Lupin Sansei: Princess of the Breeze - Kakusareta Kuuchuu Toshi

Title:Lupin Sansei: Princess of the Breeze - Kakusareta Kuuchuu Toshi
Lupin III: Princess of the Breeze
Lupin III: Princess of the Breeze - Hidden City in the Sky
ルパン三世 princess of the breeze ~隠された空中都市~
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The story is set in Shahalta, a tiny European city-state floating in the air with practically no contact with the outside world for years. The government is transitioning from a monarchy to a republic, and to celebrate the occasion, a national treasure exhibition is being held. Lupin infiltrates the exhibition for the secret royal treasures, but not before sky pirates snatch them first.
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90-minute TV special that premiered on November 15, 2013.
Animated by TMS Entertainment.
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Watch 8 7 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:4258#1552]
This Rupan Sansei TV special is largely pretty standard as far as plots go with Lupin and Jigen trying to find the whereabouts of some treasure while being accompanied by a "girl of the film" and overcoming a gang of thugs trying to prevent them from learning of and tracking said treasure's whereabouts. Goemon, Fujiko, and Zenigata are also around at varying points throughout the TV special to aid or deter Lupin in his efforts, though they don't get much else to do beyond fulfilling their usual roles in these TV specials. Plus, the plot development is pretty by-the-numbers as far as the twists and turns of its story direction, with the characters not being too compelling within this film. To my understanding, Princess of the Breeze is the first TV special to create the more modern design of Lupin and other characters seen in later 2010s installments of the franchise and certainly looks better polished as a result, though the TV special's use of CG animation for rendering vehicles stick out like a sore thumb from the regular animation. Overall, a rather typical and middle-of-the-road entry within the Lupin III franchise.

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