Versailles no Bara - 6: A Silk Dress and a Ragged Dress

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:6: A Silk Dress and a Ragged Dress
Marie Antoinette wants to see Paris, which she has yet to visit after three years at Versailles. The visits are always postponed due to security concerns, but this time Orleans says Oscar's guard will be quite adequate. The nobleman Deguemenee agrees, and Oscar vows to protect the Crown couple with her life. In fact, Deguemenee later tells Orleans that a man with a "grudge against the Royal Guard" will "attempt something interesting during the Paris visit".
One aspect of the numerous plots against the Crown Prince and Princess which strike me as somewhat corny is the way the minor conspirators are always conveniently silenced in one way or another. Anyway, despite Marie's childish attitude towards the excursion to Paris, Oscar says she likes the Princess' "child-like heart" and the way she "acts faithfully to her passion". We are also introduced to 17-year-old Jeanne, who now lives in poverty but is an ambitious descendant of the Valois Dynasty.

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