Versailles no Bara - 5: Tears with Dignity

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:5: Tears with Dignity
Throughout all of Europe, the conflict between Marie Antoinette and Mme duBarry has been drawing attention due to it's possibly deadly ramifications. The custom at the French Court is that someone of lower rank can never speak first to someone of higher rank, and Marie has made a point of ignoring Mme duBarry. Count Mercy is summoned to duBarry's private room for an unusual meeting with both the Madame and the King. With regards to Marie's behavior towards his mistress, the King asks Mercy to "correct her current attitude towards Mme duBarry". Mercy warns Marie that her current attitude may well ruin the Franco-Austrian alliance which her mother worked so hard to achieve. Oscar agrees, saying this "petty affair between women" isn't worth the risk of war. Paris is soon abuzz with rumors that Marie is about to give in to Mme duBarry...
Again, I have only read the script of this particular episode, rather than actually watching it. Also within this episode was a failed assasination attempt upon the Crown Prince, engineered by the Duke of Orleans. Had it succeeded, Marie would probably have been sent back to Austria and the Duke would have been next in line to inherit the throne.

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