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Area 88 (OVA)
Rent Area 88 is a secret airbase in the fictional Middle East kingdom of Asram, which is torn by civil war. It houses a unique unit, a squadron of mercenary jet pilots, which is routinely assigned the most dangerous missions. Among the best of these pilots is Shin Kazama, who wound up at Area 88 as a result of being betrayed by a friend. This fellow got Shin drunk, tricked him into enlisting as a mercenary pilot, then skedaddled back to Tokyo to seduce Shin's girlfriend. Shin now has few options open to him: get killed in action, serve out his three year enlistment, or perhaps earn $1.5 million through destroying enemy equipment to buy out his "contract" and end his tour of duty early. He attempts this course, but is tormented by thoughts of the countless men he must kill in order to succeed. There is one last option--he could attempt to desert...
Berusaiyu no Bara Buy See Versailles no Bara
Lady Oscar Buy See Versailles no Bara
Rose of Versailles Buy See Versailles no Bara

Versailles no Bara
Buy In Paris in the year 1755, General Jarjeyes, head of a family which traditionally produces the great leaders of the French army and Royal Guards, is desperate for a son. However, his hopes are dashed with the birth of a beautiful daughter. Until, that is, an idea comes to him--this girl shall be named Oscar and raised just as if she were his son!
ベルサイユのばら Buy See Versailles no Bara

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