Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED

Title:Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Mobile Suit: Gundam SEED
機動戦士ガンダムSEED (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
CHIBA Isshin
HOSHI Souichiro
KOYASU Takehito
Music - KAJIURA Yuki
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
SEKI Tomokazu
SEKI Toshihiko
In the future of Earth, man has taken to tampering with human genes, manipulating DNA to create a faster, stronger, more intelligent Breed. Hate and fear spreads among the general population when this violation of nature is revealed in the form of Earth's favored Idol. A rift is created and time passes. Space Colonies now exist as proxies to Earth Nations and The Coordinators have created there own nation and government. Due to a act of aggression called "The Valentine of blood", a war has broken out. This is the story of one Kira Yamato and how the war changed his life forever.
50 TV episodes
[edit] The Gundam franchise:

Gundam (main story, UC0079-0083) Gundam Z (sequel, UC0087) Gundam ZZ (sequel, UC0088) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (sequel, UC0093) Gundam Unicorn (sequel, UC0096) Gundam: Twilight Axis (sequel, UC0096) Gundam Narrative (sequel, UC0097) Gundam F91 (sequel, UC0123) Victory Gundam (sequel, UC0153) Gundam: The Origin (prequel, UC0068-0079) The 08th MS Team (side story, UC0079) MS IGLOO (side story, UC0079) SD Gundam Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Future Century) Gundam Wing (After Colony calendar system) Gundam X (After War timeline) Turn A Gundam (CC timeline) Gundam Evolve Gundam SEED (cosmic era) Gundam 00 (Anno Domini timeline) Gundam AGE Gundam Build Fighters Mobile Suit Gundam-San Gundam: G no Reconguista (Regild Century timeline) Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Post Disaster timeline)
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00, 98, 99
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Rent 8 6 7 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:571#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

My thoughts haven't changed much since last year after watching SEED in its entirety and I had dropped this last year after seeing 9 episodes. Like Gundam Wing, this series got a great deal of hype and praise from fans in the early to mid 2000s among Gundam fans. At the same time, there are folks that accuse SEED of being a poor-man's Gundam 0079 with its blatant rip-off of story elements and structure from the original 1970s series and its nice load of angst and melodrama that are regularly pushed throughout the course of the series. Between my original watch of SEED from last year and now, I'm gonna have to go with the latter camp.

I might as well deal with the elephant in the room and address the obvious dilemma with SEED in its blatant use of elements, themes and plot structure from 0079 and several older titles in the Universal Century continuity of the franchise. If you've seen your fair share of older Gundam titles, you will see enough parallels in what gets rehashed from UC titles here in SEED. The clashes between humans and enhanced humans with Naturals and Coordinators? That's a recurring plot element with many later titles in the UC continuity with Oldtypes and Newtypes. The struggle of the lone battleship's journey to get to allied headquarters against enemy forces with the Archangel? The same thing happened with White Base in 0079. The enemy stealing allied Gundam units here? The same thing was done in Gundam 0083. A great tragedy starting war between Naturals and Coordinators with the Bloody Valentine massacre? Same thing occurred with the 30 Bunch Incident with Zeta Gundam. Kira getting a Gundam upgrade in SEED's second half? Same thing done in Zeta with Kamille. I could go on, but I don't want to drag this review out any further than necessary.

Setting aside its obvious use of Universal Century themes and elements, the series does make some attempt at adding in some new elements to its plot by adding modern issues into the story of the series such as cloning, genetic engineering and nuclear weaponry. Plus, some of the major characters do get enough focus and depth where you know who they are and can care for their issues, like Cagalli and some members among both Naturals and Coordinators. However, this series has a pretty large cast and characterization suffers in this series greatly thanks to SEED's greater focus on plot development and advancement. Characters who get introduced either get reduced to archetypes, don't get enough focus for viewers to connect with them or the series rushes through any developments that could have been built up on throughout SEED's episodes. Like many past Gundam titles, this series has a high kill count with mooks, supporting and even major characters. You'll be caring less for many of the character deaths here since SEED never bothers to devote enough focus on many of its characters and the nice amount of angst that gets packed during such moments.

Ah, the angst. SEED loves pushing its angst and melodrama quite heavily at many points throughout its run in its superficial attempts to have you care for the issues faced by the show's characters. However much like Gundam Wing, the series gets too overbearing with its angst and melodrama where it makes what should be emotional moments pretty irksome and even laughable as characters either get reduced to pathetic angsting messes, screaming out character names if they get killed or get in the habit of spewing random philosophic rhetoric during heated battles in a vain attempt to sound like they are saying something meaningful. The plot does become a bit of a mess in later episodes of the series when multiple story developments get rushed through and resolved during the climactic final battle of the series, as well as trying to toss in some unconvincing romantic pairings among major characters that seemed artificial and lacked natural chemistry. Also, expect some clip shows and recap episodes to pop up at points in the series.

The animation to SEED is a mixed bag. The series sports a diverse number of scenic shots in space, Earth and on space colonies that are nicely detailed and sport vivid color. Mecha designs look slick and pleasing on the eyes, despite their obvious influence from past Gundam titles and there is some decent use of CG animation in rendering space battleships and weapons moving or being used despite sticking out prominently compared to the cel-shaded animation. However, character designs are a bit on the plain side and the series likes resorting to a nice number of animation shortcuts rather frequently throughout the course of its run such as speed stripes, still shots and reused animation frames. The soundtrack consists of dramatic music inserts and upbeat J-Pop tracks used for OP and ED tracks that are pleasing on the ears, do well at flowing at whatever scenes they are played in and is perhaps the highlight of the series for me.

Overall, I feel Gundam SEED is just as overhyped as Wing in being a quality addition to the Gundam franchise thanks to its complete ripping of major elements and plot structure from Gundam UC titles, its heavy reliance on angst and melodrama, limited depth and focus on many of its characters and rushed later episodes. You would be better off watching Turn A Gundam if you are looking for a good quality alternate continuity title in the Gundam franchise.

Last updated Sunday, November 03 2013. Created Saturday, April 28 2012.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Big Fire [series:571#2441]
I have nothing but positives to say about Gundam Seed. The art, the story, the character development, and the mecha...ALL GREAT!!! I do think that they did borrow the original gundam story a bit...BUT...I own the original gundam, and that art is just too unbearable to watch...I do think that the Aegis is interestingly colored...RED!...But hey Athrun is no Char...One thing that bothers me, is that the enemy could steal Gundams so easliy...Dating back to Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory the enemy keeps getting there hands on Gundams with ease...I don't get why they don't just make there own...Or why the good guys don't have better security so that the start-up of gundams aren't achieved so easily. But i guess we wouldn't have much of a story if that was the case...The Strike Gundam versus a bunch of GINNs would just make for a bad story...I have to admit I am only on episode 10, but I am really enjoying the show so far...

(44 episodes watched)
Home stretch...I am really enjoying this series...Couple of questions i had above were answered so i was really happy about that...The story is messing with my head now...I don't know who i like, and maybe i just don't like any of, orb, or zaft...what i do like is MECHA!!! and lots of them... I do think the multi color lasers are a bit much, but I like how the freedom and justice look...One has to wonder...If Zaft were developing such Uber-Gundams to begin with, what was the point of 1) stealing the earth's gundams, and 2) going after the strike gundam and the arch angel...I still rate this series as a buy...I got burnt out in the middle...around episode 25, but it starts picking up towards the end...I am keeping my liberal 10s as well, as I am really enjoying this story...The shadows of amaro and char have dissapeared long ago, and this story is taking a shape of it's own...

WOW!!! Alot of people died...Even people that didn't need to die, died...At the end of Gundam Seed, I did feel that there was alot of closure...I enjoyed this series, lots of fighting, lots of mecha, lots of characters to choose from...I would recommend this to anyone...

Last updated Thursday, April 05 2007. Created Sunday, March 11 2007.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:571#1393]
I like this anime and have watched the first series of it to the end. It is on cartoon network at 2:00 AM. on Saturday morning. If you are a late sleeper my suggestion is you buy this one and you won't be disappointed. Otherwise if you like getting up way early and I do you will enjoy this anime.

Last updated Wednesday, June 22 2005. Created Wednesday, June 22 2005.
Buy 9 10 10 10 9 9 Snipaboy [series:571#1881]
Very good adaptation to the original mobile suit gundam. It adds more to it in my opinion. The characters are very well done and seem to have a realistic personality. I say buy this series...i already have it and no regrets here:)

Last updated Sunday, September 25 2005. Created Tuesday, March 15 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:571#1573]
Drama : High (OMG Does tons of people die)
Comedy : None
Action : High
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Low

All Episodes Watched (It's the greatest)

Wow Xero gave it such high marks but then marked it a Watch.
I had seen the complete Mobile Suit Gundam, and honestly no other Gundam series held my interest (Though G Gundam was a nice watch) but then I saw seed and was converted. This is the original story of Gundam but Amaro is replaced by Kira and he goes from a Earthling to a Xaft tourist. Even the Archangel ship looks just like WhiteBase.
The story is incredible. I particularly liked the girl with the red hair (Fllay) when her father bit it and she goes totally insane.
'Kira will fight for me, Kira will protect me, and Kira will DIE for me'.
If you like Gundam, you will love this.
As I continute to watch this it gets better and better.
Did anyone notice the change of the eyecatch in Eps 35? It's subtle!

Edit : I just finished this, now this was a Pacifist Anime hiding within an incredible robot anime. Lacus and Kira were the Focus of an incredible anti war movement (Considering the number of people they have killed this is VERY ironic). What's really sad is this anime actually could be applied to our current situation right now. /sigh.

Lesson Learned : Once nuclear missiles have been used by one side, BOTH sides will think that means they have free reign to kill 1 billion people because they belong to the 'other side'.

Last updated Friday, May 13 2005. Created Thursday, January 06 2005.
Watch 10 9 10 10 7 8 Xero [series:571#1666]
I found the story interesting. The character developement in the story is amazing. Actually the character emotions seems to be the greatest story plot in this story. At least in my opinion. The fighting was good, with a lot of confusing twists added on that were later explained at the near end of the story. At first the introduction of the story made it seem like an exact copy of the original Gundam. I mean even the ship "Archangel" seems very similar to the gundam's main ship. But later on the storyline drifted from the original story. I personally liked it, though I thought it could be better. The ending itself seemed very rushed.

Last updated Sunday, October 31 2004. Created Sunday, October 31 2004.
Buy 100 100 100 100 100 100 Robert Fiszer [series:571#1263]
The best and i love it its outside of gundam time line i hate it follows all laws of gundam five gundams except later 6 more are added but ok same in Wing any 1 in love dies check check no dam mini suits smaller than a child (dam SD ) storyline about war (dam God gundam) great music and anime (thank god for wing).

Last updated Tuesday, April 27 2004. Created Tuesday, April 27 2004.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Yami Basaka Gundam [series:571#692]
The main story is a racist war between the Coordinators (ZAFT) and the Earth Alliance (Naturals). But 2 friends meet again on opposite sides of the battle field. How can u shoot your own best friend?
Incoperated in this Gundam is the best of all the previous gundams. Mobile Armors from 8th MS team, White Base as Arch Angel, Bit weapon systems, something like Stardust Memory's GP03 DENDROBIUM, and you can never forget the bad ass Beam Cannons. Every Gundam and all the MS designs are excelent, no crappy looking GM's, Zaku's, and Leo's. This Series features some of the best music i've heard as well and itz animation is a level above any other anime i've viewed. If u watch the entire series, take a close look around for those "glamor" shots, they are beautiful. 50 episodes and a "perfect file" (DVD movie) are available on Ebay.

Last updated Thursday, March 11 2004. Created Thursday, March 11 2004.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 AntitrustSpider [series:571#542]
It's a good lengh. Great story and animation. I love the different Gundams and the whole thing.

Last updated Saturday, February 07 2004. Created Saturday, February 07 2004.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 AtasteAnime [series:571#1051]
Gundam Seed is a 50 episode saga regarding the stuggles of the natural humans and genetically engineering humans. Much like our currently world, the extremist on both sides led their respective fractions into a deadly stuggle of survival. The series contains plenty of action, romace, drama, and like other gundam titles more sci-fi than you can ask for. This is a wonderfully scipted title that is well worth the time to watch. The music and the art works are amazaingly beautiful. There is even a PS2 game release for it in Japan. For those folks already unfamiliar with Gundam, this is a spun off title. Gundam Seed is a completely independent story that exist outside of the Gundam Universal time line. What does it mean? It simply means anyone can watch it without any previous knowledge of the Gundam world.

Last updated Thursday, November 13 2003. Created Thursday, November 13 2003.
Buy 10 9 10 9 10 10 EndlessRamblings [series:571#534]
As you can see I think very highly of this series. To those who watch alot of Gundam and who like it, this series incorporates all the best stuff already done and brings in a more character driven, more rich plot, that isn't moved along through episode by episode narration. To those new to gundam, it's really easy to watch and really easy to enjoy. However I will say this, if you don't like action and you don't like mechs, you probally won't enjoy this as much. I still think it's worth watching though because it may grow on you.The series is currently up to 30 and is being fansubbed by animejunkies. You can buy the imported dvd's off of
Sorry for the grammar and whatnot I wrote this really late, heh night.Oh and the site on the image is the official Japanese Site, so it's in Japanese... *states the obvious*
o.o something new, there is currently 32 episodes released and subbed. The series will aire up to 56 and it is currently rated # 1 by the japanese readers of new type.

Last updated Friday, May 23 2003. Created Tuesday, May 20 2003.
Unevaluated 8 8 7 10 7 7 GM V [series:571#427]
Though this series has not finished yet it is at least 1/5 done. My review of this series will change as the series develops. From the first fifth of this brand new gundam series, it is not as impressive but not as bad as I thought it would turn out to be. My biggest beef with this series is that it borrows many and I mean many things from previous Gundam series. It doesn't have too much original content. The archangel is basically a redesign to the White Base(mobile suit gundam). Also newtypes to coordinators, notice what I'm getting? Some episodes were completely similar to those of the original series. I also didn't like the character designs, only a few look good. The pros however is that SEED is not as weak as Wing when it comes to story, it also comes in modern animation which I think was done decently(gladly it was superior to G-Saviour). I also like many of the mecha and designs. Only one stands out from the rest(I talk about it later int this review).The action at times is quite interesting, few boring ones. The music in this series is excellent especially the opening Invoke and the ending theme. Bunch that up together and you get above mediocre. Since the series is not completely done I hope for its sake that it makes more original material.(The Gundam Freedom is a recycle of many designs which you will see later, I think Okawara is quickly running out of ideas since he recycles about 6 mobile suits in this one gundam) The more original this series gets, the better it will do.

Last updated Sunday, January 26 2003. Created Sunday, January 26 2003.

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