Versailles no Bara

Title:Versailles no Bara
Berusaiyu no Bara
Lady Oscar
Rose of Versailles
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Notables: IKEDA Riyoko
R1 License - Right Stuf Intl
UEDA Miyuki
In Paris in the year 1755, General Jarjeyes, head of a family which traditionally produces the great leaders of the French army and Royal Guards, is desperate for a son. However, his hopes are dashed with the birth of a beautiful daughter. Until, that is, an idea comes to him--this girl shall be named Oscar and raised just as if she were his son!
[TV series, 1979-1980, 40 episodes, 24 min; see also the Movie "Versailles no Bara: Seimei Aru Kagiri Aishite" from 1990]
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Buy 8 7 7 7 9 8 Anonymous #3026 [series:921#3026]
I love this anime. You will never know where the story leads. I love the story, it is a really tragic story but this story will really melt in your heart. Every character has a story and the character's emotions come across quite well. I can't forget how sad the ending is but i love it nevertheless.

Last updated Monday, March 07 2011. Created Monday, March 07 2011.
Rent 7 6 6 7 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:921#1552]
Long before Utena was around as strong-willed heroine in a shoujo series, there was Lady Oscar of Rose of Versailles. Taking place before and during the French Revolution, Rose of Versailles explores all the major events that led up to the fall of Marie Antoinette and the Bourbon regime through the eyes of Oscar. With exception to Oscar and some other characters, every major character seen in Rose of Versailles is based off a major historical figure who took part in aiding or opposing the noble class of France at this time such as Maximilien Robespierre, Madame du Berry and Axel von Fersen. While the depictions of the events leading up to the French Revolution are a bit melodramatic, this series does well at depicting the difference in lifestyles and beliefs between the commoners and wealthy elite of France. Characters are also given a good amount of depth regarding their thoughts of those they care for, their upbringings and their views of the classes they are in an opposite world from. An interesting look at gender roles is even shown through the ordeals of Oscar as she struggles with her upbringing as a man and desire of love as a woman. This kind of struggle felt like an early predecessor of Caska from Berserk.

The visuals to this series are quite outdated to modern standards, but they get the job done for Rose of Versailles and are forgivable considering the age of the series. That doesn't mean I can forgive two elements of the storytelling that hampered my enjoyment of the series. Rose of Versailles had a bad enough habit of overemphasizing the dramatic plot and character developments that took place with visual effects like sudden pauses, wind gusts, spinning of the camera and the appearance of sparkles and flowers. In addition, having the narrator explain every stage of development that took place with the plot and characters of this series really killed the mood of the show's presentation.

Beyond my annoyance with storytelling approach, Rose of Versailles was a worthwhile classic anime to check out. It helped make shoujo titles take major importance in the world of anime and featured Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes as a strong-willed heroine in a major era of French history. I give Rose of Versailles a strong Rent recommendation.

Last updated Wednesday, August 12 2009. Created Wednesday, August 12 2009.
Rent lucy-san [series:921#2510]
After knowing this anime existed for quite a while i was finally able to sit down and watch it!

My first impression was: "this is so lame, yet why am i still watching it?!" yes...i did find the first few episodes were lame, because Marie Antoinette is such a selfish brat! but for some reason it keeps you wanting to watch more. LOL

The main character of the series is Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, a female, that was raised just as a male by her father so that she could one day be his successor, she's more than capable in sword fighting and shooting. Although she wears mens clothing and acts like a man she is open about being female. She became the commander of the royal guards (in ep. 1 or 2 can't remember) and her job was to protect Marie Antoinette (an austrian princess comming to france to marry the crown prince). Despite everyone knowing that she is a woman most of the nobles male and female admire her, always commenting how wonderful/handsome/beautiful she looks. (who wouldn't! i also had a crush on her! LOL) manly yet, feminine.

We get to learn more about the characters and the way they act like they do more in the story. At the begining it was mostly about Marie but as the story got deeper it was focusing more on Oscar.

It was good to be able to learn some of France's history, and the struggle for a new revolution, citizens rebelling against the royal family etc...

It was sooooo sad in the end i cried like a baby ;_; (not a happy ending i tell ya) I really liked Oscar, maybe because there were hardly any women in those times that were like her. I liked the way she's a noble yet, is very kind to everyone and thinks about the future of France (unlike Marie! selfish beep!), Oscars love for Andre was so touching and sad and tragic...boohoo, if only she realised it sooner! the struggle she has to face, being a noble and protecting the royal family or siding with the commoners to rebel.

the art and animation, not bad for a 29 year old series, it's bearable, i've seen worse. but what it lacks in art makes up in story. so yeah...

Overall, i thought this was a pretty good series, everyone should at least watch it. i gave it a rent because it started off pretty lame and also this is abit depressing and too sad for me to bear, because after all, my genre is comedy. Maybe some few years from now i'll rewatch this, because of Oscar lol she's such a cool character, you can't help but love her!

I found out there's also a movie called "la rose de versailles" comming out in 2009. I'm guessing it's the series all compact into one 1/2 hours.

Last updated Wednesday, May 07 2008. Created Monday, May 05 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 ohtori_akio [series:921#1835]
This anime is my favourite and I have seen many in 15 years!!! The animation is not the best nowadays but I am sure that many people will agree with me on this, some of the budget episodes of Sailor Moon or Pokemon and to some degree Naruto look worse. For its time, this anime was very ambitious and it does accomplish what it sets out to do. A scene that reflects the animation capacity of this series can be seen in the last episode. It is just stills of pencil drawings and the symbolism and emotion is so strong, you can't help but be moved. Just that scene reflects what you have seen in emotion and intensity for 40 episodes and blows you away. The story is the best I have seen in anime. Taking real historical figures and some fictive ones, this anime tells the story so well that you can understand why the characters acted the way they did without being melodramatic. The value of this anime is just excellent as I frequently revisit it for some great entertainment and it still delivers. I have left sound for last because this anime has my favourite theme song. It is subtle yet powerful. Everyone should see this because it is really timeless.

Last updated Monday, February 07 2005. Created Monday, February 07 2005.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:921#628]
After hearing a lot about this supposed classic (described by one critic as "the mother of all shoujo"), I've finally gotten my hands on it and finally managed to get the computer to run it (well, most of it--thank God there's a website containing the complete scripts of some missing episodes)! My first impressions: animation is dated, yet has a neat style to it. Theme song is thrilling. Episode plots are a little too predictable and stereotypical, though; sort of a black versus white struggle between evil and good. This was interesting, but for the time being watching a dozen or so episodes is good enough for me.

Last updated Wednesday, March 12 2008. Created Wednesday, December 15 2004.

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