Versailles no Bara - 1: Oscar, the Destiny of the Rose

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:1: Oscar, the Destiny of the Rose
While Monsieur Jarjeyes attends a ball at the palace of Versailles, his daughter Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes would much rather practice fencing with her close friend and servant, Andre. General Jarjeyes is delighted to learn that a fencing match between Oscar and the son of Count Gerodere has been arranged to determine which will be the new commander of the Queen's Royal Guard. His Majesty himself will be watching, and all of Paris' high society turns out for the occasion. But Oscar doesn't "want to baby-sit a girl!", and instead intercepts Gerodere on the road to Versailles. Her sharp tongue provokes him into accepting an impromptu match there and then--which Oscar wins easily. On hearing of this, the General is infuriated, and warns Oscar she may well be judged a traitor for spoiling the formal fencing contest. Fortunately, Gerodere recommends Oscar for the position of Guard commander, and his Majesty orders that it be so. But even so, will she accept the post?
Looking good! Thrilling music, clever dialogue, and an already interesting plot. A lot of anime series are very slow getting started, but not this one! I'm a long time fan of history, and I can't think of many genuine historical dramas in anime--Rurouni Kenshin, maybe? One minor quibble: it's hard to believe Oscar and Andre are in fact only 14 years old--they look 18 at least.

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