Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED DESTINY

Title:Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED DESTINY
Gundam Seed Destiny
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
Music - KAJIURA Yuki
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
In the Year 71, Cosmic Era. After the terrible battle of Yakin Due, an uneasy peace rests between the Earth Alliance and the Zaft Empire. But even as Cagalli and Athrun visit Chairman Durandal to cement the tentative cease-fire, Zaft terrorists plot with Neo Roanoke to drag both sides into all-out war. The plan: storm Zaft territory and steal several Gundam Mobile Suits. But that’s only the beginning. They’re also scheming to engineer a catastrophic event, one designed to drive the Earth down a bloody path. Now the crew of the Minerva must prevent disaster, as everything and everyone–including the love between Athrun and Cagalli–is thrown in mortal danger.

(summary from DEL REY manga - see link below)
50 TV episodes (released in 2004/05), produced by Sunrise
[edit] The Gundam franchise:

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00, 96, 97, 98, 99
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Watch 8 6 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1048#1552]
I heard of Gundam SEED Destiny being worst in quality compared to Gundam SEED and I guess the rep for it is true, at least from my perspective. This time around, SEED Destiny tries rehashing plot elements and structure from both the first SEED anime and Zeta Gundam in its focus on new character Shinn Asuka, whose tragedy we get to see in the opening minutes of this title's first episode. Shifting focus to Shinn as lead character has its potential at first as he is angry and vengeful young man who has hostility towards Cagalli and Orb Union from his tragic past that coincided with events from SEED. He was a refreshing character compared to Kira and Athrun from the first season, who suffered as relatable leads due to their neverending angsting. In addition to this, the melodramatics from SEED are toned down a bit and the new chairman of PLANT, Gilbert Durandal, made for a solid and manipulative character who turns out to have hidden motives of his own planned from exploiting the tensions between Naturals and Coordinators.

But those are the only praises I have to give for this mess. Beyond that, SEED Destiny still blatantly rips off plot elements and structure of both the original SEED and Zeta in an apparent attempt to make SEED Destiny the Zeta of the 2000s Gundam generation. However, this has the negative effect of creating a nice number of sloppy plot developments that make certain characters and factions in the series seem foolish in their poor decision-making and judgement, mainly with the Orb Union and Shinn. Speaking of Shinn's character, he gets affected by this title's sloppy writing in later episodes where his refreshing character eventually becomes an unlikeable one from some foolish choices and thought processes he undergoes moving into SEED Destiny's second half. Plus compared to young male leads in Universal Century continuities of the Gundam franchise who at least got some sort of discipline for their actions, Shinn never gets any kind of just punishment for his reckless and selfish actions, making his character all the more unlikeable in later episodes. This season also retains SEED's bad habit of creating forced romantic developments in a foolish attempt to have you think there is chemistry between certain characters that are actually lacking. Also, the presence of new characters becomes pointless in the final quarter of the series when Kira and other major characters from the original SEED series regain major focus and rushes through its finale.

In terms of visuals, SEED Destiny isn't much different from SEED retaining its decent art quality, obvious CG renderings of space battleships and regular use of animation shortcuts. The music used here isn't of the heavy dramatic variety from SEED, instead opting for a more upbeat and tense soundtrack while occasionally having some remixes of insert tracks from the original series. It works well with what it delivers in key scenes, though it doesn't have anything that particularly stuck out for me.

Overall, Gundam SEED Destiny is a much weaker offering than SEED thanks to its blatant ripping off of plot elements and structure of SEED and Zeta, sloppy writing that makes certain characters and factions look like idiots and the original SEED cast hogging the spotlight in the final episodes of the series to make the debuts of Shinn and others mostly pointless. Even if you are a fan of SEED, I wouldn't waste my time hunting this series down.

Last updated Saturday, January 11 2014. Created Saturday, January 11 2014.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Big Fire [series:1048#2441]
Ok, i admit I need to go back and watch gundam seed, but gundam seed destiny popped up on my on-demand last night, and i buzzed through the first 4 episodes!!! Granted, some parts of the plot of destiny were borrowed from a previous gundam series, but that is what i liked about it...Plus LOTS of mecha...The Zaku has never looked better...I do think the word gundam is used to loosely now a days...I think we can probably blame gundam wing for that...But all in all...I love it and can't wait to watch more...
(14 episodes watched)
I dunno if it is because the they have brought back the Zakus, but I like Seed Destiny better than Seed...The country of ORB is irritating, and the Earth Federation...I just have one word for them...HUH? Anywho, the story intertwines like nobodys business, but I really enjoy all the chaos, confusion, and all the mecha...
(23 episodes watched)
Man, I pumped up my rankings...I really love this series...More than Seed...The Opening Music got better, the story got more intertwined, More Mecha...Cagalli sporting her strike rogue...very cool...An Orange Zaku...That is the thing about Gundam Stories...they have tons of Mecha...Now if they bring in some RIK-DOMS then it will be over the top...Another thing I like about this story is that good guys and bad guys interact in a non-formal manner like Stellar interacting with Shinn on the beach...and they didn't even know they were on opposite sides...The only negative, is I don't really care for re-cap episodes, and I am bummed out that this story will be ending...
(28 episodes watched)
Shinn just killed Col. Todaka, the guy that saved him in about a mind job...i guess with this gundam, eventhough there are factions that are not trying to kill others...It still maintains the reality that in war, anyone can die...Not only did that guy die, but so many other people and we are not even at the end...
(43 episodes watchd)
Home stretch...Who do you root for? Following the lines of gundam seed, you don't root for the Plants or the Earth Alliance...You root for the Arch Angel/Clyne Faction...and why not...Lacus just dropped 3 DOM Troopers into the battlefield...WHOA!!! That is right DOMs...yes they are not RIK-DOMs but a DOM is a DOM to me...If I was in the gundam world, that would be my mecha of choice...Not no over-powered Gundam, or some goofy Zaku...Although the Zaku Warriors look very cool and I am miffed that Luna Maria and Rey now pilot Gundams...BORING...I might have to just go back and watch wing to see what all the hoopla is with every important character needing to pilot a gundam...I am still enjoying Seed destiny, and it is better than Seed...Better Mecha, Better story...just if seed is a 10 for me, seed destiny is a 10+...DOMS RULE!!!
Wow, alot of people died again...i mean ALOT...even characters that were developed died...Seems like Gundam Seed Destiny used the same kinda story line as Gundam Seed...Root for 1 side, then root for another, then pick the neutral party, and then just hope for the best... I thought the ending was ok, but it was portrayed much better in the episode called 'final plus' it is like episode 50 but longer...Anywho, Seed + Seed Destiny have kicked the good ole 0083 as my favorite Gundam series...I truly recommend this to everyone...but make sure to watch Gundam Seed first...

Last updated Friday, April 27 2007. Created Tuesday, March 06 2007.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:1048#1393]
After it had been on TV and then left. I wanted to see more of it so I bought Gundam Seed Destiny. Kagali is in this one and Anthrun is more or less acting like her bodyguard. I didn't see Kira in this one but It was nice to see some of the main ones at least. I like the character design of Gundam Seed and I was happy to at least find the right Gundam since I had bought a couple other Gundams but different characters. This is a good one and I plan on purchasing more.

Last updated Tuesday, June 27 2006. Created Tuesday, June 27 2006.
Buy 8 9 9 7 6 7 Snipaboy [series:1048#1881]
Not the greatest sequel, it's not all that bad but compared to gundam seed.... anyways the storyline doesnt really unfold until about the 40th episode. The music in it wasnt that bad but the 4th intro was out of place, it didnt go with the sence showed. But overall out of 10 i would give it 7.5 just because its beginning dragged too much.

Last updated Sunday, September 25 2005. Created Friday, May 06 2005.

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