Rupan Sansei: Episode 0 'First Contact'

Title:Rupan Sansei: Episode 0 'First Contact'
First Contact
Lupin III: Episode:0 'First Contact'
Lupin the Third Episode:0 'First Contact'
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Notables: INOUE Makio
KURITA Kanichi
MORIYAMA Shuuichiro
R1 License - Discotek
SAKUNO Shunsuke
A news reporter named Elana sits next to Jigen in a bar. A coin lands on heads and Jigen agrees to tell her how he first met Lupin, 10 years ago....

TV Special, released 07/26/2002. If you've ever wondered how Lupin and Jigen met, why Jigen distrusts Fujiko so much, how Goemon attained his indestructible katana, Zantetsuken, or why Zenigata has devoted his life to chasing Lupin, the answers to those and a few other questions can be found right here!
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Buy 8 7 8 7 8 Ggultra2764 [series:578#1552]
Alongside The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, this TV special has become one of my personal favorites in the Lupin III franchise. First Contact pretty much serves as a sort of origin story revealing things about your favorite Lupin characters such as how Lupin's gang came together, how Zenigata became committed to wanting to capture Lupin and how Goemon acquires his sword Zantetsu-ken. The paths of the five memorable characters connect when they are all entangled with dealing with a Mafia boss having a tube containing details on an indestructible metal. The series does a solid job exploring the developments that lead the five to come together and mixing in the franchise's trademark comedy compliments of Lupin's antics while on jobs and dealing with other criminals.

The visuals to the special are solid with Lupin and the others still retaining their trademark character designs, but with more detail and a brighter color palette. The New York City settings are nicely drawn, vast and have quite a bit of detail to them. Animation shortcuts are noticeable with use of speed stripes and camera tricks, but the fighting sequences are a mix of exciting and hilarious to see depending on the moments that take place.

If you're a Lupin III fan or are looking for a point in which to start off your watch of the franchise, First Contact is a worthwhile title to check out as it features a solid origin story with the formation of Lupin's gang while retaining the franchise's trademark comedy and action.

Last updated Sunday, January 27 2013. Created Sunday, January 27 2013.
Buy 9 9 9 9 10 AstroNerdBoy [series:578#436]
While this comes in 2nd to Castle of Cagliostro, it comes the closest to matching that movie in sheer joy to watch. This is a good Lupin title to start with, but is even better if you know the characters and have seen several of the TV shows, specials, movies, or OAV's. I don't know how much liberties have been taken with the continuity. So with that in mind, I feel that this is the perfect story for how the characters meet and hook up. There's nothing forced or artificial. All the characters are true to themselves and once you see this, you come to understand why Lupin is the leader.

Lupin is out to steal the treasure of a mafia boss, a cylinder tube which contains a scroll with the formula of an indestrucible metal. Gigen is a hired gun to protect the mafia boss Galbez and is determined to kill Lupin after being shown up by him. Meanwhile, Lupin's rival Brad and his lover Fujiko are after the same treasure. Brad ends up dead and Fujiko continues her attempts to make the score with Zenigata coming to New York to arrest her. Meanwhile in Japan, Goemon is still looking for the Zantetsu, the indestructible sword and learns that it is in New York. Thus, all parties involved find themselves in New York and the start of the adventure of their lives.

Kurita Kanichi does a great job as the seiyuu of Lupin. At times, I really felt like he was Yamada Yasuo, the original seiyuu of Lupin who died a few years ago. He's done a great job at capturing the spirit of Lupin first brought to the character by Yamada-san. The only problem I had with this title was that it started to drag in the middle. Fortunately this didn't last long and the pace picks up when Goemon comes on the scene!

Bottom line: This is worthy of joining Castle of Cagliostro at the top of the Lupin III titles. The humor, adventure, and fun that is Lupin III is all here.

Last updated Sunday, August 31 2003. Created Thursday, July 10 2003.
Buy 10 10 10 9 9 10 Anonymous #731 [series:578#731]
This is, simply put, the BEST Lupin III TV Special to date, and is one of the few that's worth investing money in.
Jigen flashes back to the time when he first met Lupin and the gang. Jigen, along with a guy named Shade, is the body guard of a New York crimelord named Galbez. Lupin first meets Jigen while trying to steal a treasure from Galbez; an ancient Japanese cylinder made from some green metal. At first, and throughout most of the movie, Lupin is an enemy to Jigen and Jigen wants nothing but to kill Lupin. Goemon also wants a piece of Lupin, as the cylinder Lupin has contains a scroll with the instructions to forge an indestructable metal (hint hint). Meanwhile, Zenigata, not part of the ICPO at this point in time, is in New York City tracking down a criminal named Fujiko Mine, who ALSO wants that cylinder for her own reasons.
This TV Special is a must have for any Lupin III fan. It's good for general anime fans also, especially if you like animes like Cowboy Bebop. The animation is smooth and lively throughout the whole show, and it delivers a few laughs and it's action packed and has lots of nice jazz music to back it all up. I'd recommend this to anyone who ever had doubts about Lupin III; this will definitely change your mind.

Last updated Wednesday, May 28 2003. Created Wednesday, May 28 2003.

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