Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Title:Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W
Gundam Wing
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
CHIBA Isshin
KOYASU Takehito
OKIAYU Ryoutaro
SEKI Toshihiko
Earth has long controlled space, but now human colonies are revolting, and they send a team of powerful gundam guerillas to Earth to fight for colonial freedom.
49 TV episodes
"Senki" ("戦記") means "military history", as opposed to "Senshi" ("戦士") in the other Gundam titles, which means "soldier".
[edit] The Gundam franchise:

Gundam (main story, UC0079-0083) Gundam Z (sequel, UC0087) Gundam ZZ (sequel, UC0088) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (sequel, UC0093) Gundam Unicorn (sequel, UC0096) Gundam: Twilight Axis (sequel, UC0096) Gundam Narrative (sequel, UC0097) Gundam F91 (sequel, UC0123) Victory Gundam (sequel, UC0153) Gundam: The Origin (prequel, UC0068-0079) The 08th MS Team (side story, UC0079) MS IGLOO (side story, UC0079) SD Gundam Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Future Century) Gundam Wing (After Colony calendar system) Gundam X (After War timeline) Turn A Gundam (CC timeline) Gundam Evolve Gundam SEED (cosmic era) Gundam 00 (Anno Domini timeline) Gundam AGE Gundam Build Fighters Mobile Suit Gundam-San Gundam: G no Reconguista (Regild Century timeline) Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Post Disaster timeline)
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Watch 7 6 7 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:161#1552]
Gundam Wing was the series that helped popularize the Gundam franchise here in America as it was the first series in the franchise that was aired via Toonami. But in terms of the amount of praise a number of fans have given the series, it is definitely overrated as the series overall is an average one that is trying to be grand with its plot yet is quite sloppy and unoriginal in its execution. As Jan-Chan elaborated on, a good amount of the writing for the plot is quite sloppy where logic is thrown out the window in vain attempts to create drama to hook in the audience at the cost of creating a cohesive story that makes any sense. The series gets into enough of a bad habit of featuring characters spewing out ideological monologues while in the middle of a heated battle and talking about wanting peace while they are trying to kill off one another in battle. In addition, enough organizations and factions are brought up, a number of them formed without any foreshadowing or created for ridiculous reasons, where it gets hard enough to figure out who you should be rooting for.

Alongside the sloppy plotting, a number of the characters also have their issues. Many of the characters in Gundam Wing are tough to connect with due to their bland/ eccentric personalities, lack of background, and/ or questionable ideologies. This is especially prominent with a number of the Gundam pilots who are too emotionally detached from the events around them and it gets laughable when they emote during or after a battle. Speaking of Gundam pilots, Wufei proved to be the most unlikeable of the five for me because of his cocky, rude and sexist attitude. In other areas, Zechs just screams "Char ripoff" considering his very character, personal beliefs and the events that he becomes involved with are very similar to what Char pulls in the Universal Century titles of the Gundam franchise and don't even get me started with some of the members of OZ/ Rockefeller Foundation who have varying mental disorders from Lady Une's split personalities to Tsuborov's unhealthy obsession with the Mobile Dolls. There are some characters who are level-headed enough where you could care for them such as Duo, Sally Po and Zechs' right-hand woman Noin. But with the many characters not right in the head throughout Gundam Wing, it gets tough enough to take the series seriously at most points and I was laughing myself senseless over the absurdities in this series, which was very likely not what Sunrise and the show's creators had in mind when they made Gundam Wing.

In terms of presentation, the visuals to Gundam Wing are about standard for what you would expect in a mid-90s anime title. Scenery, mecha and character designs look decent when there isn't much movement onscreen. However, the quality does degrade at points during battle scenes and animation shortcuts are quite apparent. The only decent praise I could give for Gundam Wing is for parts of its soundtrack which feature some solid J-Rock tracks coming from Two-Mix used for OP and insert musical selections.

I would only recommend watching Gundam Wing if you are in the mood to mock its sloppy writing, unoriginal ideas and ridiculous characters. Otherwise, the series isn't worth wasting money to add to your anime collection.

Last updated Saturday, December 10 2011. Created Saturday, December 10 2011.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:161#967]
OH YEH!! This is yet another one of those ubiquitous Gundam stories. What attracted me initially to this title was the couple of BUY ratings listed below, so I decided to give this a try.

Well, it does have a lot of mecha Gundam activity. And true to the franchise, there is an evil masked villain who with the help of a group of well-funded nobility is intent of taking over the earth and its colonies and create a better dictatorship.... err... a new world.

Fighting against them and the tyranny of Earth’s control are a group of five young Gundam pilots and their high tech mecha machines. Yada .. yada… yada….

And by episode five, I can clearly see where this series is going and why I am not going to like it….

While the animation is a bit old and dated, that doesn’t really bother me. The characters are interesting enough to hold my attention. But let’s talk about the story - the storywriters are just ahos and their script s**ks completely.
  • In the first episode, a Gundam and its pilot fall into the sea from over mile up. The pilot is ½ drowned and the Gundam gets away without a scratch?
  • A pilot takes a few minutes to hack into the military’s computer system to access details on their weapons and track down weapons powerful enough to destroy his disabled Gundam. Then he sneaks on to base to steal three torpedoes. And when he fires them at his Gundam, it only results in some minor damage. So the military has no security and the expert pilot is incompetent?
  • Later when he is trapped in hospital, an ally knocks out his attendant. Then three minutes later, everyone returns and the attendant is back at his station as if nothing ever happened.
  • In the 4th episode, a Gundam pilot sneaks on to a military base… even when they are expecting to be attacked…. to bomb a building, and then it just takes them 30seconds to track him down using thermal scanners as he is leaving – AGAIN - LAME SECURITY !!!
I know that these might seem to be little issues, but its just sloppy. And this type of (insert harsh word here) happens again and again, popping up several times in each episode.

There is something referred to as ‘talking down to an audience’ or ‘pulling a fast one, hope you didn't notice’, and this series is full of it. I just want to believe that this is an old series that was written/scripted for a very young audience – a group who would probably not notice these problems. In any case, it's BAKA !!

Otherwise this is just another Gundam story and not a very good one at that. So far the only Gundam story that I actually enjoyed would have to be Gundam Seed

Well, you have been warned….

Last updated Thursday, October 08 2009. Created Monday, June 08 2009.
Unevaluated Big Fire [series:161#2441]
(4 episodes watched)

I dunno what it is about gundam wing...I don't like it...maybe it is my fault for watching endless waltz first, then never getting around to watching this series...well until now that is...I tried giving it another chance due to the success of Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. But I just don't like it...the story, the mecha...No Zakus or Doms, and some goofy concept about if you see a gundam you will not live...I gave it an unevaluated, it seems like others like the story so maybe I should give it a watch rating...but for others who really enjoy mecha...I would skip/avoid this series all together and go watch some other gundam story...

Last updated Tuesday, May 01 2007. Created Tuesday, May 01 2007.
Rent 8 7 8 9 8 REDMUSEBLUE [series:161#1541]
Hmmm. To be honest Gundam Wing has been THE series which got me into the anime world. And I still like it.
Art and Animation: I believe it's between average and pretty. With all the mecha flying around it's a bit... straining in my opinion. I'm actually wavering on how to rate the whole art and animation thing... either it's not too bad, not too wonderful... -_-;;
Character designs: I'm pretty sure this part should either be 8 or 7.5. The guys look all right to me. All 5 main characters with the unintentional so-called enemies look fairly good, the term bishounen or biseinen does fit them. But the females... some of the episodes had made me mistaken the females for guys if their hair wasn't around to distinguish. *sweat drops* But since not all of the females get a lot of screen time like the guys I'm going to keep the rating on 8. Might be harsh, but it's my way of seeing which character designs are good or not.
Music: Aa... I'm a big GW music fan. I've most of the GW songs, character songs and Op/Ed themes too. I'd say GW has great music Jpop-ish to Jtechno-ish [does this word exist?] The lyrics of the character songs are pretty related to the said characters and hold great meaning when it comes to war.
Story Series: It's what I call "interesting". But for the most part I feel intrugued when the series continued. The themes running from politics to personal wars hold meaning in 'my book' since my country has a lot of politician clashes here and there. Using teenagers as the actual heroes and then turning them into your enemies somehow caught my eye; somehow I'd a distinct feeling there's more than just that. Is it about free opinion? Freedom? New generation?
Cast: Hmmm... the cast really consist of known seiyuu likie Midorikawa Hikaru, Seki Toshihiko, Nakahara Shigeru, Orikasa Ai, Ishino Ryuuzou, Koyasu Takehito, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Yokohama Chisa, Touma Yumi etcetera. I'd say they do a good job there.
I'm not much of a dub fan, but since I've watched most of GW episodes in the American version I can't help but add another comment. The dub is fairly good in my opinion. The cast for the characters are great actors and have done a great performance in GW. Especially the one who'd played Quatre, Brad Swaile [something]... I love his voice work *hearts*. So both sides are great!
FAN SERVICE: *laughs* I'm fairly sure that Gundam Wing has one of the biggest fandom on the internet or anywhere else. And it still highly amused me that some fans even compete here and there which couple is the best. Hmmm, GW has a very large Romance fandom that it's so difficult to see which side has the ones you are looking for and which sides not. Hehehe. The biggest issue is probably the pairing thing. Everyone somehow has a favorite pairing here and most of them are either canon or just plain non-canon. I might be wrong, but... somehow the yaoi/shounen-ai side has the largest GW audience.
And I still like it. *hugs*

Last updated Sunday, August 15 2004. Created Sunday, August 15 2004.
Buy 8 7 7 8 8 Stealth_Duck [series:161#1317]
Admittedly, this was my first anime. Watched the DVD release. I'm male, and the opinion some have of this as a pretty boy series never really clicked. Admittedly, if girls are attracted to the designs, i can't blame em, as they aren't horribly disfigured or something- Heero is the original badass(setting your own broken leg?!?), Duo is quite funny, etc. Anyone who sees this a Yaoi is projecting their fantasies onto the show. Nasty. Anyway, I do see Quatre as masculinity-challenged, but I think him and Dorothy will eventually get that issue settled.
Now, those of you who hate Relena-yea, she IS naive. That's exactly the point. Pure pacificism will not emerge on its own out of a war-driven world. Yet, unless someone is willing to take a stand and stay with it, peace will always degrade into war. Her ideals are essential to a world without war. They don't create one, but they are needed to maintain one. If violence is seen as the answer in any way, things will always escalate into war. period. look at history. The main characters related with her(except Dorothy of course) all realize that her viewpoint will allow true peace. But they also know war(and lots of it) is needed to get there. Which is why they all fight for her naive vision of the world(albeit on different sides, and in different ways).
My take on Heero(supplemented by EW and epZ) is that he does actually fall in love with Relena(duh) but is completely unaware of it. He's been raised completely apart from emotions(with few exceptions) and is completely baffled by why he cares for Relena(and can't just KILL HER!)
I loved the realism of the characters. And how even those that you start out hating without reservation end up being good guys in their own right. Especially Treize. And Une.(talk about a skitzo^^).
What bothered me was the lack of realism when it came to main characters and death. While every random enemy had a tendency to blow up as soon as being hit, main characters' MSs took a ton of punishment, even the normal mobile suits. And those just were beaten inoperational. But they DIDNT blow up.(excepting... whoops, big spoiler).
My other complaint was the lack of deep interaction between characters as far as relationships go. Heero and Relena are together-in a way-but it never goes ANYWHERE. Trowa and Catherine aren't the relationship that first pops to mind(the manga is somewhat ambiguous in phrasing, but the scenes shown give it away). Quatre and Dorothy are... we have no clue. Wufei has past relationships which are vaguely hinted at. Duo is just Duo(I sense some irony in the name).
Anyway, if you want a show with lots of action, deep plotline, deep(and confusing) characters, and awesome mecha, go ahead and get it. But beware underdeveloped romance(can it even be called that?), hidden(and thus disorienting) plot references(aka EP0), and characters that must be fully analyzed to be understood.

Last updated Tuesday, April 06 2004. Created Tuesday, April 06 2004.
Rent 8 7 7 7 7 MasterYoshidino [series:161#598]
Hmmmmmm. Not tooo sure. Looking at is was allright on the domestic releases. Ok to watch it on public tv but i don't see whether Gundam Wing is really worth buying. Ok avoid buying it. Just watch it. Unless you like gundam and mecha kind of anime. Then i am not a fan of bishonen but of bishoujo. Biased huh.

Last updated Sunday, November 02 2003. Created Sunday, November 02 2003.
Buy 7 7 7 8 8 Kari [series:161#798]
This is probably one of my favorite Gundam shows. The theme for this, as with all Gundam shows, is a political one.

I like the music of Gundam Wing, from the BGM tracks like Journey to the Sun (featured on the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz soundtrack), to the vocal songs like Rhythm Emotion. As for the character designs, some of them are similar to those of other Gundam shows. Zechs looks like Char Aznable of several prior Gundam shows, and Raww Le Klueze of Gundam SEED. It seems like the writers and character designers of Gundam have a bizarre obsession with blond guys who wear metallic masks too. Kira Yamato of Gundam SEED is basically a more social version of Heero Yuy...or Amuro Ray. The animation is okay, because the show's a bit old, but the Mecha designs are gratifying.

The main character of the show is the suicidal Heero Yuy. He's the typical silent loner.

I like the the dubbed version, done by the Ocean Group as well.

Despite various Gundam themes being recycled in GW, as with every other Gundam series, Gundam Wing is still pleasant to watch. It manages to successfully convey the anguish that accompanies war, regardless of the war depicted being fictional. The characters all have their own perspectives on life, and reasons for fighting, and they fight for what they believe in. Yes, this is well worth buying.

Last updated Tuesday, December 05 2006. Created Tuesday, July 01 2003.
Buy bekku [series:161#816]
gundam wing is a wonderful anime that i really seem to enjoy, all except for one part...relena. it's a good thing she shapes up near the end/endless waltz, but i just absolutely HATED her in the beginning of the series. she was always believing in true pacifism and just couldn't understand how the only way to achieve peace is to win it through the military. people don't listen to words, it would be nice if they would, but this series has shown that it won't.
but, the music is great (it's two-mix...can't go wrong with two-mix :D) and the animation (especially the fight scenes between mechas) are very well drawn. the storyline is very well written in that it goes into detail about each pilot and how and why they are taking place in this "operation meteor". it also shows how other characters learn from them and mature (like relena did, thank god ^___^). it also makes you took differently in life, sort of..ya know. ~_~
i recommend this to anyone who's into political anime or action.

Last updated Monday, June 30 2003. Created Monday, June 30 2003.
Watch 8 9 7 8 8 7 Sesen Kelader [series:161#471]
Once my friend RIOT said to me, "Gundamn Wing is set to satisfy female viewers taste, since there are 5 young, handsome gundam pilots." It was hilarious when I heard him say that. Yet it's pretty much TRUE LoL.
Gundamn Wing is like an OVA of Gundamn. It does not connect to the 00XX series, which is considered as the "true" gundamn series, at all. The story of gundamn is basically the tell of gundamn pilots' searching for themselves. Anyway, personally I don't think the TV series is well plotted. The movie, Endless Waltz is fun to watch because it focuses on a more important idea clearly and nicely. However, in the 2nd season of TV series. The robots become so cool and I can't help but bought the models home (only sand custom however---no money to buy the Perfect Grade Wing custom ||__|| ).
I don't recommend to buy it. But it's great to watch 5 astonishing gundamn (and I don't mean the pilots) fight against sucky MS.

Last updated Wednesday, January 08 2003. Created Wednesday, January 08 2003.
Buy 8 9 8 7 8 Daedalus [series:161#438]
Gundam Wing is arguably one of the best animes around. It appeals to both genders, has a good, coherent plot and solid characters. The art is outstanding and the animation is superb. Even the soundtrack has a few gems that really bring out the animation taking place on the screen.
What makes this series stand out in particular is it's subtle nature in developing the characters and plot. The added depth adds a sense of realism that would not otherwise be there. Also, the plot is always surprizing, with new twists introduced seemingly every other episode to keep things fresh. Additionally, we find that each character is not only fighting against a given enemy, they are also conflicting with themselves.
If I had to try to show how awesome anime was to a skeptic, this would be what I'd show them. The first time I saw Gundam Wing, it gave me goosebumps. When I finished the series, I still had goosebumps. It's just that good.

Last updated Tuesday, December 03 2002. Created Tuesday, December 03 2002.
Buy 8 7 7 6 8 Almost Eilonwy [series:161#428]
Gundam Wing seems to be one of the most underrated anime out there. Everybody's afraid to say they like it for fear of being associated with rabid yaoi fangirls. Putting aside the shounen ai subtext in the series(Arguably, there is some small subtext between a couple characters, but it's not terribly important to the overall plot), Gundam Wing is a very good series with a strong plot and strong characters.
This series is one that you will have to watch several times to try to sort out all the motivations, philosophies, and sides in the war. It's usually described as a war story, but it's really a story about trying to attain peace. In the end, there are no bad guys, because just about every main character in the series is after the same goal; They all just have different viewpoints on how to get there.
The characters are very likable, each one having their own motivations behind what they do. Despite what you may get from fandom, the Gundam boys probably get the least screentime of all the main players. They act as a catalyst in the series and, though they are incredibly important in the story, they are mainly a symbol to people throughout the series.
I haven't seen any of the other Gundam series, but I really enjoyed this one. I would recommend it to everybody. Ignore all the yaoi fangirls(No offense to them, but they do tend to scare people away from the show), and sit back and enjoy. There's so much more to this series than boy-love.

Last updated Monday, December 02 2002. Created Monday, December 02 2002.
Rent 8 8 5 7 4 4 GM V [series:161#427]
Here is the first Gundam series released in North America. I did see the first episode of Gundam Wing in 1995 but wasn't that excited. As more episodes came I watched it and found Gundam Wing to be a mediocre series. Why is it mediocre? Do you hate Gundam? No I don't dislike Gundam. I found Gundam Wing as a whole to have not paid enough attention to character and story compared to almost every Gundam series and movie. The big exception was G-Saviour which all should avoid. Zechs is a copy of Mobile Suit Gundam's Char, but then again Char is a beter character. Gundam Wing tries to sound intectual even though it isn't. Pacifisim in Gundam is a first and it was seen in this series. I wish Heero kept his promises but of course being heero he doesn't mind destroying hordes of nameless Leo pilots but feels for Releena specifically. Isn't that weird? I feel that the series also kept too many main and even supporting characters alive. Only 1 main character will die and I'll let you guess who. Then again if many died there would be no Endless Waltz. Overall Gundam Wing falls short in critical areas like character development and making a good story which are IMO important in a Gundam series. Compared to the original Mobile suit Gundam, I prefer the original Gundam since it provided a better story than this series alone, the original was also cut from 52 to 43 episodes.

Last updated Saturday, January 25 2003. Created Saturday, November 23 2002.
Buy 8 7 8 10 8 kakyuu_prince [series:161#404]
Gundam Wing was the first show to really introduce me to anime. Although it's not one of my favorites, I'll always like it. The animation starts out not so good but as the series progresses it gets better and near the end I thought it was pretty good. Of course, I also liked how there were 4 very good looking guys (notice how I exclude one, guess who) who were the pilots of really cool looking mecha. The mecha designs in Gundam Wing are definitely the best designs for Gundams that I've seen out of all the Gundam series. They're all original and fit the pilot well instead of one design over and over again. The music was great, as it was done by Two-Mix and "Just Communication" as well as "Rythm Emotion" were fantastic songs. The story was interesting and the only problem I had besides the (sometimes) poor animation was Relena. I HATE Relena. She and her stupid pacifist stuff kept getting in the way! Dorothy was DAMN cool, I wish that Dorothy would have assasinated her in the series. Relena's ideals are so weak, if you're going to be a pacifist, then you should be resolved to die for what you believe in. If you're a pacifist and you're not willing to do that than that just makes you a coward who hides behind the people who fight. Relena is also awful to look at, what was with her eyebrows in the beginning?! I hate how she stalks Heero too, leave the poor boy alone! Let him go off with Duo. ^.^ Anyhoo, if you can get over one of the worst characters ever being in this show, then by all means check Gundam Wing out.

Last updated Monday, October 21 2002. Created Monday, October 21 2002.
Avoid 8 7 8 5 2 Just Say >huh< [series:161#284]
Gundam is one of the most watched mech series in Japan. Naturally it has lots of followers here in the US as well.
After watching about 5 dvds worth of this series, I've decided to give up on this series due to lameness of the heros and the story.
The main hero of the story, the oddly named Heero Yui, is a suicidal 16 year old with zero personality. The rest of the 4 little boys tries to be like the "manly" Heero. The plot of the whole series is about cliched conspiracy to take of the world using mechas built with the metal Gundamium and stuff..
Now lets move on to the good aspect of this series; The animation is great. The character designs are pretty cool too. The mechas are good, and the fighting scenes are pretty good.
When it comes to the ratings, I found myself unable to watch this series due to my apathy towards the main characters and the plot in general. However, I do recommend this series to the existing Gundam, or hardcore Mecha fans.

Last updated Wednesday, March 13 2002. Created Wednesday, March 13 2002.
Buy 8 7 10 10 10 10 boo [series:161#262]
"You can fight, well CAN'T you?"
Gundam Wing was my first true extended experience with anime. I have to get to the point. I love this series. I know that the "purists" shun GW but the characters and plot are really to be admired. The complexity of human emotions is displayed through an array of characters. While the Gundam pilots were fantastic in their own right, i believe that the "villians" truly made the show so impressive. Lady Un has to be one of the baddest mama's in anime period. (Noin is a hottie as well!... had to throw that in)
This is a long series at 49 episodes and can be expensive if you are trying to own it. Try not to pass judgement on this series on the first few episodes. The series progressively rises in quality and depth.
This is my favorite anime of all time. It has to be. The characters are too endearing and the last two episodes are amazing. 3/6/02

Last updated Wednesday, March 06 2002. Created Wednesday, March 06 2002.
Buy 9 8 9 9 9 Lonely Warrior [series:161#275]
Ok, if you've just looked at my scores you may have noticed that I have ranked this higher than most people. This is not to break the trend, but to showcase what a spectacular series this is. Gundam Wing is a tribute to Japanese animation, as the world leaders in this medium. No one can do what the Japanese do!
On the surface, most people brandish GW as boring, repetetive, unnecessary action, but these comments are unjustified. This anime is deep and the characters are very complex, and also very diverse. If you feel you will be bored by this, then GW is not for you. If however, you are looking for something different, with greater depth than your usual anime, then I truly reccomend tis series. Without a doubt it is one of the finest.
The characters are not your usual stereotypical types, they stay true to what the creators wanted. They have very deep past histories that are intricately revealed as the series progresses. The gundams themselves can also be classed as characters, as the pilots have strong bonds with their mecha. The fights are animated beautifully and are always engaging. I could go on about the great music, the super cool bad guys, the twists in the plots etc, but it comes down to one thing only: YOU NEED TO SEE THIS! Enjoy :)

Last updated Tuesday, February 26 2002. Created Tuesday, February 26 2002.
Buy 9 9 8 8 8 Black Panther [series:161#142]
I really liked this anime! It is the reason that I got into anime... It is also the reason Coyote got into anime as well (remember your roots boy! ;o)) In any case, I really enjoyed this anime, and I still do. You have to see it all to understand it all. The characters have depth, unlike what some might say. It depends on how much depth you view things in to "understand" if you will, the characters. For example, Heero hides his fears, feelings, and any emotion or "weakness" with his "strength" in being a leader. Duo hides it all with humor...and so on... I hope you don't get discouraged by some of these reviews, I know one thing... You will either love it or you just plain and simply wont. One more thing, comparing it with insyink or backstreet boys is just not right, its not like that at all!!

Last updated Monday, December 24 2001. Created Monday, December 24 2001.
Buy 8 7 8 8 8 Sutekh [series:161#227]
I dont have too much to say as a lot is already written by others on this series. However, for all that put low scores into character design because the characters are very distant and unemotional are you not paying attention to the series. They were raised to kill. I dont know about you but I would be a little callus if I were a trained killer from birth. My other point is that this is a good series on the brutality of warfare, mainly because all of the violence in the series is never glorified. Ah yes and I have one question. Why is this under bischonen?!?

Last updated Monday, October 15 2001. Created Monday, October 15 2001.
Watch 6 7 4 5 4 5 Kaneda [series:161#87]
This anime is an ok anime, if you like mecha. The story in and out of the mechs is well balanced such that it doesnt drag too much and the characters were well done, I watched the subbed version. In all actuality the series is a classic mecha series and truly set forth new standards for mecha anime.

Last updated Wednesday, September 05 2001. Created Wednesday, September 05 2001.
Buy 7 8 9 10 Pai [series:161#196]
Politics have never interested me, yet why I was sucked into this anime, I will never know. It is a great example of what affect war can have on people, especially the ones doing the fighting. I watched the dubbed on Toonami, and watched fansubs. No contest, the show is definitely better in it's original content. Anyways, it's probably one of the more fantasy-themed gundam series. It's really far out, but it's stil a great anime to watch...

Last updated Wednesday, August 22 2001. Created Wednesday, August 22 2001.
Watch 8 8 4 8 6 7 X [series:161#157]
A good Gundam series. The only problem is the characters, mainly the good guys. It was just so hard to connect with them, they pretty much stayed the same and somewhat naive staying the same. I just couldn't like them, their little emotional problems (all except Duo, who seemed more human rather than his "robotic" partners).
The story is pretty much the typical Gundam story line of war and peace blah blah. However, it stayed true to the typical Gundam villains, which i really, really love. They aren't your usual crazy kill 'em all bad guys. They are just like regular people who believe strongly in their beliefs. This is always done so superbly in Gundam series's. Zechs, Treize, we could all relate to them and sometimes cheer them on (of course they could never amount to the coolest of all Gundam baddies... Char Aznable).
A good series, only if the good guys were more dynamic and relatable.

Last updated Wednesday, March 21 2001. Created Monday, March 19 2001.
Buy 5 5 8 7 9 8 Chichi [series:161#149]
I love this anime. Most people would say its because I am infatuated with one of the main characters, but its not.
I am a lover of Bishonen anime and indeed loved Heero before GWing came to the US. However, when I saw the first episode of GW I was appaled. I couldnt believe the difference in the fandom to the actual series!
The animation in GW is not the best. Many of the pictures look hastily done but this could be because of the anime being old. Still, some of the pictures in the series are good. But I'm not recommending it because of the animation.
The plot is what got me. Some people may think that the plot is boring but I found it intricate. It was the first show I have ever seen that is plot based and I was impressed on the way the Gundam Pilots had to find which side to chose, along with the secondary characters Zechs and Trieze.

Last updated Wednesday, March 14 2001. Created Wednesday, March 14 2001.
Buy 7 7 9 9 8 8 Lickylick [series:161#133]
I truly enjoyed Gundam Wing (I have watched it on the Cartoon Network). It is, all in all, a very good anime. Oh and yes, I am a heterosexual male, not some girl (pardon me if this offends someone) dreaming after the male characters.
The storyline is great. The multiple conflicts and motives leave you guessing up through the end as to who the true villain is.
I love the characters (especially Trowa, GO KING OF MOUSSE) and contrary to earlier reviews by others, I did not find them boring, I just found Quatre homosexual.
The battle are spectacular, both on Earth and in space. The action and artwork is great. The dubbing is actually one of the best I have ever heard (comparing to DBZ, Sailor Moon, Utena, and other horrors) and there is hardly ever a dull moment.
The music is one of my favorite features of this anime. Two Mix does a great job with both the opening and ending songs (I have seen the original ending on an uncut tape i bought) as well as a song or two in the middle. The other music is just as good with a more orchestral sound to it.
All in all, one hell of a good anime, na no da.

Last updated Sunday, February 04 2001. Created Sunday, February 04 2001.
Watch 6 6 6 5 5 Anonymous #130 [series:161#130]
I thought Gundam Wing was very boring.. I watched like 24 eps (i had em fansubbed) and I just couldn't stand it. It helped my insomnia though..

Last updated Thursday, January 25 2001. Created Thursday, January 25 2001.
Buy 7 8 9 8 7 9 sheila miranda [series:161#112]
gundam wing is one of the finest anime series i've ever seen,w/good action sequences,a little love story,a little comic relief(courtesy of dashing DUO)and good story.though the people here are fashion victims(particularly lonely boy,HEERO),their faces make up for it.but the episodes are nakakabitin and the oav left us hanging in if you're the type who wants solid endings na happily ever after,this one is not for you.sidelights here are the ff:1.heero's walang kamatayang line.2.duo's hilarious relena softened heero's,um,intersting personality.4.zechs and heero's battles(always impressive)5.trowa's lines and smiles.I REST MY CASE.

Last updated Friday, January 05 2001. Created Friday, January 05 2001.
Buy 8 8 8 10 10 8 Anonymous #93 [series:161#93]
This show is simply too cool! I won't try to hide the fact that I watch it almost religiously and have seen every episode multiple times. Of course, I feel once you see the first episode you'll want to watch every episode. The montage of the Gundams' attacks and Heero parting line to Relina (it's just too good to spoil) really grab your attention. Almost every episode is absorbing, and you absolutely have to know what happens next. The story and characters are complex and likable (Lady Une rocks!) and tell a tale with excellent writing and drama. The dub's excellent as well. If you're a Gundam Wing fan, then you absolutely have to see the OAV sequel Endless Waltz. The Gundam redesigns are awesome, especially the angelic Wing Zero; the animation is astounding; the action sequences will blow you away; the plot is great; in short, it is everything a Gundam Wing fan could want. Anime fans owe it to themselves to at least watch this series.

Last updated Wednesday, November 15 2000. Created Wednesday, November 15 2000.
Buy 8 5 9 8 5 7 Epoch [series:161#85]
I'm sticking up for this series!!! This is one of the best series I've ever seen! Sure, if you haven't seen the first episode you shouldn't bother watching the rest because you won't understand a thing, but the series is still very good. The story of the series is actually very hard to understand for some people but the characters and the 'robotic' Mobile Suits/Gundams are what attract audiences to the show. Overall, I say BUY!

Last updated Saturday, November 11 2000. Created Saturday, November 11 2000.
Buy 7 7 7 9 7 The Shinigami [series:161#78]
Gundam Wing has received high acclaim since its initial release, and it deserves every bit. It's dark animation and heavy philosophical mindset make the series highly complex and three dimensional, which is inline with the other Gundam series before it. The characters are not only rich in detail, but also dynamic, their personalities changing throughout the series. The plot is solid, with few holes, and is also plausible, something few anime series can lay claim to. While it does borrow from the other Gundam series somewhat, all in all, any chance to watch this series should be seized at once. If you can get your hands on the subed version, it is far beter then the dubed version.

Last updated Friday, September 15 2000. Created Friday, September 15 2000.
Buy xiola [series:161#70]
hmm... i feel like i should add a review here to stick up for this series, because personally i really love it, and it was not one of the first series i've seen. this is my second favourite show (after Escaflowne), and i was quite well and goodly obsessed with it for awhile.
i will admit that i am a girl and cute boys do help, but i don't agree at all with the previous reviewer about them being boring - characters are truly what make or break a series for me, and i really loved the characters on this show... they all have their moments, and by the end of the show, i found myself liking all of the main characters very much, and even now i could not tell you who my favourite character is, i like them all so well. i could probably rant on and on about each of them but i shouldn't do that.
as well, personally i am a big fan of the plot of this show. sure it's a war show so it's unrealistic in the fact that the main characters don't die in battle at some point, but other than that, i found that this plot was really wonderful for alot of reasons... a) the bad guys are explored as regular characters, and are just as much likeable characters as the good guys, with equally valid motives, b) this plot actually made me think quite alot, largely because of Treize... the plot in this show is quite philosophical about war, in a way that i found quite interesting. i found it made me think about things in ways i otherwise wouldn't have, as i am generally a pacifist, but i really loved the conflicting motives and reasoning behind all the different sides in this story.
i'm not sure what else to say, but this is really a great series, and i felt i actually GOT alot out of it, unlike most other shows, and it left me with more afterwards than most shows do. but this isn't a particularly funny show at all, and unless you're only watching for the cute boys, you'll get alot more out of this series if you watch it for the more serious comtemplative aspects concerning the characters and their relationship with the war, themselves, and each other.
(and yes, there are many worshippable men and boys in this series if you're interested in that sort of thing... and i don't hate Dorothy, she seems evil, but is a really interesting crazy character. she is the nemesis for Relena's unrelenting pacifism, among other things...)

Last updated Sunday, August 13 2000. Created Sunday, August 13 2000.
Buy 6 5 8 9 6 CatWoman [series:161#65]
I love this series,(that may be because this was the first anime I ever really got into) I like all of the characters and yes my fav. character is Duo Maxwell, he is one of my fav. guy character(But I don't dream of him!)! Though this series is not a comedy, Duo is funny and makes the hole series a lot more fun. I must admit that the storyline is not the best out of all the anime I have seen but it is better then most, (and if you have seen Gundam 0080, it has a lot more depth and it really leaves you thinking! I would say that one is a must see too!) but I think if they had gone more into all the personal storys it would have had more depth as far as the characters go, (then I think that is what Endless Waltz and the manga are for!). But I love all the characters just the same, I even came to love the bad guys (except for Relena whom I hated in the begining, but as her charicter grow up I started to like her at the end and Dorothy whom I just hate!) This is a must see in my opinion, it is one that everyone can enjoy, beware though parents it does have mild language. (and by the way I like the series and I don't like insync or backstreet boys) It is worth buying!

Last updated Tuesday, January 08 2002. Created Thursday, July 27 2000.
Watch 5 5 3 7 6 The Coyote [series:161#64]
This a pretty boy series,(my 17 year old sister loves it, she dreams about Duo Maxwell) It is very clean and has a somewhat interesting storyline. Not the best anime has to offer but all in all not a bad way to pass the time if you have nothing else going on worth watching not byeing (unless your into insync or backstreet boys or something like that)

Last updated Monday, August 07 2000. Created Saturday, July 22 2000.
Watch 6 6 5 5 Dingle [series:161#35]
If have seen this show both fansubed and on Cartoon Network. The show is OK, but it has a lot of problems with its logic. The character are over all kind of boring and they all have TOTS of emotional problems. It is fine for a Gundam show, but not worth spending too much money on. See it while it is free, because with only 49 episodes and 4 OVA episodes, I don't think it will be on TV for very long.

Last updated Friday, July 14 2000. Created Friday, July 14 2000.

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