Versailles no Bara - 4: A Rose, Wine, and Conspiracy

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:4: A Rose, Wine, and Conspiracy
In an attempt to force Oscar to take her side in the power struggle between herself and Marie Antoinette, Mme duBarry asks the King to order that Oscar's mother, Mme Jarjeyes, become her lady-in-waiting. Marie counters by requesting that Mme Jarjeyes become her lady-in-waiting. Oscar is furious at her mother being dragged into palace intrigue, but reluctantly chooses Marie, since this will enable her to watch over her mother. Mme duBarry goes to the king, claiming that Marie's continually ignoring her represents an insult not just to herself, but to the King as well. Marie's mother, Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, despatches a Count Mercy to Paris to act as an advisor to the immature Marie. Mercy is shocked to learn of the infighting between Marie and duBarry, which may spoil the peace treaty which her marriage was supposed to cement. Empress Theresa cannot bear to personally ask Marie to back down in her conflict with a mistress, since she taught Marie her values in the first place. Instead, she asks Prime Minister Kaunitz to write a letter which politely asks Marie to be more careful concerning the political ramifications of her actions. Will she back off?
Here's the funny thing--I never watched this particular episode! One of the @!!#&*? discs in my set refused to play, but I discovered a website which contained the complete scripts of each episode! Thank you, "Rose of Versailles--Anime Series".

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