Versailles no Bara - 2: Fly! An Austrian Butterfly

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:2: Fly! An Austrian Butterfly
1770: Having agreed to accept the post of Queen's Royal Guard Commander, Oscar's first assignment is to meet Austrian Princess Marie Antoinette at the Rhine River. Marie's marriage to French Crown Prince Louis-August has been arranged as part of a peace treaty in hopes of finally putting a stop to endless European warfare, and is therefore of the utmost importance. Furthermore, General Jarjeyes warns Oscar of rumors of a kidnapping attempt...
Ugh... Is this the same series as I was watching yesterday? The trick behind the kidnapping attempt was far too hokey--only an idiot would have fallen for it, and I hope Oscar won't be the only non-idiot (sorry, baka) in this series. I never heard the word "corny" in any of the reviews which recommended this show! I trust this particular episode was an abberation from the quality of the series as a whole. I wonder if there is any historical basis for the kidnapping attempt. Anyway, I hear Oscar and Marie will be spending a lot of time together, and here they meet for the first time.

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