertainment
The Cat's Eye sisters are once again aiming to steal the three paintings that once belonged to their father. Only this time, Lupin III is also after the same trio of paintings that is targeted by the three sisters. The paintings in question will also reveal a long-buried mystery.
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92-minute ONA released on January 27, 2023.
Animated by TMS Entertainment.
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Watch 7 6 7 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:4627#1552]
Even with the addition of the trio of sister thieves from Cat's Eye, this crossover ONA plays out the familiar story structure you can find with many Rupan Sansei films and TV specials where Lupin's efforts to steal for a larger treasure lead him to deal with a group of criminals having some sort of conspiracy they are trying to keep both groups away from, Fujiko undercover with the criminal group in question to get what she wants, and Jigen and Goemon tagging along to aid Lupin in handling the threat. The disappointing thing is that the ONA doesn't really do much to take advantage of the crossover between both titles outside of Lupin serving as a sort of mentor role for Ai when the two are separated from their groups, with Zenigata and Toshio largely not having much to do here beyond filling time. Worst of all, the ONA resorts to 3D cel-shaded animation which looked like it was done on the cheap side and having stiff animation in depicting movement, a far-cry from the effort that was put into Lupin III's first outing into CG animation with Lupin III: The First. In short, this is one of the more weaker Lupin III outings considering how by-the-numbers it is with its story and not doing much to take advantage of the crossover it has with the Cat's Eye trio.

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