Lupin the IIIrd: Mine Fujiko no Uso

Title:Lupin the IIIrd: Mine Fujiko no Uso
Lupin III: Fujiko Mine's Lie
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Notables: Animation - Telecom Animation Film
Original Concept - Monkey Punch
R1 License - Discotek
Fujiko Mine is on the run with Gene, a boy who knows the location of a stash of $500 million dollars that his deceased father embezzled from the company Godfrey Mining. The boy is targeted by Bincam, an assassin hired by Godfrey Mining with a mysterious ability that allows him to bend a person’s will. Bincam’s whole body has been honed down from his teeth to finger nails that makes him a walking deadly weapon. So deadly that he has to be restrained when he is not hunting down targets.
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55-minute film released on May 31, 2019.
Animated by Telecom Animation Film.
Licensed by Discotek.
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Rent 9 9 8 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:3853#1552]
Fujiko's Lie is another edgier take on the Lupin III franchise offered up by director Takeshi Koiki. This film is a Fujiko-focused affair as she brings along the young son of an accountant to seek out the whereabouts of a $500 million fortune he embezzled from a mining company and has a group of assassins attempting to seek both of them out for the money. The focus on this film is attempting to have the audience come to their own conclusions over whether Fujiko is aiding the son for self-benefit to get the fortune or attempting to protect him from the assassins. There are enough hints and ambiguity for both sides to determine what Fujiko has in mind with the kid, and does help add a bit of dimension to her character throughout this film. Lupin and Jigen are also present at points in the film to also attempt finding the fortune and occasionally aiding Fujiko against the assassins. It appears there was more at play with the assassins chasing Fujiko, though this story element doesn't get much fleshed out and deliberately gets left unresolved, perhaps to dabble into for a future Lupin III film from Koiki. Still, Fujiko's Lie is decent entertainment for Lupin III fans who are into the franchise's femme fatale.

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